Final Writing:Human Wisdom For God (Fiction)

Muhammad Salman Alfiansyah / 180410150038

In this evening we are celebrating our god’s birth by gather in the center of the village surrounded by thousands of candles and pray through the night. My village is located in the center of the forest, the name of the forest is Vasvaya it is the name of our first ruler of the villagers. Back in the past, King Vasvaya was the only person who survived after the forest fires which burnt his village into the dust. the forest fires burnt everything and what was left from the forest is wide black field. Vasvaya also left as the only human who survived and hopeless. knew every single of his family, friends and people from the village is gone made Vasvaya didn’t have any interest in life again. He was there in what left from forest, laid with no passion of anything. He laid in the middle of the rain and hot noon, did not eat or drink nor open his eyes. He just laid and closed his eyes. Then something fell to Vasvaya’s head but it was not just a fallen thing, the thing was thrown to Vasvaya’s head. It hit Vasvaya’s head hard enough to make person says “ouch!” but Vasvaya did not says it even though he open his eyes. It was thrown and thrown again and everytimes it was thrown it became harder. Then Vasvaya move his shoulders and the thrown was stop. In the next morning, the thrown began and this time Vasvaya was too limp to responded but deep down he was curious what was it. Vasvaya then decided to take a look and found that it was a girl, a human after switched a glance the girl ran but Vasvaya couldn’t followed her. Vasvaya just realized that the girl threw fruits to him. In that time Vasvaya found his firts goal of his life that he should meet the girl again, and then Vasvaya ate the fruits. After he ate the fruits, Vasvaya was looking up for the girl, he walked following the way the girl ran after moon was up. In the next morning, the girl was not show up and Vasvaya thought that it was a dream but then he realized that the fruits were definitely real. Vasvaya continued to search the girl but it came to nothing then he slept under the tree. While he was sleeping something hit his head hard enough to woke him up and Vasvaya saw that the thing which hit him was a fruit. He saw something moved in the bush and ran to it and finally found the girl. “thank you for saved me by throwing fruits to me” said Vasvaya. The girl did not respond and seem was afraid by the act of Vasvaya. “oh my apologies, I surprised you. It is just so hard to meet you. Once again I do apologies for it, a.. for what i did?” said Vasvaya, once again the girl did not respond and just looked at Vasvaya’s face. “do you understand what i say ?” said Vasvaya curious why the girl didn’t respond what he said. “huh? hey? do you…”, “yes i… do” the girl cut vasvaya’s words “you’re welcome, glad you are still alive” the girl said. Vasvaya was stunned knew that it was not a dream that there was still human who survived beside him. After that moment, Vasvaya and the girl lived together but in the night the girl was always missing and she appeared in the morning before the sun rose. It made Vasvaya worried and curious and one night he followed her and found her in the middle of the forest stood still and transformed into monkey. Vasvaya was shock and made the girl knew that he followed her. The girl explain that she was cursed because of her parents mistake so that she always transform into monkey in the middle of the night but she still human she said and she also explained that she was the one who threw a bee hive to his bedroom before the forest fires so that Vasvaya can run to save his life. Vasvaya cried and hugged the girl and said thanks again and again. After that Vasvaya made a family then a group from his own blood and his wife and then the group one by one left the burnt forest and one of those group was made my village.

The worship due to celebrated our god which is Vasvaya wife always followed by villagers happiness because we really love our god. There was only one statue of our god and it always washed and sprayed by fragrance every night. My brother and I are the obedient followers and we love our god so much. My mom also is the obedient follower like my father was. My father died when he crossed the river in the middle of the storm and found dead in the morning and that made my younger brother who wasn’t born yet have no father when he born. But we are always patient and give everything to our lord and considered it as trial from the God.

When my mother delivered my younger brother, my older brother and i were not home. When we went home, the village was quiet and there were no people except us and it made us panic. We found that almost all the villagers were in my house cheering and celebrating and both of us have no idea what were they doing. After we made it to enter our own home and found that our little brother was born. He was born with tail like monkey. In that moment me and my brother were happy because it was like god blessed our family by gave us an honor to be her descendant. We felt honored by the villagers who treated us like noble family maybe more than that. But my mom was not that happy she told me that my brother was not A God. She told us that my younger brother was just ordinary baby or even weaker than ordinary baby because of his tail. She told us that the tail was an illness which need to be removed immediately and because of that my older brother have arguments with my mom and said that my mom was an infidel and my older brother tried to take my younger brother but failed because my mother protected my younger brother. I was confused and have no idea what should i do, and then my brother took my hand and said “we are the obedient followers, we love our god, we should serve our god and eliminate those who try to obstruct our way.” And I just followed him and left my mother. We walked through the village while the villagers were hail our family name, in that moment I regretted what i did to my mother.

We finally arrived in the worship place in the southeast of the village, my brother talked to our temple members in their room and my mind was still in my home. After a couple of hours I decided to run to my home and hug my mom because I regretted everything. I ran and tried to ran more faster because I felt bad for left my mom behind and I cried while i ran. After I came home my mom was there beside my younger brother with a knife in her hand cried. I was shock and could not say a word until my mother saw me. I stepped back and my mother said “honey please don’t, don’t run away from me, your younger brother is in pain he just an ordinary baby”, “what are going to do mom ?”, “we should cut the gift” my mother replied. I was panic so i hit my mother with my my own body and pushed her to the wall, then the knife fell from her hand. I took the knife immediately. My mother growled in pain “honey please understand look at your brother” said she while pointed her finger to my brother. “look at him! He is suffering” followed my mother with desperate voice. I walked to my brother slowly while watched my mother, then i saw it. The tail was rotten up and it spread to my brother’s body and my brother cried in a weak voice. I cried for my younger brother and for not believed to my own mother. My mother hugged me then whispered “he is suffering, we should take it off now or we will lose him” i nodded and gave the knife to my mom. My mother held the knife when suddenly my brother break through the door with the members of the temple and yelled “get away from my sister. you are done now, you filthy infidel. Eliminate her!”, “this is my son, not your god!” my mother replied.

In this evening I am praying to the God, asking about what should i do ?. but i am doubting about my own pray because i don’t even know who is my god. Now I am sitting with my brother in the celebrating of our god day which is the day he was saved from crazy infidel. Yes, know I’m seeing my god, my own younger brother which taken by killed his mother. Now the god is in front of us on display, die.
Words count : 1570

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