Final Writing: A Full Consideration Woman with Her Risk(Fiction)

Ghina Fidina/180410150020

A Full Consideration Woman with Her Risk

In the metropolitan city in Jakarta, there lived a pretty, intelligent, and independent woman named Rosie. She is 20 years old woman and a fresh graduated student who recently has graduated from Aachen University, which she takes mechanical engineering as her major. Aachen is one of the best university in Germany. Particularly, the university has been released plenty of great technician. Even though Rosie lived in Germany alone without her parents and without any relatives, but it is not drag herself down and it is not steeped her spirit. She has a will that to pursue for the bright future, all she has to do is wander to another country.

She thrives to study hard. She thinks that she is not a German, but the situation impose her to live in Germany, what she has to do is she has to double study hard. Willing or not willing, she has to fluent in German language as much as possible thus she is pursuing a good score each subject which she takes. When the exam week is approaching which takes time for a week until the following day, she will thrive to study, even she has to study more harder than the native students do. Literally, studying is a must thing to do which she does two weeks before the due. All she must to do is studying, work in garage because she is a mechanical engineering student. As a mechanical engineering student, it is a must to do the practice in garage, specifically, do the field practice outdoor. After she does the field practice, she must do the assignment to write a lab report then submit to the lecturer. The major which she takes has the same system as in Indonesia. Basically, in Indonesia, Bandung Intitute of Technology (ITB) is as good as Aachen University. Which both of them has aviation engineering major as one of the favorite and quiet enthusiast in major.

Studying abroad has its own advantages and disadvantages. Based on her friends’ point of view, particularly her friends who study in Indonesia, her friends think that there are proper and reasonable thing concerning about she studies abroad alongside all of it. Thus, there are many supporting factors and an eager to study abroad because she is rich, capable, want to have fun without her parents’ supervision , and want a freedom from the density of Indonesia. Actually, her friends’ point of views are not fully correct. Even actually the reason is more integrated and well-organized. There are more additional thing that support her to study abroad about how she digs her quality of her life, challenge herself, finding her true side of herself in another country, in a strange place which indeed has different main language, culture, moreover religion.

She thinks that what inside her friends’ mind and their opinion are sometimes disrupt herself to become a better person in life. In case, her friends’are narrow-minded and don’t extensively think about how to challenge themselves. One of their statement about study abroad is to having fun is extremely wrong. Rosie yelled from inside of her mind it is clearly wrong. Deep inside her heart, honestly sometimes she want to mad about it. Unfortunately, she is a person who difficult to control emotion or maintain a peace mind over herself or over her head. There is such a furious thing which is folding her self. She is a flammable emotion person but not rude nor tempramental, moreover she is a critical person which means she always has a rational argument, always think twice before deciding something what she ought to accomplish, as if think one thousand times before act or convey her opinion, it become her habits to think broadly ahead.

Unfortunately, thing that always annoyed her is her friends’ slanting argument. It has made her head dizzy; her ear irritation. She mumbled to herself.

“They may think the sideways; they may envy of what I have. all they know is just I’m having fun with the way spending my parents money to travelling around Europe, giggling when build a snowman in winter, buy a branded purse. No certainly wrong, it is not easily spending my father’s money as it is. Meanwhile, I ought to do the part-time job. Why they ruined my mood and buzzing over my head like a fly as if they easily convey about it? They are narrow-minded; they just don’t know and don’t foresee that study in Germany has its own pressure moreover the hectic schedule.” In the night, before she goes to sleep, she text her mother; she complain all of the upset and the confusion about it. Her mother said that she should not worried about it. She lucky to have a mother that always be there for her, cheering her, even though her mother busy with the job as a doctor with unpredictable schedule of the patient. When her mother is having a quality time with family, and the phone ring from the clinic. It is a call of duty. To sacrifice her precious time with family for the sake of patient. Indeed, it is a great responsibility to handle between patient’s life and the death. Nevertheless Rosie don’t mind about it despite she is far from her mother. She don’t mind because she knows that her mother is fond of the job. Her mother loves what she does; she enjoys what she does throughout her job. Concerning spending her precious time with her familily for the sake to helping others. Helping to relieve the pain of other people. It is as well as human deeds to be useful for others.

“Even though you don’t have much money to delight people; you don’t have any strenght to help other suffer. But you are not that useful at all. Don’t worry and don’t be sad. Every single thing that you give to other people, for others kindness, it is certainly meaningfull moreover a very noble thing.” Rosie’s mother said.

In early July, when she has to move on to the preparation for the college end of year, she get an accident. She is hit by car when she cross the road however eventually the driver irresponsible about it, leave it all behind, and run away. By the time the traffic become messy because of it. Rosie has lost a lot of blood because she bounced quiet far and stumbled quiet harsh. Many of native person or local person near the location of the accident approaching to see. The other come to call ambulance for urgent help. Rosie seems so pale at the moment and shortly after that, she is collapse. It is hard to believe that she has to go to the caffe as usual she does the part-time job but now she has to lay down in the hospital mattress.

Even though she is the daughter’s of a doctor but she never like the smell of hospital; the smells of antibiotics that spreads in the air of the hospital atmosphere. Furthermore, she has lost many bloods therefore the doctor has to give a blood transfusion for her. The type of blood that required is A. Furthermore she must to give as much as possible an A blood. There are plenty of bloods which released for Rosie, to safe her life. Fortunately, she is blessed; she is safe from the death. But nevertheless, she is hardly to move her left hand for a while.

She is hit by a BMW, a deluxe car made by Germany. The information about the driver has been traced by the police. When the accident happened, the accident clearly revealed that Rosie has bounced to the road in approximately around 2 meters. At that time, she was terribly shock and began to collapse. Her ribs are broken; her nose is bleeding; her left hand is bruise; her joints are stiff. It feels like she is going to die; she feels like the grim reaper has come closer and ready to took her life on the brink of death. Until fortunately she is quickly brought to the hospital by the ambulance. So, her left hand is bruise. It is puffy, and the left hand looks like need more intensive treatment. The doctor said that her left hand will be totally cure for a month. The doctor just write the prescribe drugs to be drank by her 2 times a day before eating. She must take the medicine to the pharmacist. Two weeks later it is time for her to submit her thesis to the professor or to the lecturer. At the day after tomorrow, it is the most decisive day of her life for four years studying in Aachen University. She must do the thesis defence. She has been prepared her self; putting on a neat uniforms; putting on some make up for the sake to increase her confident; prepare her mental; she has sharpen her public speaking skill, and so on. After the thesis defence, she does a postgrade gratitude because her thesis score is A. She is cum laude. The professor congratulate her and proud of her.

“ Well done, Rosie. It is a rare thing for a foreign student to be graduate with cum laude title like you.” Said the professor.

“Alhamdulillah. Thank you professor. I achieve this score with full of efforts, studying until late night, do the pray; do the tahajud prayer, wake up early in the morning, and through my ups and downs moment.” replied her.

“Congratulation. Frohlichen abschlusstag, Rosie! May you always success in your life.” Said the professor.

“Thank you very much. It is also because of your guidance to accomplish the thesis. You guide me patiently. You teach me from the basic until the advance thing. Certainly, I’m not German so I must study more harder than the other German student here. If I’m just daydreaming hoping a miracle happen to finish the assignment without any effort, just being lazy and lay in bed, be a couch potato person, if I’m not do any great changes towards my life, trust me, it is just a dream to achieve this cum laude title.” Said Rosie.

In the late of July, it is a summer holiday in Aachen. The holiday is for 2 months same as in Indonesia. She intend to come back home because she has been missing her family, relatives, and all of her memories which she has spent in Jakarta with her friends. Specifically, she has been missing her mother so much. She has been missing her mother’s cook but all of it is soon to be a reality.

Rosie has just landed in Soekarno-Hatta international airport. Her parents welcoming her happily. Her mother looks very happy and grin.

“Oh look at my baby girl, she is here now. Welcome back my sweet heart.” Said her mother in a husky voice. She is come closer towards her daughter, she is touched and begin to cry alongside hugging her only daughter.

“Assalamualaikum, mom. Long time no see you. I’ve been missing you very much.” Replied Rosie in a happy voice. She kiss her mother and hugs her mother tightly. As if she has been away from her mother for 10 years long.

“I’m very proud of you dear, certainly, you’re a brilliantly smart woman. Congratulation on your graduation. By the way, let’s go home I have already cooked your favorite food. Yup, sour soup. I have made it special for you, my baby girl.” Said her mother.

“Woah, I’d love it mom. Thank you very much. You are the best mother I have ever had.” Said Rosie. She begin to hugs her mother again.

It has already a month since she come back to Jakarta from Berlin. In her mind, she always think that after graduated, actually she doesn’t want in a rush to applied for the postgraduate degree. She prefers to enjoy her life with writing about her story of her life when she was in Germany. She thinks better if she can writing a lot of interesting thing and collecting a book. Basically, she has been interesting in writing since she was in Senior High School. One day, while she is browsing something in the internet, there is a writing competition that so interesting and quiet big in reward, but the requirement is only held in Kaliurang, Yogyakarta. It can be detect that the location is secluded from any urban bustle. Certainly the location is in the corners of Java that there is lack of any glamorous side of the city. She compare the location which the writing competition held with Jakarta. Actually, she loves anything that challenging her self, no matter what is the risk and what something bad that will be happened in the future.

“Oh god, why the writing competition must be held in the isolated place. I can’t hardly believe it, it is clearly written that the reward for the winner is quiet big. But it is not comparable with the place where the competition is held.” She is mumbling while read the complete information about the writing competition. In her mind, she ask herself, could she survive for a night sleeping in the isolated place. Actually she is a kind of person that can’t s tand to live in an isolated place.

Before she goes to the destination, her mind is completely distracted by her bad assumption. She worried about the food which will be served; she worried she can’t sleep well because there will be plenty of mosquito that ruin her quality of sleep; thus she worried about the ignorant people. Indeed, she can’t stand to the ignorant people that lack of of knowledge moreover attitude. It is the day of the competition. Rosie has arrived and she is welcomed nicely with the promoter who is the villagers. She is the rich person of the village but still humble and good in manners.

“Welcome Rosie, let’s have a seat. How is your trip to reach this isolated place? I hope you don’t throw up during the journey because of the street that damaged and rocky.” Said the promoter of the even with grin in her mouth. As look at this situation, Rosie begin to collapse as stupid as she find herself have a bloodstained while she get an accident in Germany. Seeing the promotor who is not an ignorant person as she thinks before. All of her assumption before she goes to the destination is false. She does the istighfar because of her bad assumption and certainly wrong guess. Now she has recently learned and she has directly get the moral value the way she is speaing face-to-face with the promoter. She has made her own conclusion that she don’t have to be worried about living far from the glamorous city and she find herself that indeed, she must think more crtitical before convey argument or before do the action.

word count : 2500

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