Flash Fiction: Bloody Revenge

Good evening, my name Naufal Alif Arya Putra with student number 180410160019 from Class B Creative Writing. With this, I send my flash fiction.

23 August, 2002

I was so amazed when I saw the number of students in this faculty. Yes, it was my first day in college. Even though I felt excited, somehow I was nervous. What if I wasn’t able to make friends. Ugh, so many thoughts clinging to my mind when suddenly a girl and a boy approached me. Would this be my soon-to be-friends?

24 August, 2002

Whew, yesterday was exciting. Me and my new friends, Nova and Yasir hung out until late. I barely knew the three of us would be in the same class throughout the whole semester. While it was fun today, something had been bothering me. I couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching me. Yasir said don’t bother it. Nova said I will be fine.

8 September, 2002

It had been awhile since I wrote this diary. it had been busy. You know, there was something shocking a few days ago. Nova said that, when we were together, she felt someone was watching me. Plus, Yasir told me, he saw someone following me three days ago. I was worried. They said that I should be careful.

16 September, 2002

I made a new friend, sort of. She was Lusi Fernanda. She was, what was it again, an honor students if I might say. She was kind to my friends but not to me. I caught her glaring at me but she immediately smiled, a suspicious smile that was. I didn’t know why, but I couldn’t remove this uncomfortable feeling.

18 September, 2002

I found my dorm had been broken into. My door was busted, but luckily there was nothing missing. But I found a letter with a red hairpin attached to it. The letter said

“You have to pay for your sin.”

It was written in blood. Oh my god, was it that stalker? I immediately called Yasir and Nova, but only Yasir came. Unexpectedly, Lusi was with him. I caught her smiling. In the end, they comforted me then they left.

19 September, 2002

I watch a murder news of a college student. What the.. that face and that bag, it was Nova. How did this happen? Was this the reason I hadn’t seen her for awhile? God, this was terrifying. Without notice, Yasir came and looked sad. Lusi was with him again also looking sad. We stayed in my dorm cause it was already late.

20 September, 2002

I am on the run. Yasir was dead. When I woke up, Yasir had been stabbed on the chest. Lusi was there smiling to me. I realised she was the stalker. Did she kill Nova? She said that I killed her sister. Her sister? I’ve never ki.. Wait… Oh my god, I barely remembered it. I accidentally killed someone in Depok. She was wearing red hairpin. Was it her sister? She had been targeting me this whole time?

So here I am hiding.

Damn, she’s here…

She’s holding a knife.

Whoever read this, the culprit is…




Hi, this is Lusi, although this is not my real name. Whoever read this, Reni won’t be able to write, like forever. Such a shame, I like her writing though.

Finally, Angela will be in peace. Her murderer have gone. Now, this is goodbye.

#Scribere2018 #Class B #FlashFiction

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