Flash Fiction: Fear of Being Alone

Redho Aditya

Since I was a kid, I always have a problem with small space, but currently I am a college student who unfortunately lived alone in an apartment. I usually start the day by going to the university in the morning and go back home in the afternoon every day, until a certain unexpected incident. One day, I went back to my apartment late at midnight. As I waited for the elevator to come, I took a sip of a drink that I bought from a convenient store on the way home. I stepped into the elevator after the elevator that I waited has arrived.

Before I pressed the button to the eleventh floor, I realized that the elevator does not align perfectly with the door which somewhat seems weird. Before I could press the button, the door closed on its own. initially I did not consider it as a worrying case. After it I shrug it off and press the button, but the button did not respond. As I started to get confused, I calm myself down before I pushed the button again which surprisingly does not work. Realizing that the door does not budge open and the elevator did neither go up or down, I starting to get worry. Not only does the elevator got stuck, the elevator started to get hot because of how enclosed it is. To make the matter worst I was alone in the elevator with no signal or anyone to call. With my throat started to dry up because of the heat, I begin drinking the last drop of my drink. after drinking I tried the call if anyone will answer it, yet there is no answer.

Just when I thought the situation can’t get any worse, the elevator lights started to flicker. As the lights begin to dim out, I start to press my back to the wall of the elevator. After the lights went out, I started to look for my phone in my bag. My worries turn into panic as I am trying to use my phone as a flashlight. I thought it was just the light bulb got burnt out because the panel is still on while still not working. While I was holding my phone, it is buzzing. I realized from the back of my mind that I did not charge my phone because I left my charger back at my room.

With that, my only source of light just gone. After the elevator becoming pitch black, I starting to have a cold sweat. While I continue to press my back to the wall, the elevator starts to move wobbly upward. The elevator was shaking that I thought that it could fall anytime. After a while the elevator open the door after it stops at a certain floor. I crawl my way out of the elevator before I had a chance to think about anything else. just when I was trying to get up, I vaguely saw a shadowy figure from the corner of my eyes. I am not sure if that was real or just being paranoid. After that day, I never going back to the apartment late ever again.

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