Final Writing:My Father My Hero (Non-Fiction)

Farhan Rizky Hadiana/180410140039

Biography My Father

My father’s name Rudy Hadiana, in the family is often called Rudi, my father is the second of ten siblings. He was born in Bandung, 16 December 1967, since childhood my father is quite naughty, he often take money from cans used his mother for selling raw vegetable salad with peanut sauce. He also once put sand in his mother’s wares. He went to elementary school of ayudia II from 1974 to 1980, he entered junior high school where He attended one semester in junior high school Sumedang, and then moved to junior high school 9th from 1980 to 1983. Then went to high school Angkasa from 1983 to 1986. After completing high school he continued his education in PPAP D3 faculty of economics Universitas Padjadjaran year 1987 until 1991.

In year 1992 until 1993 become honorary staff at Universitas Padjadjaran and still in year 1993 appointed civil servant until now. In 1994 he met a woman who is now my mother through intercom, and a year later my father married Imas Siti Fatimah, in 1996 had born a child named Farhan Rizky Hadiana. Our family occupy a warehouse of former balloon making, then in 1999 my father and family moved to Sumedang because the work that once centered in Bandung moved to Jatinangor, then there is no private vehicle to get to the workplace must use the bus and the distance between Bandung to Jatinagor was very far away, so our family moved to Sumedang to be closer.

Initially when I moved to Sumedang was very far away because at that time I was little and did not know anything, my father was confused because the first time to the area of ​​Sumedang was at that time my father had lived in Sumedang but not to this area, to go to housing Must use motorcycles and through bumpy roads and bamboo forests to get to the house to be occupied. Because the first time to choose a house, and pointing his place at random so to get to the house a bit lost. After finding the house in the direction, it turns out in the area there are only a few heads of family just house mostly is still very empty, at that time for access to the city far enough because motorcycles in the area is very far and the cost of that time is also very expensive so only occasionally go To the city even if there is badminton activities weekly, and took time to buy some needs.

In 2001 he sent me to kindergarten, it was the distance to kindergarten through less than 500 meters walking, after kindergarten my father sent me to elementary school which is next to kindergarten. In 2004 my father bought a second-hand motorcycle which at that time is still cheap, the motor is used for the trip from home to work that can take an hour, my father was placed in the faculty of communication for 22 years.

In 2010 my father had to take care of his mother who was in the hospital because there was a wound in her mother’s leg, her mother had diabetes so the wound was getting worse, and exactly on 24 March where it was her wife’s birthday and my father had to lose his mother because of diabetes Suffering, my father was devastated by the loss of his dear mother. A year later my father had to escort his father to go umroh after several months passed, precisely 8 march my father got news from the family who was then umroh with his father that his father had died while going home to Indonesia, at that time the plane was transiting in singapore and All the family in Bandung waiting for further news about the return of his father’s body, and at that time all the family confused because of how to pick up his father’s body in singapore, and fortunately there are families who have acquaintances of the embassy in singapore and finally his father’s body can also Brought to Indonesia, and for example no acquaintance then the family must redeem with money about 20 million to take his father’s body. Finally his father’s body can be delivered to Indonesia at that night also the family in Bandung was waiting for his father’s return, at that time the most sad when will pick up at the airport when others pick up at the airport met with his family, my father and his brother just pick up Goods that brought the deceased to his offspring, and then his father’s body was transported to the ambulance to be brought to Bandung.

When Idul Fitri in 2011, somehow in the family home so do not feel comfortable so my dad decided to go home to sumedang the fourth day after Idul Fitri, after arriving home a neighbor came to the house to tell whether my father wanted to adopt a 2 month old daughter , So we say yes because my mother always wanted to have a daughter, the next day my father and mother met the family who will give the child to our family, with the help of the neighbor who has the car go to the boy’s house and it turns out the boy’s house is very far, After arriving at his house, my mom and dad saw the child and neighbors say that his son is similar to my mother, my mother is also certainly happy now have beautiful daughter so my dad is happy and our family got new family even though only adopted child, in this year there was a sad moment and also encouraging. At the same time we immediately bought the equipment needed to welcome the baby and now I have a younger sister and our age is different 15 years, even though our family is very dear to her.

In 2014 He drove me SBMPTN until I can graduate and accepted at Universitas Padjadjaran and I was accepted in the English department of unpad, and also my sister in school at RA or kindergarten near the house. My dad always tells his son to always be grateful for what we get, and he is also always assertive to his son in order that not be spoiled and that I get from my father’s life is he a firm father and can teach his son to be patient if you want to get something in want, and now I know how he educates and raises his son, Maybe for some parents there are raising their children by way of spoiling their children so that children are arbitrarily in behaving, there are also who educate their children hard so that they will become a great child, but my father educate his children with affection and also given a little The freedom to take the path of life that will be in the future later when it is the age of mature enough. My father is a very great man. He could be a father and a best friend for his children.

Unlike the other dad, He has friendly personality, my father is always open to his children. He always understands condition and needs of his children. My father is a hard worker. My dad and I have a same hobby. We particularly love traveling and going to new place which is new for us. My father is very concerned with time for family. He considers his family a priceless treasure. When the holidays come, he always invites us to travel and spend time together. I’m very thankful to have a father who could be the father and best friend for me. I love talking to my father. He is a wise man who always gives me great advices. We learn about being a hardworker from him. We love him very much, He is a great father for us. He is a good father he always teach us to be kind. Father who work hard with all of his energy for full filing our needed. All of it is done by him for making his wife and his children happy.

My Father should work for giving a spoon of rice given to his family, his wife and his children. He is never beefed about his hard work. His sweat is drown out in every day. Under a hot shine of the sun, he work hard. He does the job seriously. His tiring will be lost when he get home and meet his wife and his children.

Rearing the children isn’t the easy work. It is not only giving money for the children needed. But also giving the religion and moral foundation for his children, in order to make his children ready to do their life then.

So that, the hard work of father can’t be described orally. They will do whatever to make their children happy. So that the duty for giving big respect to the parent should be done seriously. That why I love my father.

word count :1507

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