Flash Fiction: The Adventure of Ryzen

○ Name: Muhammad Iqbal Nuruzzaman
○ NPM: 180410160033

After finding out his mom is missing from the Village Ryzen find out the reason why Yhwach kills his father. Ryzen find out the reason of why he and the other counselor kills his father is because they just find out the secret of her mother existence. But Yhwach doesn’t tell him because his Father last request is not giving him the information regarding her mother whereabout. “You have to find your own answer” after saying that out loud while leaving Ryzen. After that accident Ryzen has a new quest to find her mother and to find the answer for the reason why his father was killed by Yhwach and other chancellors. Without wasting more time he headed out to the citadel.

Citadel was a kingdom with a combine of 3 Kingdoms in one banner. With the replacement of the new leader in Rivendell. After setting off to Citadel he found out that all kingdoms living in harmony despite the tragedy in Rivendell with concern. He questions it, even though he doesn’t receive any education in his entire life. The only one skill he knows that is reading. He goes to the library after arrives he finds an article with information regarding Rivendell. After spending an hour he realizes the government hides the incident saying that rider was killed because he was betrayed the chancellor. He realises there is a woman standing behind him. She was courier giving him a letter after Ryzen opened and read all the content he realizes the letter was sent by one of the kings. It was Yhwach the one who sent the letter. Asking him to come to his palace. Helius who knows the letter warns Ryzen “it must be a trap”. But without hearing his “friend” advice he goes to the kingdom. After he arrives shortly to find the king sitting with his hand grabbing a bottle. “hello little one we meet again sooner than what I am expected come I will tell you everything because I can’t bear the burden much longer” said Yhwach after that he explains of why the 3 kings kill his father.

The reason is that her mother, when they found her mother in the woods of Yggdrasill. They found out he mother power is to “Recreate Nature” giving the woods a new life giving them more fruit and many more. Yhwach, Gabriel, Galadriel, and rider agree to use her for benefit of their country. But Rider betrays them and use her by herself. Knowing this Yhwach and the other counselor try to pursue rider many times to release her but he refuses. After find it out using her power also take a great deal of her soul. Yhwach doesn’t have a choice but to kill him. After killing him he takes her mother to the kingdom and tries his best to make her alive as much as possible but it was too late. After saying that Ryzen feels sorry for him for taking an action. “I am so sorry to let you suffer I just can’t take it anymore. now goo!! Don’t ever come back” said Yhwach with anger. After that Yhwach drinks the bottle and kills him almost instantly. Ryzen where about is unknown………

Words Count: 550

Credits: Citadel by Defian Art(Fallen eye) and Rivendel by Ted Naismith

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