Flash Fiction: Cat the Cat

Indra Wijaya Kusuma

It is a dark evening because it is drizzling, a faint smell of soil as far as you walk, and the sound of small animals can be heard easily. Irfan is almost soaked, he doesn’t mind being soaked when it’s raining because he loves rain so much. “Ah, a cat”, says Irfan while standing in the middle of the stair in his boarding house. The cat’s fur is dominated with snow white color with some grey spots on its head, back, rear feet, and on its tail. It has beautiful bright emerald eyes, “It is so cute and majestic” that’s how Irfan describes the cat. He is bored of his monotonous life. He is bored yet he greets the soon-to-be-his-new-friend with a big smile. It is still raining, he opens the door to his room widely, letting the cat to go inside. He fetches a small towel to dry the cat. Then he gives some of his food he just buy a while ago to the cat and pour some milk for it. He didn’t want to keep the cat because he thinks that someday this cat will be gone because it is a stray.

He is wrong, it has been three weeks yet the cat is still here. It is a very nice day with a hot weather. The sky is blue, random-shaped clouds everywhere and there stood the cat on the stair where they met. Irfan decided not to name the cat, he only calls the cat “Cat”, because he thought it is unfair to name the cat without the cat’s permission. Because Cat has help a lot whenever Irfan is bored, he decided to keep Cat with him in his room, although he let Cat wanders the yard of his boarding house whenever he went outside. He is still bored, but it is better now that he got Cat by his side.

One week passes, it is raining again, it is the coldest rain in this month, the sky is dark, thunder everywhere, and there is not a single of small animals sound. Irfan cannot find Cat everywhere in the boarding house yard. He goes out to look for Cat in the neighborhood. Still, he cannot find Cat everywhere. He is desperate, ready to cry. Running aimlessly, shouting “Cat! Cat! Cat!” but Cat doesn’t respond back. He doesn’t give up, still searching aimlessly. He keeps imagining living through his monotonous life without Cat. He loses it then cries, but still shouting Cat’s name. Then he almost gives up, going back to his room. Laying and crying on his bed, until he hears a “Meow” from inside his wardrobe. It is Cat! He forgot that he doesn’t let Cat out of his room then Cat got locked inside of his room. Cat decides to sleep soundly through the storm inside Irfan’s wardrobe. Irfan picks up Cat then hugs Cat while crying, talking to Cat telling Cat how afraid he is to lose Cat. He gives Cat a big pile of cat food and lots of milk. Then, after Cat finishes eating, they fall asleep together. The storm ends, but it is evening, so the sky is still dark but you can hear the sound of small animal everywhere as if they are celebrating the storm’s end.

Word count: 548

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