Flash Fiction: The Undying Acrimony

Name: Kevin Mulya TamaroNPM: 180410160059

The night was so cold it felt like the wind was blowing from ice. There standing Alfred, 42. Looking as dark as his heart because of the events that occur for the past 12 hours. He began his day with full smile as he doing his hobby as a job, a computer technician. He done well with his job. Having not-so-small apartment, loving wife, and exceptionally kind for a boss, Mr. Alastair. Until that evening, he found the apartment was locked. Suspicious, he knocks the door and asks,

“Helen, where are you?” said Arthur.

“ihn thhe baathroomm darling. Ii caan’t uunlock the dooor justt yeet, there’s still somme clleaniing thhaat ahi have to do.” said Helen in rough voice.

“Something’s not right.” he thinks.

”Darling, I left my phone at the office. I will pick it up. I’ll bring food home later” he lied.

“OooOkay.” Said Helen in rougher voice than before.

Waiting for almost 15 minutes to make sure that Helen believed him, he unlocked the first door; to hear distinct moan. Not from bathroom, but the bedroom. He sneaks and open the door just a little to hear and see what’s going on. And then, he saw the wife that he loves so much for 14 years having an affair with his boss that he respect so much.


“Oh fuck” said Helen and Alastair, together.


“Calm, Arth-“Helen said but Arthur interrupted.


And then, a punch landed to Arthur’s face, knocked him down.

“She wants you to be calm, jackass. How dare you to interrupt my business?” Said Alastair boldly.

“Arthur, I’m sorry. But I think you should leave.”

“And, Mr. Arthur, from now on, you’re no longer an employee in my office”

And then, the scenery of gloomy night came to rise to the horizon.

Walking out from the bar, drunk, he walks straight, not knowing where he goes. And then, a car hit him so hard that after the second blink, he wakes inside a reddish pit, with flame bursting on the bottom, but he can’t feel the heat. And then, someone comes to see him.

“Hi, I’m Lucifer. I’d like to give you a chance.”


“To make sure that you can do whatever you want, and then, come back here”

“Interesting” said Arthur knowing what he wants best now.

Revived to his twenties, he walked back to the apartment and Helen is there, crying.

“Hello Helen, it is time to die.”

Before Helen could speak, he stabbed her neck with a knife and effectively killed her. Later on, he walked to the office he used to go, and he saw Alastair, signing some papers. Immediately, he smashed Alastair skull to the table so hard that it kills him. After killing him, Arthur found himself in hell again, and someone said:

“Now, it’s time for you, my son” said Lucifer happily.

Arthur was placed to the burning fire. However, this time he can feel it. The pain was unbearable.

He wakes up, shocked. He sees his wife sleeping beside him, faintly smiling, and e-mail from his boss about tomorrow’s meeting.

“So it’s just a dream huh” said Arthur.

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