Flash Fiction: What Happened After the Dusk

Dea Andhiny Nabilah

I came home late from work and she was not there. The light should have been turned on since the dusk had arrived. As I parked my car I realized there was no light that usually came out from the ventilation above the curtain-closed window. I got off and found the door banged open, revealing the empty pitch black dark living room. I could feel the adrenaline rushed into my blood.

“Rahayu?” I called her name. I saw her bag was dumped on the floor, a bad habit that she owned since she started school. The silence was deafening. I turned on the lights and went to the dining room to found what I thought as a possible crime scene, in this kitchen. A carton of milk that I bought yesterday spilled all over the table. The white fluid rapidly dripping onto the floor like it was synchronizing my thumping heart. I found a trail of blood drops next to it.

“Rahayu, where are you?” I checked into her room. The bed was neat, not a single wrinkle was seen on the sheet. I ran into my bedroom and was hoping that I would find her asleep on my bed. Nothing. I did not know what to think. I could not think straight. All I could think was where would a 10-year-old girl possibly go at 7 pm.

“I’m sorry for bothering you, but have you seen my daughter?” I could not stop fidgeting when my neighbor finally opened up her door after I constantly banged on it. I want my daughter back.

“No, I’m sorry, Tamara. Have you checked on her friends? Maybe she went into one of her friends’ house.”

“Trust me, I’ve called her friends. They said they had no idea where Rahayu is. They said that she went home right after school was over. None of them is having Rahayu in their house.”

“Listen, I do not want to make you more anxious and panic than you are right now, but have you considered calling the police?”

“Why would I call the police? I am sure that my girl is–”

“Tamara, the world is getting cruel each day passed. I remember reading the news about a kidnapping and the victim was found–”

“Okay, thank you for your advice. Good evening.” I stormed right back to the house and I could feel my eyes burning with tears and I could not shake the stream of unneeded ugly gory thoughts that feeding my anxiety go away. My phone was shaking on my hand and I could not see the screen clearly. Just when I found the police number, I heard a knock on the door.

“Mom? Why are you crying?” My Lord, my heart jumped out from its cages.

“Where have you been?!” I hugged her really tight and I felt this tiny bump between our body. I looked down and there was this tiny kitten that seemed like it was wounded. So that was where the blood came from.

“I am sorry, Mom. I was helping out this poor kitty. Can we keep it?” Her eyes twinkling like the kitten in her arm. We spent the rest of the night treating the kitten and we named him Ponyo.

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