Flash Fiction: Different Times, Different Thoughts

Shinta Puspita Dewi

The weather had changed, no more constant schedule of that, it couldn’t be predicted as it used to. The cool breeze just stayed a while, no longer fog, just a sun flare that was good in the morning, but too much in the afternoon. Bandung, a place that had so many stories, not only a hometown, but also a breath of beloved people.

Bella, a 17-year-old girl, started trying to find something new, didn’t know what it could be. The right time came, the sound of the wind surrounded her mind, different from usual. Began wondering, what would happen. A footstep approached her back, a boy with a short brown pants, grey shirt, and black hair, smiled at her. She didn’t smile back, she’s afraid and ran away. The boy tried to catch her, caught! they both stared into each other eyes’. He took her arm, within silence. Odd, Bella couldn’t say anything, she followed the way his walking onward. So long, they through a forest, the smell was not really natural, it smelled like a milk. The leaves colour were not green, but blue like an ocean. Still Bella couldn’t believe it happened. The boy couldn’t stop smiling, but Bella felt safe because of that, no more fears, just a heartbeat. The boy asked “Do you know where we’re going to lil girl?”, Bella said “I don’t know and hey I’m not a lil girl!”. He didn’t answer back. The journey was not easy, but Bella looked like not even exhausted. She enjoyed it, the boy whom she met seemed like someone for a long time ago.

A strange mirror, they both entered in, everything suddenly changed. The old Bandung was back, people, environment, atmosphere in Halimun. The mirror disappeared into the pieces, miracle. They both changed, to be colourful papers that could fly and sometimes invisible. They could turn themselves into human if they engaged and married, or they would be sheets of papers for the rest of their lives. Only the boy who knew this secret, but he kept it. Bella felt curious and asked him “Boy you didn’t even introduce yourself. Who are you?”. The boy answered “You don’t have to know, just follow my lead, or you’ll regret!”. There was some old house, the time showed in the classic era of 70s. Bandung in Halimun, within a cool breeze that Bella needed the most was occurred. Girls and women wore kebaya and samping. The makeup was natural, it looked flawless on them. Men took a cigar and black coffee, old but gold. The roadsterbicycles surrounded the city with its ring bell, classic cars looked so luxurious. There were also Dutch people, smiled across the street. “Wait, what? They’re staring at us!” Bella frightened. “Well, we’re now invisible lil girl! don’t be afraid” He answered.

Bella just realized the appearance in both of them had been changed from the first time they entered the mirror. She wanted to be back, as a human! But didn’t want to be back to the era when she was born. They lost in, would never back home, started a new life with different thoughts, the colourful papers had turned to be a 25-year old young counterpart, engaged and married, in the end he introduced himself, his name was Bobby.

Word count: 550 words

Credits: Illustration design by Shinta Puspita Dewi

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