Flash Fiction: The Other Girl

Liore Annurelia Sukarma180410170061

The Other Girl

He saw her that day. She looked him in the eyes and he did the same. He smiled and she smiled back, but then a crowd of students carried her away. He would spend the rest of the day imagining about her. They were not in the same grades and did not come from the same classes. He tried to see her after school, but he could not find her.

He was lying on his bed and still daydreaming about her. He rolled over and looked at his phone. It was a friend request on Facebook. It was her! He did not have an idea of she did even know his name and would discover him on Facebook. He directly accepted the request and saw that they did not share any mutual friends. That means that she had actually searched for him on Facebook. She was online at that moment and they started chatting.

The next day, he saw her passing through the corridor. He asked how she was doing but she did not respond because there were a group of students pushed them away. He could not find her at recess, nor after school. It was a long day and he spent it concerning about what he had said. Did he say anything wrong?

That evening in his bedroom, his eyes were sparked by the notification. It was her, sending him some messages. He smiled. He thought that maybe she was just having a bad day when they met at the corridor. He replied and so the conversation went on until late. He really felt a chemistry with her because he had just realized that she was smarter and funnier than he thought before.

It had always been a routine that Monday mornings were started with a ceremony at the school field. This morning, when it started, it instantly felt different. He was standing in his grade’s row and was trying to see her in her grade’s row, but a deathly silence suddenly fell at the field. There was a simultaneous gasp that made him actually looked at the stage where the Headmaster was announcing something. There was a picture of her and it was placed with candles around it. Then, he realized what was being said.

“…our deepest condolences go out with the family. Their loss is our losses. But, let us also learn from this tragedy. The drunk driver that hit her on Friday evening should not actually have been there.”

His heart was beating so fast. He felt dizzy until he thought that he was going to faint. He whispered to the guy sitting beside him and asked the only question he needed to know. “Friday night. She died instantly. The funeral was on Sunday.” The reply exploded quietly in his ears. He could not believe what he had just heard. The rest of the day passed like a blur.

And then he was home. He pulled out his phone and opened Facebook. The messages from her were still there, leading up to last night. It was impossible! He had shared so much intimacy with her. What did this mean? Not long after that, he understood. He had just known who this was from. He stood frozen, staring at the phone where it was laid.

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