Flash Fiction: Cheating (ralat)

Alayya Aulia Rahmi


Five years ago Adiva and Albi are in a very flat relationship. They were spent a lot of time together, but Albi as always with his bad character, ignorant even so but he sometime worried about Adiva. While at school he has a squad of 7 people, and Adiva was only close to the one of Albi’s friends. His name is Galih, and Adiva always asks about Albi to him. Adiva and Albi when at the school was in the same extracurricular that is community bulletin boards. The activities in this group is replace the bulletin boards and re-decorate it also making a film. At that time this extracurricular of bulletin boards was most in demand at school because there were many of them who wanted to improve their creativity skills. At one day we are opened registration for all of juniors in the school and socialized to their class. When the sky gets dark and also the class is over, we used to hold gather in an empty room. Because when the class over, the classes would be full of other extracurricular. While Adiva goes to check the empty room also the bulletin boards.

“Galih! Galih!”

She called her friend with in a high tone

And then Adiva meets with Galih and as usual they were talk about anything. After that they returned to the crowd of their friends and told about the empty class. Adiva and her friends had finished gather, when they were about to go home, Albi comes over to Adiva and says that he cannot take her home, because Albi will accompany Galih to repair his car. And then Adiva go to home with her friends without worry.

In the next day, Adiva felt that something was strange, yes it is right that Albi did not come to school, then Adiva asked about Albi to Galih and he at that time wanted me out of the class to talk about something he had long kept, especially for Adiva. He said that Albi lied to Adiva that he would accompany Galih yesterday, but instead Albi went to a nightclub to meet a girl who was even junior at Adiva’s school and Galih also said that they had slept together. At first Adiva did not believe with Galih’s words, but because they are go together, he had strong evidence that the photos of Albi’s with that girl were together in one bed, because they are drunk.

Adiva looks very confused, does she have to be angry, sad, disappointed that feeling are mixed up, she wants to be angry but she cannot, Adiva feels embarrassed about this, how can Albi do this to Adiva, five years together, but Albi even betrayed her and without any “sorry” words that came out of him.

“How can I trust him again? If him cheated once won’t him do it again? Once a cheater, always a cheater”

That words an understandable response from anyone who has been betrayed. Especially for Adiva. The words always come in her mind. And she is not come back again.

word count: 513


Editor and Drawer: Alayya Aulia Rahmi

Application maker: https://Ibispaint.com/

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