Flash Fiction: My Human is Mine

Nabila Azzahra Khairunnisa


I’m a male cat with a thick fur and fat tummy. My human named me Catty, that sounds like a female name. I live in a house where there are pillows and wooden furniture. I like to scratch them a lot. I have been living here since five years ago, and I also explore around the neighborhood everyday. That’s why I’m famous enough among the cats here, plus because I’m an angora.

Few months ago, I found out that there was one wildcat tried to steal my human. I wasn’t sure how long had it been, but this grey-furred cat often came to our house. He had a very clean fur that every time he came, my human would pet and rub his head. The next day after I witnessed her petting that wildcat, I walked over to her and meowed softly while she was busy laying on couch with her phone. I meowed once again and rubbed my body against her leg. She looked over me, then rubbed my head as usual. I started to rubbed my face down to my chin against her hand aggressively. I did it to give her my ‘scent’ to notify other cats, especially that grey-furred one, that she is my human.

Four days later, he came shamelessly when I was sitting around at the veranda. He froze for a while as soon as he saw me. I gave him sharp eyes, but he ignored it and kept on going inside. Unfortunately, my human walked out and saw him. She did it again, petting him. What worse is she started to get used to share my food with him. I should stop her. I started to scratch the woods around the house and pee on some spots in the house for days to signify my territory, until my human started to get annoyed. “Oh my God! Why are you like this? Can you stop?!” She took a mop then started to clean my pee. “Ugh, gross!” She cleaned it with her nose closed. Sorry, but that was what I got to do.

The next morning, I was hungry. My human was busy with her laptop when I meowed asking for food. I meowed louder continuously until she noticed me and left that big rectangle thing. “Oh, you must be hungry,” she said uselessly while rubbing my head. I started to chatter my teeth to tell her to quickly serve my food. “Oh, no! We’re running out of food!” I watched her pouring the left food into my bowl. It’s all because of that wildcat!

The day after, I hissed to tell him to back off once he arrived here. He froze for a second, but continued his step after that. I started to stand and hissed louder. He stopped and looked at me. He started to hiss at me, too. I growled at him while walking closer to him. My growl started to sound louder until I was sure he was scared. He ran away right when my human came out of the house after hearing my loud noise. “You’re fighting with him? Is this why you did all the mess?” She rubbed my head, then I meowed proudly. Now I’m satisfied that my human is all mine.

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