Final Writing: Cloudy Converse and Blue Box (Fiction)

Jihaan Jullanaar Mazaya/180410150039

Hello, I’m Dev. I’m just an ordinary girl who was living in unordinary life. I said unordinary because living in dormitory is not common for some people out there. I was studying in an Islamic senior high boarding school, or have you ever heard about pesantren? The senior high school’s method I was studying at is almost as same as pesantren –in modern way of course. I learnt a lot about Islamic religion, so girls and boys lived separated by a big long tunnel in this school. Girls and boys had their different own facilities, such as school building, kitchen, canteen, hall, field, and dormitory of course. So the girls never met the boys, except in a big event called Education Festival once a year.

Living separated from the boys made my life ruined fine. I mean it did not matter for me to not recognize any boys in school even though some friends took it to be a problem. In the boarding school, we were not allowed to recognize each other, I did not think I was really understand the meaning of “recognize” itself in this rule, but if you were getting caught while meeting your boyfriend or just boyfriends by someone whom had a certain importance for attending to the rules (such as a head master, teachers, dormitory guards, security guards, your friends even your friends parents), you would be got the punishment. I know this rule’s scary enough for some teenagers like me, but I was an obedient student typical who did not like to break the rules, so I followed that “game” well. Moreover loving someone in my age (I was 16 by the way) was not a need for me at that time. I thought senior high school was the best session to make many memories with some freaky friends which I would remember for the rest of my life. So who did need a boyfriend anyway?

Some friends had different perception about recognizing boyfriends across the tunnel there. They thought knowing some boyfriends was such a fun thing (?), even I didn’t know where the fun part was. They used social media to know some boyfriends because it was the only way, except the boys were your brothers or cousins or neighbours or any other possibilities. Facebook and twitter wetre the most favourite places to catch some new “friends”, so then my friends used it in maximal way to meet the boyfriends. How about me? Yeah as a teenager at that time of course facebook and twitter were my entertainment things too, but I used them just to catch up with some old friends or sometimes with family. In this boarding school we were not allowed to bring cell phone, so I could greet my family by facebook chat because we were allowed to bring laptop and use school’s wifi.

When holiday came I usually used cell phone excessively because in dormitory we were not allowed to use it, so my mum would call me “autism person” because I could be too addict to my cell phone. Believe me this case is classic to be happened if you were a boarding school student. Well that day the autism-me’ was coming, which means holiday was in my hand. My parents and sisters picked me up at dormitory then asked me to have lunch in Margonda City Mall. I think we choose Margonda just because it isn’t too far from our house.

Since I had lived in boarding school, every time my parents picked me before I returned home, they always asked me to have lunch and dinner in any restaurants I like. They usually called this by “a nutritional repair ritual for Dev”. Yeah, I know it sounds so bad but I want to confess that this one is really true. In dormitory, I couldn’t choose what food I wanted to eat. Whatever the kitchen attendants provided, it was our food. Living in boarding school made me a more grateful person by eating whatever was provided. In dormitory, we rarely ate anything made from chicken moreover seafood. What we usually ate was just simply tofu, tempeh, or some vegetables. That’s why my parents always held “a nutritional repair ritual for Dev” every time I came home from the dorm.

After held “a nutritional repair ritual for Dev”, my mum chose to go to supermarket with my youngest sister, Ama. My dad and Ica (the oldest after me) chose to go to the bookstore. I usually accompanied my mum to the supermarket, but that day I really wanted to go to movie and no one wanted to accompany me. It’s ok I would go to the cinema by myself. Furthermore I had so long no me-time for myself, I thought that day would be a good choice to have a quality me-time.

At the cinema, I did not expect to meet Sal my roommate accidentally. So then we chose to watch the movie together. In the cinema, I got the seat beside a boy whom came there with his two friends. The three of them never stopped to look at me and Sal. I did not know what’s happened to them. I asked sal, “is there something wrong with me?”

“I don’t think so, what’s up, Dev?”

“Three boys on my left, they several times tried to observe me. They are annoying”

Sal became curious to them. She thought there was no wrong of us. So what made them wanted to observe us so bad. When Sal tried to look at them,

“Oh my Lord, Dev you must be know them, are you?”

“Who are they?”

“Dev, are you kidding me or something? The boy on your right is Zun!“

“Zun? Who is he?”

“He is on the 1st rank in class. He’s got an appreciation on Education Festival 2013”

I have no idea who Zun is at that day. Even I did not know whether it would be the very first unpredicted memorable meeting ever in my life.


Three days had left. At that day I had no plan to go outside, watching Barca on TV would be the only one agenda I wanted to do. By the way watching Barca, my favourite football team, on TV is my hobby. When I am watching it, I will ignore anything happened around me including my BBM ringtone. When the match had over –and I got Barca won the game, I took my blackberry then I found a friend request from the contact named “Zun”. Wait, the name sounds familiar. Zun… oh my God, he was the boy whom was set on my right when I was at the cinema three days ago. I directly sent a chat to Sal,

“Zun added me as friend at BBM”

“Cool. Go accept him, Dev”

“But I don’t know who he is”

“So let yourself know. Greet him, maybe?”

No, I did not greet him. But I accepted his friend request. I did not expect that he would greet me directly just a second after I had approved his friend request.

“Hi, the girl whom sit on my left at the movie, were you?”

Again, I did not expect that his greeting would make my holiday at that time more colourful. It turned out to be a pleasant conversation.

Again, I did not expect that chatting with the boy across that big long tunnel would be an interesting activity for me.


The holiday had ended, but the conversation between me and Zun was not over yet. This third term, I became had the same perception as the other friends had; knowing some boyfriends –for me a boyfriend was such a fun thing. I turned on my laptop was not only for streaming Barca or replying facebook chat from my family, but also for replying Zun’s direct message on twitter. Yeah we chose to communicate by using direct message because we did not want if anyone knew we were that close, besides the boarding school’s rule that we might not recognize each other.

Having a long nice comfortable conversation with Zun was a need for me. We talked a lot about anything, our favourite football team –Barca, our hobbies, families, friends, ambitions, future. Zun was taking a social class while I was taking science class. He liked to read some books, either entertaining books such a novel or history and biography books while I was super not interested in to read any books at all. Zun liked to write his perception about any things. He looked so clever while flooring what he got after did an observation of an event at those days, or criticizing about a book he just read. Zun was a calm person while I was a careless girl who was always hasty in making a decision. He was a good listener and great advisor in every time I needed someone to hear my disappointing of some blue days. He was cool yet warm guy at the same time. We had so many differences, but somehow I felt he filled me. He filled my deficiency by his excess so I felt completed by him. We had shared a lot, about our life through ups and downs. He became a special person for me. Someone who was I always wanted to share the story of my life with.


Holiday of the fifth term was coming. As usual my parents and sisters picked me. I couldn’t wait to have my cell phone. I couldn’t wait to be the autism-me. I couldn’t wait to be greeted by Zun. This holiday became more interesting for me because Zun was going to be 17 and I would send him a birthday present. After had lunch together, I visited Converse store at one of a big mall in Jakarta. I was looking for shoes that suitable for Zun. Then I found a cloudy blue high converse. Looking at the shady blue clouds on that pair of shoes was reminding me of him. The calm blue clouds depicted Zun’s character. Then I bought it, I sent it to his house.

A day left.

Two days had left.

Three days.

A week had passed.

Two weeks more had left.

The holiday was over but Zun did not greet me at all. Zun never greeted me anymore. Even after the graduation, Zun still lost by the time.


A year had passed. I am now a student in one of a fame university in country. I have just celebrated my 18thbirthday with some friends last night. This 18th birthday’s very special for me because all of my close friends came although we live in different town even different country. I am blessed. The only one close friend whom did not come is Zun. I still call him my close friend although we never greeted each other anymore after that day. Yeah, I knew if we still communicate like we used to of course Zun won’t come too, because he is studying in Birmingham right now.

“Dev, you’ve got a package!”

The dorm servant’s voice startles my thoughts.

“Does it from JNE? Please take it on the desk, thank you”

“No, it’s not from JNE courier. A tall man just delivered it”

A tall man? My curiosity asks myself to stand up then open the door. I open the package. It is a blue box. There are some CDs of my favourite singers and band, some novels, a notebook, and also a letter. Why novel and notebook? I never interested in to read books moreover to write. I have no idea who sent me this package.

“Who’s that? Didn’t you ask his name?”

“He’s very rushed. The only one I remember is he is wearing a pair of cloudy converse, I forgot the colour either green or blue.”

Word count: 1974

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