Flash Fiction: Other Self

Julio Tanton180410140059

Other Self

Social life plays a really important role in one’s life. In kindergarten, kids were taught how to communicate with their same-age friend or older people. In elementary, middle, and high school, or even in college, peer group for assignment are given to help them know each other. But, individuals are different from one and another. There are people whose easygoing, but there are who have a hard time to get along with. There are people who talkative, there are people who talk as they needed. There are people who like to tell stories, there are who keep things for themselves. Joy, is one of them, not the one who like to tell stories, not the one who talkative, and not the one who is easygoing. Joy hardly communicates with other people, he can only talks and tell stories to Jimmy, Tommy, and Andy, which have a same problem. In high school, when kids reach their puberty, they will have interest to someone which they find attractive, in any way. Joy, feels something strange when he started to like a girl. In kindergarten, elementary and middle school, Joy did not care about anyone and did not care if he is ignored and being left.

When he saw this girl, Rina, he felt something strange, a feeling when you saw a dog with it’s puppy, a feeling when you saw a long lost toy that you really like. But he denied that feeling, thinking that she is out of her league. Rina who is 5’2 ft. tall, thin body, small nose, big and shiny eyes, and also the ponytail are really popular in school. She is also one of the cast in classical theater, a cheerleader for the soccer team, and singer in a band. She is outgoing, talkative and has a lot of male fans.

Later that night, Joy, Jimmy, Tommy and Andy have an important meeting, discussing a newly released video game. In the middle of an argument between Jimmy and Tommy, Joy suddenly said a thing that they never discussed before. Joy shares his feelings towards Rina to them. Everyone in the room stopped talking, not knowing what to say because they have never felt the same like Joy feel right know. And so is Joy, don’t know what to do, even after sharing this feeling to his closest friends, it changes nothing and still hung on his mind. Jimmy continue to discuss the game, breaking the silence, ignoring what was Joy said earlier. The next morning in school, Rina and his cheers friend are exercising in soccer field. It just when Joy rushes to go to cafeteria, he sees her jumping gorgeously. Joy feels that it was the best 5 minute in his life. Then he back to his consciousness, and run to cafeteria. Soon after, they meet at the bus stop. No conversation, only their eyes meeting each other. Suddenly Joy initiates to make a conversation, by saying “hey, where are you going?”, and so Rina reply with her sweet voice. The conversation continues, until she arrives at her home. Joy felt so happy that he cries. The other you needs to come out sooner or later. A simple step could lead someone to achieves what they deserved.

Word count: 542

#Scribere2018 #Class B #FlashFiction

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