Flash Fiction: Black Rose

Marzha Rezqyta Putri Anindhita

“Don’t touch!
Reena jumped in shock. “How many times do I have to tell you? DO NOT TOUCH MY STUFFS!” Deena yelled at her sister. “s..sorry”, Reena bowed. “Get out!” said Deena. Reena left her sister’s room. Soon, Deena checked her drawer and feel relieved. It’s still shattered and dusty. Suddenly, the memory of past years rolling in her head.


There he is. Dressed in tangled, black leather jacket with no helmet. His hair is messy. His motorbike’s sound broke Deena’s Daydream. “Hey you lil girl” he teased. Deena smiled and approached Beni, riding the back side of his motorbike. “Hi!” said Deena. They sat on the motorcycle for a long time. “Why we still here?” Deena asked. “You haven’t hug me yet”, Beni answered with a flat-made expression. Deena laughed and hugged Beni, “I’m ready”. Beni smiled and started driving his motorbike slowly. They drove slowly while talking to and fro.

“Why we’re here?” You wanna buy a book? No way..”, Deena said as they began entering Palasari area. “You think I can read?” replied Beni. They both laughed.

Beni stopped his motorbike near a flower seller and approached her. “Ma’am, how much is this?” he said while pointing to a black rose. “Two thousand”, said the flower seller. “Can I get this with one thousand? My money is only that much. You know. High School boy”, Beni whispered, hoping Deena won’t hear. “Alright.. alright..” said the seller.

Beni came back to Deena who were sitting on the motorbike. “Give me your hand.” Beni put the rose on Deena’s hand. She was confused but glad also. “Black. It’s your favorite color.” Beni said before Deena. She hugged him so tight, as they will never hug like that anymore. They continue the ride.

“Ben, it’s pass our usual place.” Deena said. “Yes, let me. This time, I want to ride you home. I think it’s time to show up.” Said Beni. “wait.. I mean.. I really want it too, but, not today. Papa is at home.” Beni didn’t pay attention to Deena words, he just keep riding.

They arrived at Deena’s house. Just when Deena stepped down of the motorbike, her father came out with a red face. “Who the hell are you?! Turn that damn bike off!” he yelled at Beni. Both Beni and Deena were shocked. “and you, Deena, why are you dating this jerk? Get into the house. NOW!” Deena started to cry while she entering their house. She ran to her room and locked the door. She heard from opened window, her father yelling to Beni for the last time, “Don’t you ever dare meeting my daughter again. Our family will never welcome a person like you. GET OFF!”. That moment, when Beni staring to Deena, and bowed her face, she knew that it was the last. Beni turned on the motorbike and started to ride as fast as he can.

Since that day, Beni is just like a dream for Deena. No call, no mail, no single communication. Deena was broken-hearted. Broken into pieces. Since then, the Black Rose has always been there. In the corner of Deena’s drawer. Wilted, died, and shattered slowly.

#Scribere2018 #ClassB #FlashFiction

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