Flash Fiction: Haunted

Intan Nurjannah180410160018

Ugh.. I don’t feel like sitting in this classroom with my book . I’m still not used to this academic stuff. But this afternoon, I have to go to Kuningan to fix something bad that I’ve done in the last holiday.

I went to Ciremai Mountain with my best friends, Kirana and Risa, but there were also other climbers. One of my friends, Ryan, couldn’t come because he had to stay with his family. Too bad! Mountain climbing really got my adrenaline pumping up. Building a tent and making a bonfire were things that I love from my first climb to Ciremai. I didn’t care about the mysterious things my friends always talked about. When we were in our tent, Kirana asked me “do you believe in mystical things?”, I doubtly answered “no” because I never felt anything strange, but at the same time I was kinda afraid if it came to us. Luckily that was just my fear.

As time went by, Kirana said that she felt the air was hotter than usual with her insomnia which was even worse than she had before. Even though she always said that Jatinangor was so cold. I didn’t know what was wrong until three days later, she told me about an eerie sound which came into her dream. Surprisingly, Ryan also told me that someone had been following me. I thought it was only stalker. But it turned out to be something inhuman and I remembered that Ryan has the sixth sense! The worst thing ever was Ryan’s conversation with the ‘thing’ who wanted something I brought from its place. What was that? I didn’t think that I kept something that wasn’t mine. But Ryan kept reminding me about it. I’ve never felt so odd until last night when I was sleeping something came into my dream. But I woke up because Ryan was calling me. He said, “I think we have to go to Ciremai to finish this. Bring that thing in your drawer tomorrow.” I quickly looked into my drawer. A ring? Ah! I brought this little thing from Ciremai! I had to fix these gloomy days.

Now we are in the middle of the woods standing in front of the mountain keeper. We tell him about what happened to us. But he yells at me!

“Why did you do that?! You just bring misery to all of you!”

I say sorry but he’s not paying attention to me.

“You guys better bring it back to its place, now!” We rush to go there. During our walk, we see humanoid figures lurking behind the trees. They’re like giants, have red eyes, and fangs. I feel bothered by them. They come closer.. What should I do?! I don’t even know what’s the second verse of Yaseen, neither Risa nor Kirana!

“You shall not live!!”, said one of them.

Risa and Kirana embrace me. Ryan tries to hold them off. But it’s weird! They can’t get closer. Some of them are groaning.

“Takee.. off.. brrrace..let..”

Bracelet? Suddenly, Risa raises up to the front, and.. Tcsss!! They are burnt but not dead yet. We take this chance to return the ring, into the tree trunk. Suddenly, they’re gone. I hug them and apologize. They smile and Kirana says, “Don’t do that again!”.

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