Flash Fiction: Pieces of Paper

Azzahra Putri Habiba


“Ah, no. This won’t do. Too cheesy.” For the umpteenth time that night, Hanna crumples the paper and throw it carelessly into the bin. She pulls out another paper, but lacking of inspiration, in the end she sighs heavily from her lips, her chin rests on her palms.

How did this happen, again? Oh, right. It’s because of the fight with her best friend, namely King.

It’s not that it’s rare for her to fight with him. Even the name ‘King’ is actually a mockery nickname that eventually he doesn’t give much thought anymore. But this is different.

There has been a tension surrounds them ever since there are rumours regarding them dating, or one of them has a feeling towards another. Their banter ceases, and slowly, there has been no words exchanged between them. She thought it was for the best, maybe after their effort (Hanna strongly believes so), the rumours will tone down and they will be back to the way it used to be. How naïve she was.

That morning, she was almost late to her class. When she arrived, she was met by snickers and giggles it make her squirmed in discomfort. In front of the board, there was King stood. Their gaze coincidently met, but it was a sight she never thought she could see from him. It was hatred. Before she could move her legs, King already looked away and walked back to his seat. The boys on her class pushed her body towards the board so she could read what’s written on the board.

Hanna and King sitting under the tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!! it said. At that moment, it felt like she was being a clown, laughed by the world.

Since then, being in the same area with him could be counted as a blessing, because the lad has been avoiding her like a plague, to the point he would ask to switch partners whenever their teachers assigned them together. Whenever she tries to approached him, the latter pushed her away or treating her like an air.

Hanna wants to apologize. Hanna wants to give him an explanation of everything from top to bottom. And so, she lamely decided a traditional way to do it; a letter.

It’s stupid. But desperate time needs desperate measure and Hanna is desperate. Their friendship is something she doesn’t want to let go especially with these rumours as the cause.

She doesn’t even try to cross the bridge and told him that her feelings are the exact thing the rumour goes. No. She’s satisfied with what she has and would trade anything in the world just to make their relationship went back to the way it used to be.

With a resolve finally harden again in her mind, she began to write again. All of her thoughts and her feelings (as a friend. Only as a friend) poured into words on the paper. The pieces of her heart, she wears it on her sleeves.

The next day, she sent it to him. She begged Alifia, her close classmate, to send it on her stead. She hopes her feelings reached towards him.

But that hope vanished when she saw the very same letter founded in the bin near her class, shredded just like her heart.

tags #Scribere2018 #Class B #FlashFiction

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