Flash Fiction: One Love Different Religions

Armelita Amanda


Jessy Titania Azzahra, a girl who always makes my heart beat so fast when I see her. I always think about her every day. I cannot do anything seriously because she is always in my mind. Jessy and I are different, she is Sundanese, and I am Bataknese. She prays in the mosque I do not. She reads Al-Qur’an I do not. She celebrates ied Fitri I do not. Our differences are suck, but never mind, I will always try harder to make her mine no matter what. One thing that I like about her is her personality. She is humble and smart. Jessy and I are neighbors.

Every Sunday, Jessy’s family and my family always have a lunch together at my house. My parents and Jessy’s parents are close, they want us to become best friend forever. What? I do not want to be her best friend, I want to be her husband! I have a lot of Jessy’s photos on my bedroom wall. I always stare at those photos when I miss her. Jessy never knows if I am so into her. I always send a bouquet of rose flowers to her house every Saturday night and she never knows if the person who sent it was me. I am happy because she keeps and takes care the rose flowers from me in her garden well.

On Saturday afternoon, Jessy comes to my house, she gives tenderloin steak that was made by her mother for me and my parents’s lunch. Not long after that, she talks to me if she wants to see my room. I am shocked because there are a lot of Jessy’s photos in it. I cannot deny it because Jessy begs me to see my room. When she opens the door, she was crying and talked to me “Glenn, so you are my secret admirer?” I answered “Yes, Jessy I like you from a long time, but it is really hard for me to talk to you about my feeling because I am too shy to say it to you directly.” She answered “Oh Glenn, why do you not talk to me? I like you too, but I am confused, my parents do not agree if we are dating, because we have different religions.” Then, I answered “Jessy, how about a Backstreet dating way? I believe our relationship will be fine if we do a dating way like that.” She answered “Okay, Glenn so from today until forever we are together.” “Agree!” I said.

It has been four years we are together. I enjoy every moment with Jessy. I am so lucky to have her in my life because she loves me unconditionally, even though our parents did not know if we are dating, but I am happy. One day, I ventured myself to speak to Jessy’s parents if we are dating and I want to propose Jessy to be my wife. Jessy’s parents were shocked and rejected my propose’s toward Jessy softly, because they said to me if there is someone who is already chosen by them to be Jessy’s husband. At first, Jessy was angry, but then she understands, because I told her if this is what is best for us. I decided to go from Jessy’s life and never come back.


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7. Editor: Armelita Amanda

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