Flash Fiction: Hide and Seek

Adinda Amara Kania180410170059

Rita was only fourteen years old when she started to work for Kusuma family. She came to their house after hearing from her neighbor that the family needed a helper. Rita’s mother was sick and needed money for her medicines, so she decided to quit school and work. Her job was cleaning the house and watched over the Kusuma family’s youngest daughter, Aura, she is only five years younger than Rita. Aura’s parents were busy with their job as a doctor and her older siblings lived in a different city because of their study, so Rita was the one who taught and played games with her. Aura favorite game to play was hide and seek, she thought it was very amusing.

Aura asked Rita to play hide and seek every day. That day was not an exception. Rita just finished sweeping the floor when Aura said that she wanted to play. Rita agreed, but Aura must wait until Rita finished washing the dishes. Aura waited patiently. After Rita finished, she called Aura and said that she was ready to play. Aura was the first to hide and Rita was the one who search. Rita closed her eyes and started to count to thirty. Aura giggled and hid herself.

Rita finished counting and she did not hear any sound anymore in the second floor. It was so quiet. Somehow, she felt cold without any reason. This was not the first time she felt like this, especially in the living room and kitchen. Sometimes, when she was working, she tried to shut the feeling like being watched by someone. She always checked her back when the feeling emerged, but nobody there. Rita tried to do the same at the moment as she took a deep breath and searched for Aura.

Rita visited the kitchen first because she thought that the living room was too easy for a hiding place. Aura happened to hide in the kitchen before, but the little girl was not there. Then Rita checked the bedroom, there were many places to hide there. She was about to check under the bed, until she heard something fall in the living room.

Rita walked into the living room, searching for the fallen thing, but found nothing. Unexpectedly, she found Aura. The little girl was crouching behind the sofa. Rita called her, but Aura did not respond as her face did not show any expression. Rita was confused, she stayed quiet until Aura stood up and walked to the stairs that connected with the first floor.

Rita thought that Aura probably angry or bored because she was too slow to find her. When she was about to leave the living room to go to the bathroom, she heard Aura called for her. Not from the first floor, but from behind her. Rita turned around and found Aura that looked confused. She asked why Rita did not search for her anymore. The little girl also stated that she was hiding under the bed.

Rita was so horrified.

However, she still worked as Kusuma family’s helper until the next six months. Even after the scary thing that occurred when she played with Aura and the feeling of being watched still happened, she stayed in the house for the sake of her mother.

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