Flash Fiction: A Little Pause

Almira Abiyya180410160093

Hello, I am a 20-year-old girl who is currently majoring in English Studies in one of the well-known universities in Jakarta. When I first got accepted in my major, I was so happy because it has been my dream for a while to be able to major in literature. I have been enjoying literature, most especially English Literature, ever since I was a little kid and my parents had a huge role in that. Since I was younger, my parents always fed me with English children books whenever they can and I never complained because those books helped me to learn a lot of new things and I always felt as if I entered a completely new world whenever I started on a new book. As I grew older, my love for reading also spread into other forms of literature like for example songs, movies, and poetries.

My first three semesters being an English Studies student went really well. Sure there are a lot of hard times, but I was able to overcome it and nothing ever really made me regret to choose English Studies. But when I was in my fourth semester, I suddenly felt so tired with my studies. I did not remember exactly how it happened, but I was caught between many assignments and deadlines around that time which resulted in me being stressed. Slowly, I began to lose interest in my subjects, and all my assignments were done half-heartedly because I just really had no will to put all my effort and mind to focus on them.

I spent all my time locking myself in my room. I only contacted other people only when needed. I played playlists of my favorite songs over and over again, and I also browsed the internet for some new movies to watch. And one day, after finishing a movie called Notting Hill, I stumbled upon a recommendation list of movies to watch for literature students. The movie that placed the number one spot in that list is called Dead Poets Society, and at first I was hesitating whether to watch it or not. If it was a month earlier, maybe I would love to watch it instantly because even the title of the film has the word poet in it. But after contemplating for a while, I decided to just watch it because the movie itself has good reviews and I thought maybe it will be worth it for me to try watching it.

The first fifteen minutes of the movie, I was so bored and I almost stopped watching but I decided to just bear with it and finish the movie. Little did I know, finishing that movie was a great job for me. As expected from the title, the movie has literature as its main topic, and I relate to it so much because I am also an English Studies student. I found many ways in which literature can help us live through our lives and how beautiful literature is. Thanks to the movie, I discovered again what makes me love literature so much and how lucky I am to be able to major in something that I love.

Photo Credit: Morgan Snyder

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