Flash Fiction: Precious Lesson on My Special Day

Rahmawati Lotayu Khasana


Precious Lesson on My Special Day

On a sunny morning there was a chirping of birds accompanying my morning wake up. My mom approached me and she showed a beautiful knee-length dress in ivory white adorned by a circular ribbon strap on the waist. I was excited wanted wore it immediately, my mom put makeup on me so I felt more beautiful. After I got ready went to the kindergarten with my parents, I felt nervous because for the first time my friends would saw me dress up. But there was a feeling of happiness and pride in imagining that my friends would sang birthday song and they would gave gifts on my special day.

When we arrived in front of the kindergarten, I was greeted by my friends who saw me like fascinated by my appearance which made me blushed and it made me have to walked behind my mother towards my class. In the classroom, the teacher told me to sit at the front desk accompanied by my parents. At that time, I felt very happy because all my friends were attended to celebrate my special day. Until the most awaited moment came, when everyone in the class sang happy birthday song and a song to blow out the candles with the number 4 for me.

I could not waited to blew out my birthday candle. When I would blew out my birthday candle, suddenly one of my friend ran towards me in hurriedly, she immediately blew out my birthday candle and she ruined the decoration’s birthday, she detonated a few ballons which made my friends screamed in panic because they were afraid. At the same time, I immediately cried in my mom’s arms, I felt very upset because my birthday planned did not as my expected. Then, her parents came and she explained to my mom that her child also had a birthday the same day as me. However, her birthday could not be celebrated like my birthday because her parents did not have enough money, so my friend’s parents apologized to my mom for her child’s action. Her parents told the daughter to apologize to me but I still cried so I ignored her.

Then, my mom stroked my hair so that I felt calmed and did not cried anymore. My mom said that good people must always forgive the mistakes of others, and she gave me an encouragement "saw your friends, could not waited to saw you blew out the candles, and want to gave gifts to you" She said. After my mom spoke it, in immediately I became excited again and at that moment my father reignited my birthday candle.

The candle has been lit accompanied by singing from my friends to immediately blew out the candle. Before I blew out the candle, I pulled her hand to blow out the candle with me and I smile at her because I have forgiven her and I want her to felt happiness like me on her special day. My mother felt proud of me and she said "Mom is proud to have a child who has a good heart like you”.

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