Flash Fiction: Almost Happy

Ghea Putri Melati


Natalia, a girl who tries to forget her old love, but it’s been three weeks she is currently close with Charlie, her college friend. In three weeks they only communicate via Line and Instagram. They haven’t hanging out together yet. Until time comes Charlie asks her to hang out.

In a half way through class,

“Natalia, I want to talk something.” Charlie says gently.

Her heart beats so fast, wondering what he is going to talk about.

“Are you busy this evening? I want to go dinner with you.” he’s getting closer, makes her even more nervous.

“Am I dreaming? Charlie asks me to go dinner with him. Is this real?” she talks to herself silently instead of answering him.

“It’s ok if you can’t answers now, but if you want to, just text me before 7 p.m.” he says.

Natalia is freezing and can’t even talk. She just gives him a smile.

“See you later, Nat.” he smiles then leaves.

However, she’s still trying to forget her ex-boyfriend, David. She’s still afraid to start a new love. She doesn’t want to get hurt again. They’re together more than three years. Sadly, they decided to end their relationship when they entered college. They’re studying in the different university and city. Distance made them couldn’t make things right. But they have a deal. The deal is while they’re not together, they do not date anyone and David promised that he’ll come back to her. It’s been more than two years she’s waiting and longing for him. But he doesn’t even try to talk to her. So, her best friend, Lizza, encourages her to try to hang out with Charlie anyway. Lizza tells her that she needs to move on, because every guy is different. So finally, at 6 p.m. she texts Charlie that she wants to hang out with him.

She waits Charlie to pick her up in front of her boarding house with Lizza. But while she is waiting, she sees a motorcycle from far. That motorcycle seems familiar to her and it is heading to her boarding house. Apparently, it’s David’s motorcycle. She feels the world suddenly stops. She’s very shocked. More shockingly, David forces her to go with him. Of course she denies it angrily. She’s afraid what if Charlie sees this happening, but David keeps forcing her.

“I know you have a new boyfriend. I won’t let you with another guy. I still love you, Nat. I want us back together.” he pleases her. It makes her want to punch him in the face.

“Natalia, I promise, I’ll be serious this time.” he is down on her knees, but it makes her even more hate him.

An argument happens between them until Natalia realizes that Charlie is watching what’s happening between them. She’s very shocked. She feels like the world suddenly stops again.


“Charlie, wait!” she screams as Charlie’s going away.

No words came out from Charlie’s mouth. He leaves as long as Natalia screams his name.

So, this is what really happens to her. She is almost happy. She is just about to start a new love, yet bad thing happens. But she doesn’t want to get sad over a guy anymore. Now she tries to love herself first and becomes a better person.


Haphazard Night With Gem & Nii: May the Best Man Win – Different Types of Love Triangle [image] (2017). Retrieved November 17, 2018 from https://aminoapps.com/c/anime/page/blog/haphazard-night-with-gem-nii-may-the-best-man-win-different-types-of-love-triangles/V1t7_u4YvkQWr5WJWGlWaRblXVlerb

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