Final Writing:The Meet Up (Non-Fiction)

Muhammad Naufal Ibtihal // 180410150050

It was April, the national exam was close and all the students in the high school was preparing for it. They did the exercises all day long, or perhaps they did it on a night too. No home works, no school projects, no club activities, all the third grader do was practicing their personal skill to be ready for the national exam. It seemed like it was not enough for them, and the teachers too. The thing that make it worse was when the teacher announced that Monday until Friday was not enough to prepare, they needed an extra day for the students to go to school. Saturday, it was. On the extra day, students were being prepared to face the national universities enrollment test. For some students who already had a plan to go to certain universities it was not a problem, but for Adji and his gang, it’s a disaster.

Adji and his gang was not happy about that announcement. They really hoped that they need days off, because all this national exam things. They had not even planned about their college yet, which major they wanted to go or which university they would go. For them, high school life was everything, it was perfectly fun. On the morning before the school bell rang, they came to the school together by their motorcycle and wait 500m away from the school gates, and when the gates were being closed by the school guard, they ran together and try not to get hit by the school gates. When the break session, they went to the canteen and did not bring any money, all they had to do is get their tummy fueled by asking for some food to other friends. On the evening when school time ends, they always play basketball together with other friends until the sun sank. It was an everyday fun for them, even the school tasks were really boring, they always find the fun way to get through it.

Adji’s gang consisted of four people, Adji, he looked like he was the leader of the gang, the teacher always called him when one of his friend got into trouble. He was a big guy with a dark skin, he was about 183cm tall. Therefore, he was the captain of the basketball team, his basketball skill was no doubt, he brought his school basketball team to the top three among the school in Depok. Although he was really successful on the basketball team, he was not the one of several popular guys on the school because the basketball team was not as popular as the football team. So Adji was not that popular. Adji’s best friend since they were in elementary school, Jakir, his actual name was Zakaria, but he always called Jakir since they were in elementary. Jakir was a dark-skinned guy who told a joke every time, he was a laugh maker. He could make any situation as warm as possible with his jokes. One day, they had been called out to counseling room, and they had been grounded because of they had tricked their teacher in the class, and once again Jakir tricked their teacher in the counseling room. He had been called Joker because of his attitude. The next one is Danu, he was short with a Harajuku hair. He was the one who know everything about what was going on in the school including gossips, rumors, issues. Anything that came up from any student’s mouth, he could know. When there was a private party held by the popular kids, he knew it, and how in the world he could knew anything that he was not supposed to know. The last one is, Anto, he was the youngest one, he has dark wavy hair, but he was pretty anyway, seriously, I admit it. He was one of the school’s popular guys but he could ruin his impression by his silly mind-blowing question. One moment when he was going on his date, he asks his girl a silly question which is I forget what it is. From that moment, his girl lost her impression to Anto, she lost the feeling, and she insisted to not to meet Anto again. Anto was that terrible.

But now, it is two years from that time, college life seems unpredictable for him. He cannot find any friends like he used to. Jakir, the one who made his day as bright as the sun, who made the laughter, he lost one of the laugh that Jakir made. He lost every issues and gossips about what is going on in his surroundings. He lost Danu, and he really miss the silly dumb thing about Anto. In other words, he really missed his old friends. He cannot find what he can find in high school. Adji goes to University of Padjajaran in Jatinangor. He finally decided the college he wanted to and unfortunately, he accepted even though he was not prepared well for the test. He accepted at the English Major. His friend accepted separately, in the different universities, cities, or even countries. Jakir accepted in Bandung Institute of Technology at the Astronomy Major. It’s like a miracle that Jakir accepted there, it is the choice that his father wanted him to be. Before that moment, in high school day, Jakir always deny his father demand for him like when his father wanted him to take science class instead of social science class, but this time he had already fulfilled his father’s demand. Danu accepted far from Bandung city, but he goes to college which was their home town, Depok. Danu accepted in University of Indonesia, at the Law Major. Danu always wanted to be a lawyer since they got together into high school, but did not planned which university he would go. And now Danu is in Australia for his summer project. It’s surprising. A group of unprepared people going to the marvelous place on college, it must be something that God put in the middle of this group. Except Anto, Anto didn’t seem to continue his education because his father asked him to take care of his father’s business.

The one that Adji concern the most is they will forget about how beautiful high school life is. Adji is at the point where he is really miss his friends. He cannot find anyone like them in the college. All he supposed to do is going to the campus, attend class, complete assignment and do some basketball practice. He misses all the thing that he can do with his gang, and have been wondering if his gang would feel the same as him. The other day, Adji decided to call his friend one by one, to invite them to gather in Bandung. First, he calls Jakir, he does not answer the phone and Adji try to reach him by sending a message, and it says that he invited Jakir to A café in Bandung, to gather around with the old gang. He still doesn’t answer it. Adji call Danu the other day, he thinks Danu is still in Depok so he directly calls him and invite Danu. Danu didn’t answer. The next day, he finds out that Danu was not in Depok so he calls the other one who still in Depok, Anto. Anto answer it directly and asks, “why Bandung?” Adji answers with a mysterious answer. “it’s because i get bored of Depok, so many years we spend time in this town”, and Anto agree to come.

Until the day before the appointment day, no one answer or text Adji. Adji starts to show his despair. He feels a disappointment flows from his mind to his heart, but Adji will not lose hope, he goes to A Café and wait for his friend. The text message says 5 PM and he have been waiting for almost 5 hours. He put on an earphone, burn his last cigarette, and wait longer. Thirty minutes from that time, Anto comes, shake his hand and gives a hug, to show how much Adji misses his friend. They start to talk about what is going on in life or something, because Adji know that he doesn’t go to college. Two hours from that time, Jakir come, the situation is becoming warmer because of Jakir’s presence. He doesn’t change, his jokes are still tasty. They begin their conversation about Danu, they still hoping that Danu will come, out of nowhere, they know that Danu is still in Australia. To maintain the topics, they start to talk about some high school memories. When they were together doing stupid things, making fool of their teacher, making fun of our canteen seller, and the other things. It is 12 AM and they all get tired and decide to go to Adji’s dorm room. And when they ask for the bill, someone come, and it is Danu. It is very touching, they started to losing hope for Danu to come. Actually, why Danu is late is he take the nearest flight to attend the appointment with his friends. Since that moment, every starting day of long holiday, they always gather around and spend the holiday together in their hometown, Depok.

Word Count: 1541

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