Flash Fiction: The Twin

Vidya Amalia Rimayanti

The room was eerily quiet, except the buzzing sound from her phone. There were a few texts coming from her husband, telling her he would be late for dinner today. It was nothing foreign for her to have her husband staying late at work, it happened at least once a week. She had to admit it had been hard for them since the beginning, having to pay bills for the both of them and their children. Never once she had ever expected to give birth to two beautiful babies at once, it was unexpected but not unpleasant to say the least.


The beep from the microwave startled her, pulling her back to the reality. She released an audible sigh, coming to get the food that was meant for her children. They had been playing for awhile since she left them in their room to make them their foods. Two years of being a mom, she had learned many things. For instance, it would be best to leave her children playing with themselves in their room rather than bringing them to the kitchen with her. Once, her daughter had almost been stabbed with the fork by her son. She told herself she would never ever bring her son near to kitchen utensil again since then.

“Chipmunks, mommy is here with your fo,” She couldn’t even finish her sentence, looking at the scene unveiled before her.

There she saw her children fighting over a cell phone she recognized was her old cell phone. It wouldn’t have be an unusual sight the other days because their children were never keen of each other’s presence. However, this time was different. In the middle of their fight, her son was unintentionally knocking the bookshelf behind them. The bookshelf was old, if not ancient. It was her husband’s, bought around four years before their marriage. It was also full with books, her husband and she liked to read.

She did not have time to catch her children on time, she was fully in a shock and her mind went blank when she saw both their children were drowned in the ocean of books and a heavy bookshelf on top of them.

“Babies!” She cried in panic, the bowl that had been sitting on her hand was thrown away carelessly onto the floor. She was already in a crying mess while her hands were busy throwing away all the books that had been the obstacles to get her children. it was only around minutes later she succeed on getting all the books out of her way.

She stunned on her place when she saw her daughter was crawling her way to her mother. She cried again but this time was in relief, seeing her daughter was perfectly fine without any bruises. But then she remembered she had a son to be rescued as well. So she put her daughter on her bed, quite far from the chaos. She found her son lying on there with a few books on top of his little feet, probably that was the reason he couldn’t move earlier. While she carried her son to the bed, she found out that before the accident happened her son was the one who pushed her daughter out of the danger.

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