Flash Fiction: Grandma, Lend Me Your Glasses!

Ulfi Chalista Almira

As the Latin song began twirling into my ear, I snatched my sight to Betty la Fea – adoring her glasses. I sat and thought how grown up someone with glasses was, it was just like you were really smart and ready for any difficult problem with your glasses on. “Ivy!” Mom yelled from the outside. “Hurry up!” I jolted and rushed to the gate. I saw my mom and my sister, Ella, were waiting for me in the car.
“Sit comfy, Girls.” Mom said as I got into the car and she started driving.

After we arrived, I passed by the house’s pavilion where Grandma was always there sewing. Then I stopped, I popeyed when I saw Grandma’s glasses. It was Betty’s glasses! I approached her rapidly. She looked up to me through her glasses and smiled, “Hi, Sweetie. Where is your sister?” asked she. “Ella is with Mom. What are you making?” asked I plainly. She tugged her glasses back and smiled warmly, “Dress, for my beautiful granddaughters.” I smiled and watched her thread the needle, I wasn’t interested in sewing but Grandma had the glasses which was exactly the same as I saw on the TV and I would like to try them. I was fidgeting and leaned in.

“Grandma, can you lend me your glasses?” I mumbled. She raised her eyebrows, “Why, you will hurt your eyes.” I rolled my eyes, “No, I won’t.”

“You will.” She said calmly. “Granny…” I whined, but she ignored me. “Be a good girl and help me sewing, okay Sweetie?” She smiled warmly. “No!” I reached her glasses from her and she pushed my hands away softly but firm, “You definitely will hurt your eyes.”
“I won’t!” I stomped my feet and pouted, she chuckled and patted my head. As the kettle whistled cheerfully, she stood up and put her glasses off then went to the kitchen. I peeked making sure she couldn’t see me and reached the glasses before she yelled, “Don’t you dare, Sweetie!” I grunted.

Next week we went to see her again, I was still upset. My mom stared at me from the mirror and snickered, “Why you insisted to lend Grandma’s glasses?” asked she. I groaned, “Because it looked like Betty’s! It looks cool, but Grandma doesn’t want to lend me. I won’t break them!” I yelled. After we arrived, Mom asked me to see Grandma and winked. I lazily made my way to find Grandma. But, I saw her trying so hard to thread the needle without her glasses. “Ah. Ivy! What a coincidence, can you help me thread the needle please, Dear?” asked she. I nodded and tried to thread the needle, but I failed after the second try.
“It’s hard.” I pouted, she chuckled kindly. I tried again, and failed. I groaned in frustration.

“Grandma, lend me your glasses! I cannot see the hole at all! It’s because you won’t let me lend your glasses!” I whined. She surprised and laughed quite a while, “My, I’m sorry, Sweetie. Here.” She said, from her pocket she gave me a pair of toy glasses which looked exactly like hers in yellow color. “Here, it may help you, Darling.” I rushed to put it on then tried to thread the needle once more, and it worked!

#Scribere2018 #ClassB #FlashFiction

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