Flash Fiction: An Unfortunate Date

Dias Novalita


I never thought the day would come this soon. After he moved out we lost contact, but somehow we managed to find each other on Instagram. And there I was, waiting for him at Mc Donald’s Juanda, our favorite place to hang out. I was looking out the window, observing the cloudy December sky when I spotted a familiar face walked in. “Lembayung!” “Lala! I know it’s been a while, but I’m sure you still remember that I was never fond of that name.” He spoke while hugging me. “Okay, Bayu it is then. How are you?” And with that, we got engulfed in our conversation about our own lives. “Hey is that the same camera from junior high?” I asked in mid-conversation, pointing at his favorite Fujicam camera. “Yeah, it actually is. Pretty cool, right? Here, let me take a picture of you.” He said, while pressing the shutter button.

We walked out and greeted by the dark sky, but the weather was perfect for a long walk. “It’s been five years, but the traffic, angkot, and weather remain the same, just how I remember it.” He observed the traffic while we walked towards a park near Kebun Raya. “But that what makes Bogor, Bogor I think. The bustling street filled with angkot left and right with people rushing to catch their ride before rain pouring down.” I said while stealing glances at him once in a while.

We almost made it to the park when I noticed Bayu kept rummaging through his bag. “Are you looking for something?” “I can’t find my wallet, I thought it’s in my bag.” “Do you want to look for it? I know that wallet means a lot to you; it was the last present from your father right?” I said while grabbing his hand and went to the opposite direction. So we traced our steps trying to find his wallet, but until we made it to Kebun Raya, we couldn’t seem to find anything that resembled it. When we still walked, rain suddenly pouring down from the sky. Neither of us brought umbrella, so we took shelter on a bus stop. “I’m sorry La. We are supposed to have a fun day out but you have to be stuck here with me.” He said with a guilt look on his face. “Don’t be like that, we still have a great time. It’s good to finally see you again.” “Also, I just thought of something, why don’t we go to the station? Maybe you’ll find your wallet there, if we cannot find it around here.”

With that we rushed to the station. When we made it, he went to the security and came back with a smile on his face. “I found it.” “Thank God! I’m—achoo.” I did not get to finish my sentence because I kept sneezing. Bayu chuckled at me and ruffled my hair, “Can you stop doing that? You’re going to ruin my hair.” I tried to say it nonchalantly, hiding a smile while hugging him sideways. “Okay, this is the part where we say good bye right?” he said with a smile, and with that we parted ways because he had to go back to Jakarta, leaving me with his jacket and a promise to come back soon.

Word Count: 550

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