Flash Fiction: Warm Feeling

Fiana Rizki Trianti180410160066

Today the rain has not stopped yet. Maybe because it is September, you know many people said that every month that ends with –ber is the rainy season. I didn’t believe it at first, but it is true though. I’m Anya, I reached 24 years old this month. Not much about me besides making coffee badly, but I’m good at cooking. I’m an interior designer. I design the interior of houses, offices, and others.

I used to be kind of bright and such a positive girl until 10 years ago. Both my parents always fight. She vents her anger at me by hurting me both physically and mentally. After that incident, I’m afraid to get close to people except for professional purposes and especially, I’m scared of getting attached to someone. Until now, those memories always haunted me. I barely have friends, I only have a few friends at school and college. Until today, I bought a porridge for breakfast but unfortunately, there is only one portion left.

"Sir, I cancel my order. Give the porridge to this lady instead" He smiled.

Without any thought, I smiled back at him. Then he just left. I felt a warm feeling. Apparently, he is a barista. I got curious about him and went to his workplace, a coffee shop near my house.

"Can I order a glass of cappuccino, please?" I said.

"Okay, miss" he answered with a smile.

I knew that his name is Ardhan. For almost 5 times per week I go to that coffee shop. I love to see his warm smile and when he focused on making coffee. I don’t know what kind of God that has gotten into me so I can feel this huge crush toward someone for almost 10 years, I barely have friends. For almost 3 months I always went to his workplace, finally he talked to me.

"Why you are always by yourself?" He asked

I ran away, I got scared. For almost 2 weeks I didn’t go to his workplace. I kept thinking what should I do? Will I get hurt? I kept thinking about that for 2 weeks. Then, I mustered up my courage to go to his coffee shop and met him.

"Why did you ran away last time we met?" He asked.

I can’t say anything, my lips are dry. I just went to my table and didn’t answer his question. Then he brought my order and sat directly in front of me.

"You haven’t answered my question yet," He said.

"I’ve been watching you since 10 years ago. Don’t you remember me? I’m your classmate for 5 years. I rescued you from your classmates who bullied you"

I’m shocked, "Impossible! how can I don’t know you?"

"Much the same as 2 weeks ago, you ran away" He replied.

"I’m extremely sorry," I said.

He looked at me with a smile. I don’t know why I feel relieved, I realized I have someone to count on, someone who have been watching me since 10 years ago. Also, someone who makes a good coffee. After that, we talked about everything. We talked to each other through night and day. Now I can be who I used to be, a positive and bright person.

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