Flash Fiction: Afternoon Woes

Name: Mochamad Zaqy Pribadi Komara

NPM: 180410160094

Mediocre. Ordinary. Generic. Perhaps it should be a particular concern for anyone else if they were described with such commentary, however I am not anyone else! I, for one, welcome such comments with open arms! Or rather I prefer if there were no comments made upon my person and I were instead left alone. I have already come to terms on my mediocrity and thus it would be welcome if everyone were to do the same. If anyone were to disagree with this train of thought, then it will be my greatest pleasure to bestow upon them the revelation that this is because of self-love! For what measure can you say that you have accepted who you are than loving the traits that define you? It is because of my self-love that I come to the movies alone to fully immerse myself in the experience, today is gonna be a great day, I can feel it in my bones! Wait, why are those people looking intensely at my direction? Could today be my lucky day?! Mack, you Casanova! You lucky do- oh wait, they furrowed their brows, guess I spoke too soon. I suspect their conversation would go something like this;

“Hey, doesn’t that guy look totally suspicious?” Asked the ponytailed one, whom I dub from now on to be Stacey #1.

“Yeah, totally, like, who even comes to the movies like that and alone no less? I bet he’s a loser.” Said her compatriot, Stacey #2.

“Totally, like, ewwwww! Gross!”

It would be prudent of me to say in advance that no, I am neither projecting nor do I hold a grudge against a Stacey for what she said about my appearance a few years ago in a certain event in a certain educational institution. That would be petty and stupid. But enough of that, their opinions don’t matter anyways, I’m just going to turn around and enjoy my day. Perhaps I should buy a light snack or two, I am feeling quite peckish,

“Good day, sir. What can I get you?” asked the cashier

“I’ll have the popcorn, salty, and extra-large thank you”

“That’ll be Rp.24.990, sir”

As I handed him the bills, I couldn’t help notice the sneer forming on his face as he forcefully typed away on the register. What? Am I too unsightly for you? Am I really an uncomfortable sight to behold that you can’t even resist the need to degrade my existence before I am gone?

“Here you are, sir”

If the scornful troglodyte expects me to thank him after that display then he is a fool. I took the popcorn and went on my merry way. No negativity here, no sir. I am the picture of postivi-

“Hey, Mack. I thought you were busy?”

I turned around and came face to face with an acquaintance of mine, Aziz.

“I decided to entertain myself, seeing as you and everyone else decided to have fun without me.”

“You’re the one who said you were busy, stop projecting, man.”

“I am not!”

“Uhuh, and have some self-confidence. You shouldn’t be quick to write yourself off, you know?”


I feel conflicted, perhaps he has a point.

“Stop scowling at people and let’s just go hang out, yeah?”

“Very well”

Word Count : 544

Source of Photo / Illustration : Personal Documents

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