Flash Fiction: Remain Best Friends

Dian Puteri Ramadhani


Remain Best Friends

Had been living in the same neighborhood since they were born, made Kima and Adam grew up like a sibling. Along with the other three best friends, Joe, Ryan, and Ana, Kima and Adam spent a pleasant childhood memories. They got along very well and making their small neighborhood in the city of Bandung became a lively environment. Time flew, they were no longer playing together just like what they did regularly. The other three best friends of Kima and Adam went to different high schools. Only Kima and Adam got into the same high school. Life must go on, while everyone is busy with their own business, and so did Kima and Adam who were busy to get used with new situation where it was only the two of them, without their other three buddies.

If people are familiar with ‘backstreet love relationship’, then Kima and Adam chose a ‘backstreet best friend relationship’ during their high school. Adam was very popular back then, and Kima kept being firm with her ambition to get into her dream campus. It was just a little uncomfortable for Kima-who spent most of her school time only in her class- to get along with Adam who was known by the entire school at that time. Therefore, Adam could only respect Kima’s choice to not showing off their friendship in their school. However, they were still best friends who often spent their time together outside the school. Kima will always be the best listener to Adam, and Adam will always be there every time Kima needs him. One day, Adam asked Kima to be his girlfriend since Kima was the only girl that he cared, and was comfortable with all this time, and it was an okay from Kima since they also have known each other for so long.

Then, things changed after Kima graduated from university and told Adam about her future ambition to be a career woman, and continue her study abroad for two years. After that, for the next five minutes, both of them were lost in silence. “Is it already final? your choice…” asked Adam breaking the ice. “Yes, everything has settled. I am sorry for telling you just now” said Kima. “Is this why you keep avoiding me these days, to avoid my proposal? Then why were you just telling me now?” asked Adam tried to control his emotion. “I want to buy more time with you, I understand you need to get married as soon as possible due to you father’s wish, and so do I, it’s also my late mom’s wish to go abroad and do business, but I do still love you, Adam.” said Kima. “Well, it’s okay. We are just doing our duty as our parent’s child right?” said Adam, “then, how about a best friend proposal?” asked Adam again with a little smile on his mouth which answered by a nod from Kima. Then finally, they found out that there was a great barrier in their relationship, neither Kima nor Adam wanted to give up on each other decisions. Then there was no choice left, they had to end their relationship because their love to each other was not enough to defeat the love to their parents. At least, they remain the same, best friends.

Word count: 550 words

Source picts: google.co.id

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