Flash Fiction: A Broken Trust

Ecky Nurfitriyani


Aisha was a person who had the highest trust on people. She would always give the people in need, no doubt and questions asked, even though her friends told her she shouldn’t trust people that easy. Like that one time she gave an old man who turned out to be a fraud a lot of money because he said he ran out of money. But she never lost hope on people, because she believed that if you’re kind to people, people will be kind to you, too. Or at least that’s what she thought, until she met Rangga on the first month of sophomore year of college.

Another fact about Aisha is even though she trusted people easily, she had trouble with getting too close with anyone. But that wasn’t the case with Rangga. He seemed to know his way with Aisha. Within the first week of knowing each other they already went out on a movie date in which he treated her oh-so-special.

When Aisha asked her friend about Rangga, who also happened to be his close friend, he responded, “Isn’t he dating that girl from med school?”

“He was,” Aisha replied, “they’ve broken up. He didn’t tell anyone.”

“Well, good luck with him. He has a lot of baggage.”

Even after being warned about Rangga, the only thing scared her the most was how much she got this close with anyone, a guy in this matter, in a short amount of time.

Another thing about Rangga was that for some gratitude reason, he’s still ‘trapped’ with his ex-girlfriend and couldn’t let her go just yet. There’s still a possibility of them getting back together and that also scared Aisha, because he couldn’t promise her that they would be together eventually. But he said he really liked Aisha, and only Aisha, so he’s working on it.

She should’ve let him go right there. But he shared his hope, trouble, and even his insecurity with her; the things that Aisha would only share to the very few closest people in her life. That made Aisha felt like she was special and important in Rangga’s eyes. So she held onto his words, hoping that she wouldn’t waste her time and feelings on a lost cause.

And for sure, her nightmare came true. Not long after their date, Rangga got back with his ex-girlfriend. When being confronted about this, all he got in his defense was how Aisha didn’t understand the situation—that he’s still in his ex’s ‘debt’. The fact that Rangga would do this and turned this around on her disappointed her because she thought if he was sincere and had at least one decent bone in his body, he wouldn’t do it, even if the opportunity slapped him hard in the face.

So she got away from him; she cut him off, she ignored him whenever their paths crossed. Somehow she could still handle it. But after she discovered from his close friend that Rangga was never broke up, she finally broke down, up to the point where she couldn’t function. She felt really stupid.

It opened her eyes to the possibility that even the person she would trust the most could still betray her. She learned it the hard way. After that, she never trusted anyone ever again.

Ilustration credit to Rifqi Ananda Thufail

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