Flash Fiction: Tell Me a Clear Sky

Name: Muhammad Rifqi Fitrianto
NPM: 180410160089

Call me “Jordan the Unwanted”. I lived with my father. My mother passed away when I was nine, and I don’t have siblings. My father never speaks to me, and the only time he talked to me is when he ordered me to do something. He never asked how I am, or even greet me. I have never been loved by my father, or anyone. My life has always been like a gloomy sky.

I have been manipulated many times by a lot of people until I entered college. But, I tried to change that view and my life in college, at least until one accident. When I was working as a staff in Mersa University Festival, which is held by my university every year, I carried a box of balls and stage props. Then, I fell and everything inside the box scattered around, causing a disaster in the festival. Everyone blamed me for that, some even used violence. That moment I realized, that nobody wants being around with me. After that, I got shunned by everyone except by Karter and Louie. I knew them before the festival. I met Karter when I saved him from a falling shelf in storage room; I met Louie when I helped her finding her lost pocket watch during the semester break. Karter was a goofball who would talk about anything, while Louie was a serious one who kept Karter in check. They still approached me while no one else did.

I was confused by them, I mean who wanted to be friends with someone who literally wrecked the university grounds? But, they still talked to me every day. Finally, I asked them what they want from a loser like me. However, they said that they didn’t want anything. I doubted them. However, I wouldn’t say that to them so I just pretend to believe them. I know that no one actually loves being around me, so it was better to just keep everyone away than wishing for an impossible dream.

The harassments I got after the festival just wouldn’t stop, no matter how hard I tried to stop them. Strangely a month after the festival accident, those harassments were sometimes averted before they happened to me. I felt like something is protecting me. I started to seek who did it for me. I deliberately let myself being mugged. Not long, I saw Karter and Louie saved me. When I asked them why, they said to me that I was their precious friend and they confessed that they had been keeping me away from harm since last month. But, still I didn’t get it why they would do such things for a loser like me. “We never see you as a loser, you are our beloved companion. You saved me from the falling shelf, and helped Louie finding her precious pocket watch. It’s just wrong if we treat your kindness by hating you, right?” Karter said. Those words resonated through my heart, that moment I realized that those who loved me was with me all along. I believed that maybe, these two people are the one who will clear this gloomy sky in my heart. I promise, I will treasure them as how they treasure me.

Word Count: 547 words

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