Flash Fiction : By the End of the Trip

Rifqah Rashifainy Sondia


Yuma sits at the front seat, alone. She puts on an earphone to the point she can’t hear anything, She can’t care less to the students that get in the bus, she can feel those eyes; disgust, sicken, mock. If only that day she didn’t play as the “Holy class president” and stand up for her childhood friend who was bullied, maybe her life would not be like this.
When Yuma starts to check the students’ presence, she can’t help but feel the hatred on every single name that comes out her mouth, which no one even bothers to respond due to the excitement for the trip to the mountain. As she finishes, she hears the driver starts the bus engine.
Only ten minutes later a light brown-eyed girl comes to Yuma’s seat, “Give me your phone.” She says as she reaches Yuma’s phone. Yuma frowns. “For what?” The girl glares at Yuma. And that’s when Yuma realizes another person behind her seat snatches her phone. “Aww, look at her wallpaper,” she shows it around, “It’s her and her fellow dead outcast.” The bus was instantly filled with laughter.
Yuma stands up, “You don’t talk about her like that.” She says with gritting her teeth, she can almost feel her head going to burst.
“Or what?”
The driver, who notices something’s wrong, turns his head, “Girl, you need to sit down, it’s dangerous to stand like that.” but Yuma doesn’t move even an inch―she only smiles widely and takes a knife from her pocket, her classmates suddenly grow quiet and some even gasps at the terrifying sight, “You guys really deserve the worst.” Finally, she looks at her classmates’ eyes one by one, “That dead outcast suffers from depression and has attempted suicide twice,” Yuma is shaking due to adrenaline, “She is afraid. And maybe you guys should feel how it feels like to be afraid every single time.” Yuma has had enough, she’s going to do the thing she had planned before the trip. To stop it all.
“Especially you,” she points her knife at the light brown-eyed girl, who’s looking scared. Yuma starts to approach the girl without putting down her knife. She doesn’t have any doubts when she grabs the scared bully, the girl was too shocked to respond or to say anything, Yuma drags her back to the front of the bus, and soon after she puts the knife on girl’s throat, the bus driver who watched silently before finally says, “Girl, put down the knife, we can settle this in a better way.” But Yuma stays still.
“Apologize.” Yuma demands, “NOW.”
The girl starts to cry, “Okay, okay I’m sorry for everything I’ve done and said. Please let me go, I won’t bother you anymore.”
Yuma smiles, but when she is about to put away the knife, the bus jolts, and so are the people in it, the next thing Yuma knows, she hears a weird noise along with a splatter of blood. On her hand. And it comes from the girl in front of her. As soon as everyone realizes about what just happened, the bus became quiet before the howl and scream fill the air.
Yuma accidentally killed her bully. Her intention was only to end her bully’s wrong-doings not life.
Word Count: 548
#Scribere2018, #Class B, #FlashFiction
Illustration from "A Silent Voice: The Movie" by Yoshitoki Oima.

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