Flash Fiction: The Mystery of Singkarak Lake

Flash Fiction: Final


Alya Madani Sekarwangi


Singkarak Lake, maybe most of you know about this lake. The location is in Indonesia, West Sumatra, in Solok and Tanah Datar district. A moment ago I went to Padang to visit my big family who still live there. My house is in Solok district, it took three hours from Minangkabau Airport to my house. On the way I went to my house, I passed through Singkarak Lake. When I saw it from inside the car I could see there was something wrong with it. I saw many people but I could not see their face and most of their body is black, yes not the skin but it was like shadows. My house is not really far from that lake, so I decided to go to the lake and found out what is going on alone. Then, someone approached me, threatened me to stay away from Singkarak Lake. Afterward, I tried to tell about the lake to my big family, they only kept silent and did not say anything. I know that they knew the myth about that lake, but they tried to hide it from me.

On the next day, I went to that lake to again to found out what is going on there. I did not see and feel something strange. I did not see that ‘shadows people’ like I saw before. Suddenly, there were plenty of people gathered, an ambulance, and many rescuers near Singkarak Lake. Then I approached them and asked someone what happened, he said that there was a child floated in that lake with unknown reason and he already passed away. There was no any scar in his body, the police guessed he sank because he could not swim. However, I heard many people said “Definitely because of ‘them’.” Thereupon, I asked someone again what did they mean, and who are ‘them’. Someone said “you must be kidding me, it is very impossible you do not know what is it. They are shadows people, we call them it because their form is not real and they like shadows. They always try to kill someone who stands near Singkarak Lake, and the elders believe that they do that because they want to alive again and revenge to many people around them.” I very surprised to hear that, then I went to the other side of Singkarak Lake and tried to call the shadows people although I really scared. Thereafter, ‘they’ appeared with their scary face and they tried to pull me into the lake. Many people who saw me tried to help me by pulling my hand until finally, I could apart from them.

“We have to do something! We cannot live forever like this, with fears and tears. We have to fight them whatever the way!” Many people said that with emotional. After that, they brought many ustadz to help them fight the shadows people. They prayed and yelled told them to leave. Then they put much livestock on the lake as the sacrifice. They thought their effort succeeded, ‘they’ never come and hunt someone again. After a while, they spread roses on the lake as a final tribute to many people who are gone there.

Word count: 547 words

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