Flash Fiction: Morning Scream

Marthasha Aurahmalina



A voice broke the silence of a lazy morning.

A slap from the sun, a pinch from the cold air, and a scream from the TV is all it took for Mei to groan; “I hate morning”.

The floor stabs, but she decides that she would rather get stabbed than peed on her bed.

‘Same-sex marriage is officially legal. Some—‘

“How scary. Lately, there’s a been a lot of those”

“Well, they would not know any better, such as the people who are sick in the head”

It was another Sunday morning, and it was just another conversation.

Mei speaks none and continues her merry way. Bathroom is just way more important right now.

The next morning, Mei lazily walks through the hallway, following the streams of sunlight into a four-sided box she calls prison.

Mei is too busy zoning out everything else around her until—

“This is Linda, our new friend. Be nice to her.”

The continuous streams of sunlight touched Linda’s face just in time the side of her mouth arches. It was beautiful. Mei had to blink twice.

After an awkward attempt of introducing herself, Mei concludes that Linda is an introvert. ‘She looks like she is’, reasons Mei. And everyone else seems to buy it because no one is trying to talk to her.

With no one blocking her path, Mei makes her way to Linda. “Let’s be friends,” said Mei. It was curt, but Linda looks up anyway, looking like she’s going to cry.

The smile she gave after, is the most beautiful smile Mei has ever seen.

Suddenly her routine change. She welcomes the slap from the sun, and breeze through the cold air.


It was the only time Linda would show her the ‘smile’. Whenever they’re around someone else, Linda’s smile would not reach her eyes.

But Mei never asked why she thought it was better if no one else saw it. For she is too far gone in her love over her smile.

Without knowing

A rumor was going around that Mei and Linda were a couple. Mei was the first to notice.

The other kids have turned to talking behind her instead of to talking with her. Looks of curiosity turns into looks of jeering.

It was scary.

‘Well, they would not know any better, such as the people who are sick in the head’

No, she isn’t. She’s not sick in the head.

“NO, I AM NOT.” She screams to no one.

But the whole class was listening. It was quiet. Until someone pipes up; “You’re not? Then it must be her huh?”

Another chime in, “What, so she’s the one chasing after you? No wonder.”

“It’s contagious I tell you.”

She’s safe.

“It… it must be so. I should’ve noticed.” Her voice trembles. Fear? Relief? Maybe.

The newly founded rumor has made it outside the school. And just like any other rumors, it turns 180° degree worse than the original.

‘For ruining the good name of the school’ it says on the paper of Linda’s expulsion. But Mei would not know, for Mei has avoided all kinds of contact with Linda.

“Apparently they’re moving”

“So soon? Well, it’s to be expected. A gay couple with a child. Nothing comes out right from those.”

What was supposed to be another Sunday morning conversation, now it feels like a scream in Mei’s ears.

Though low, the TV mumbles

‘To be able to love who you love is a wonderful thing.

Photo is taken by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

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