Flash Fiction : Attracted

Muhammad Rizky Mulia


10 years ago, in a sunny and stifling Monday, that was the time when I attend my school’s welcoming ceremony. There were so many students lining up neatly, using their new school uniforms, showing enthusiasm on their faces to start the new life in junior high school, and there is me, a messy boy with a such nerdy style standing up at the front, with a sluggish face that doesn’t even care about facing a new life as a junior high school student. The day ends swiftly, and my sister picks me up with her motorcycle. On the way to our home, she said that in my class there was a girl, a very beautiful girl. However, I didn’t even give a care about it, no curiosity crippling in my mind. The next day rises, another stifling day must be passed. in the second day of the orientation period, we were asked to introduced ourselves, Me and the girl my sister talked about were being paired. We both walk to the front of the class, and Me, as a boy who does not even care about girl suddenly getting nervous while standing beside a very beautiful girl. Sweats were dripping all over my body, the room became hotter than usual. Finally, she starts talking and she said her name was Havira Rahmadanni, she has an Arabian face, long black hair, white skin, and taller than me which is only 145 cm and then, after we introducing ourselves to the class, my curiosity about her starting to cripple around my mind. A month has passed, my curiosity about her gradually disappeared, because she made a very unexpected move, for the first time in my life, I made a call to a girl by my cellphone. She is the one who made the first move. That day, I was surprised yet happy, because the girl I like called me for the first time. During the call, we talked about school, our life, our hobby, and many more. Eventually, I fell in love with such an angelic creature. However, I was become pessimistic about myself. Because, every day, there was always atleast a man who asked her cellphone number, and they are more attractive than me. In my mind, I felt so inferior between those guys, the ugliest among them. So, I held myself up, and chose to walk away from her. Since that day, every day seems so gloomy, we never talked each other. I always rejecting her call, and every time we talked at School, I tried to made it quick. In the very hot and stiffling day, precisely in sport class. the teacher asked us to do marathon around the School. Havira suddenly fainted while running in front of me, and dramatically, I was the one who held her while She fell. In panic, I shouted on the running track to find the teacher, and teacher asked me to bring her to the medical room, and stay in the medical room while she was fainted. After an hour, she finally awoke and suddenly hugged me. She slowly whispering “Why do you stay away from me?”. Eventually, I told her everything and we both cried. The next day we came to school, me and her was already lovers. #Scribere2018 #ClassB #FlashFiction

Words count : 547 words.

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