Flash Fiction: The Attempt to Fail

Name : Abdurrahman

NPM : 180410160111

Full Story : The Attempt to Fail

Welcome to the jungle, where the weak got eaten and beaten by the strong, it was two revolution of the earth since I had been studying the culture here. Difference from what we saw in the movie like the Lion King, here, the jungle was ruled by the Yahooes who crucified one man who bear the pain from the sin after a whole year in blood and sweat serving their need. Once in every year, there would be two men that would be elected, those who stood on the bottom of the food chain would rise to the peak of the pyramid just to get sacrificed for the holy corporation of the university.

Two years before, I was just a student with full of dreams. “I want to go to japan” that was what I said last year. Before I got dragged into the student executive board. I was told that joining the board would give me unforgettable experience which was indeed unforgettable yet in the other way. Saying such thing would be strange indeed. Knowing that I stayed in the board for the twice of the period which meant that I had been in the board for two years! So much thing I could do in two years, like perhaps working outside and making money or doing some volunteers on the national level, but yeah there I was, stuck serving people who did not even know about what they were learning in class. Nevertheless, my dream to go to japan was only a dream because after two years of hell, I was going to face another year ahead serving people from the board. But would go to give a good fight, because I thought that I had enough of this bull crap.

I was not alone. There was this Megantrophus called Kika. We shared the same ill-fated campus life. We both were chosen by the society—given an honor to serve them—meh. He too was dreaming of going to Japan. He was a Weaboo, a maniac, he even had this huge poster of a loli-girl wearing short dress in his room. In addition, he also had this weird Japanese hairstyle covering half of his face and big glasses behind his hair. His fat belly was out of the cloth, and sometimes I could hear the button on his shirt screaming in agony. But that was not the feature which made him stayed in the bottom of the food chain. His nature of being merciful and wanted to sacrifice himself for others make him a vulnerable prey for these sociopaths living in the society. As a person with the same treat as him, I felt pity of him, but more to myself.

At first, I joined the board because I saw people working tirelessly to serve the community with all they have, and I thought it was cool, that is just before I know what kind of society they were serving. At that time, I was on the same board with Kika. we spent the whole year living in hell together before in the next period, we were separated; Kika was dragged into the other circle of slavery while I was staying in the board for the second period, with much heavier burden of course. The society drained us financially and emotionally. The board was worse than slavery because despite of us working hard without salary, we too have to pay for the community needs, paying for the event that they wanted to hold but they did not want to attend.

I and Kika were facing the hell for the third time, and it was even hellish than before. We were both become the candidate of the next president and the vice president of the board. Why did not we refuse it? If refusing meant one or two punches everyday by people wearing mask or kicks on our way to the campus, perhaps we could withstand it. But yeah we would not survive the pressure in our career of living. They would, in anyway, try to intervene us and spread the rumor which led to the rejection in any path we would head on. The only way for us to survive were serving the another hellish year, or to lose against the “Empty Box” which of course I and Kika would go die for the second option for size. It was no longer a strange thing for the candidates to make their attempt to fail.

Our strategy was executed in some steps. The first was to gather people who sympathized us and would vote for the “Empty Box”. The next step was to go for the underground campaign, gathering the rock bottom people to unite, promising that such system must be banished and their freedom must be served—of course it was a lie since these people were minority who went against majority, but we were forced to lie to save ourselves. The last step was to bribe the prominent character of the majority. We promised them some fortune which was worth a year of the board’s fund. This was better rather than a year enduring hell with the same cost of fortune either.

The first step, as we expected, was a big failure which ended miserably. Knowing that none would sympathize us for they were afraid of being targeted by the society, risking the rest of their life in the campus. The underground people—the minority—were no better. They were just a bunch of plebs without resistance, they were born as slave perhaps. Yet, surprisingly, the bribe was successful. The unnamed authority gave us a copy of the ballot so we could cheat the election and fill the “Empty Box” with the ballot we had manipulated. Once in a lifetime, I felt so happy doing a misdeed.

On the following week, I and Kika went to see for the counting. The place was so full of people, but none of them is our friend. We smiled knowing that we had cheated the ballot and our attempt to fail would succeed. That is what we thought before realizing that we were tricked. The awesome “Empty Box” was literally empty which was very surprising for us. They manipulated the box, changed it with the real empty one—perhaps in this point I figured out why it was called the “Empty Box” by the former candidates elected. I was just praying that during the inauguration, a maelstrom would happen and kill all the people here.

25th of December, we were on our way to be inaugurated, never thought that our Christmas gift would be wrapped in such way under the gloomy day. The heavy rain began to fall and people were accelerating the ceremony to be done, yet that was not as fast as a lightning which stroke Kika on the head. Kika did a suicide by wearing cloth full of magnets which he learnt from watching Anime. Not only Kika who was killed, several people were also injured, and I was also on the list. The ceremony was failed thanks to Kika’s death. The election was also failed because the “Empty Box” was no match for the Coffin of the candidate. However, the best part of everything was that I finally managed to step my feet on Japan, although it was for the operation of the prosthetic testicle operation because mine was cut by lightning, but still, I went to Japan!

Word Count: 1242

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