Flash Fiction: Unplanned

Ariana Herawati180410160026

This morning I woke up to the sound of rain, a cold air in my room, and my dog beside me. I’m back staying at my home with my parents instead living in my dorm since I was diagnosed with cancer four months ago. My name is Hanna, I’m 21 and was living a good life before I found out that I had cancer, it’s not that I’m not grateful for my life right now it’s just different. Non-stop check ups to the hospital and I can’t study properly because chemotherapy.

I’m not moving from my bed, but my dog walks to the door waiting for me. So, we walk downstairs together.

“Good morning, beautiful” he said, my best friend Austin. I look at him in surprised, because I didn’t know that he’s already back home from his trip with his family.

“You didn’t tell me you’re home already!?” I asked, almost like a scream in his face.

“Oh calm down, it’s a little surprise because I know you miss me” he said confidently. It’s Austin, of course he’s being so confident about himself. We’ve been friends since we were in Middle School, almost never had an awkward moment. Except that one time, it was last month when Austin decided to tell me that he has feelings for me. More than just a best friend, in that time I know I feel the same, but I just pretend that I don’t. Not because I don’t want to, but I’d rather keep my feelings to myself than seeing him hurt because his girlfriend is someone with a disease that could kill her.

“Let’s go somewhere.” he said while getting his car keys and ready to leave.

“I’m gonna change, I’ll meet you in the car.” I replied.

In my room while changing my clothes, I think about if it’s the right time to tell him about me. The truth that cancer is growing inside my body and I could die sooner or later. Then we’re going to our favorite place, an empty land near Lembang where you can see Bandung from up here.

“Austin, I want to tell you something” I said and he look at me.

“What is it?” he asked.

“I was diagnosed with cancer four months ago, it grows inside my body until now. I’m sorry that I’ve been keeping this from you, because I feel like I’ve had enough seeing my parents cries over it.” I replied.

No words from Austin, suddenly he just pull me into his warm hug. I wish I could feel this forever. Then he look at me.

“If you need anything, I’m here for you Hanna.” That’s all he said.

I’m grateful knowing that he’ll always be here for me, no matter what happen, even if I die I’d be happy because I will hold Austin forever in my heart.

The past few days I spent my time in the hospital because the doctor said that chemotherapy couldn’t help me to live any longer. The cancer grows faster than I thought, I’m not ready to leave but I think this is God’s best plan even Austin never leave my side. I’m happy with him even just for a few days before I leave this world forever.

Word Count: 548

Illustration Credit: Xuan Loc Xuan

#Scribere2018 #Class D #FlashFiction

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