Flash Fiction: My Iron Girlfriend

Gagan Harpiawan180410160041

She is so strong, she is unique, She is different from the others. She was chosen by my father for the reason I mentioned earlier. My family consisted of 4 people at the time and sure enough she was so strong because she could bring our family in full safely. As time went on, my father left her with me where at that time my age was not appropriate to be given such responsibility. There was a real feeling of pleasure, because I could go anywhere without waiting for someone to take me. She was very kind to me and also never angry at any time. Until finally, maybe she already felt tired because for 2 years she took me from the Pineapple city to the city of Rambutan which is 15 km away. She was old, every time she went to the doctor to be treated, and she became healthy again, but soon the pain recurred. I was very selfish at the time, knowing that she was very sick but I always force to take her until I finally knew, she was sick not because she was old, but because I was always imposing.

Then, there came a day when she became very interesting for many people. Wherever I went anywhere with her, everyone would turn around, not to see me, of course, but to see my iron girlfriend. Most people at that time were looking for someone who was like my girlfriend, she was so different from other women of her age that she was so disfavored, always ridiculed because of her strange appearance, even she was said to be a woman who failed during the production. I ignored them, of course, because she was my iron girlfriend, my parents gave her to me. What people said about her, I never cared because what people thought of her was very different from what I saw and felt about her.

One day one of my relatives came to my house looking for me, it was my uncle. When I asked what he wanted, he said he wanted to buy my iron girlfriend with high rate. I was pissed. He knew how much I loved my iron girlfriend and I immediately said no to him.

Weeks went by with me going places with her until one morning when I woke up, I found out that she was missing. I asked everyone whether they knew where she was and they said they did not. When I had been searching for hours with no results, that was when I knew she was gone forever.

I could not stay quiet about it that I asked Shaman about who took my girlfriend. He said it was my close relative. That was when I realized it was my uncle. He wanted her that bad because she was very rare and everyone wanted one. I was very angry. When I came to my uncle’s house, I saw her there. My uncle took a good care of her. She was well repaired. She became beautiful again. Then one thing occurred to me, she was in the right hand. Next thing I knew I was looking for my uncle. I said that it was fine even though I did not fully forgive him for taking her away from me.

Word Count: 551

#Scribere2018, #Class D, #FlashFiction

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