Flash Fiction: A Letter For Mom

Synthiati Daniati

I never really gave a gift to mom. What I knew, mom would be happy if I write letter for her. At that time I was just an obedient little girl. But, I feel annoyed when my mom, in several weeks, always forbidden me to play with my friends, the reason was wanted me to accompany her at home. "Mom, I want to go play." Mom shook her head, "You just stay at home to accompany mom. Now, I want you to write a letter for mom, like my letter to you. Write a good letter, so that it will be a happy memory of mom." Finally, due to mom constantly persuading me to write a letter, I obeyed her for that time. I did not know what words I had to write for her, for sure I was upset because again, my mom told me to finish writing a letter for her that I never finished. Since then, I felt that mom is being selfish. I had to go home on time, if not, she would be mad on me. I looked like to be separated with my friends, even though there were no friends came to my home due to they knew I would not play with them. I felt like I was be caged. If I against mom, she will be mad and I could not got pocket-money. "Mom, tomorrow I want to play with my friends," I asked permission to mom for the umpteenth time. Again, mom did not give me permission to play. Mom always said, "Mia for this time, accompany mom at home, we must finish the letter which is not finished yesterday." This time, I denied my mom’s words. Even though mom forbidden me, I did not care anymore. I went out of the home to play and I did not care of the voice of the mom who called my name. I did not know why mom often forbidden me at that time, I did not know why mom easy to get mad on me at that time, I also did not know why mom suddenly easy to cry when I left home even went school. When the sun has begun to hide itself, I rushed to go home. I would bring flower for mom as I was felt sorry has been went to play. When I got home, my home was filled with neighbors. They usually came to my house to do social gathering. But apparently this time they did not come for social gathering, but because of mom. I saw her sleeping without regard me who had gone home. Her face looked pale. I approached father who usually smile when he saw me, but now he cried. "Your mom was sick, Mia," said father. I did not know what I have to do. I think mom was really mad on me. Now I was upset with myself, I regret to argue mom. I kept the flower near mom, hoping that mom who was covered in white cloth will forgive me again. Now I understand her words who always says that my letter will be a memory, because now all the words in the letter will be the last memory of her life for me.

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