Final Writing: Tombs of Chinese People (Non-Fiction)

Siti Afrinda Syelsega / 180410150045

“What is this, Nan?” I quickly turned my head to the left and there he was, the one who asked that absurd question. I stared at him like I was ready to chew him.

“Why?” He was laughing at me while, once again, pointing at the scar on my left wrist.

“This is what you have done!” I grumbled and tried to cover my scar with my right hand.

“What have I done? Wasn’t it because of Tombs of Chinese people?” He laughed so sincerely that made me shot a glance. Again, I looked at my scar, and sighed. I was totally annoyed with this memorable scar which made my hand looked ugly.

“Shut up, Praditya!” I looked at him who was still laughing. He was not wrong. I couldn’t blame him at all. It had happened two years ago when were only first graded students in our senior high school, SMAN 6.

“You two have to deliver these certificates today.” said Kak Putra, the head of student council. We both stood in front of my door class now.

“Yes, I will do my best!” I replied enthusiastically. I was very excited. It was my first time, as a member of student council, to be free from class today because I had to go to other schools to deliver their certificates for having joined competition held by us last month.

“Sure, do your best.” said Kak Putra, again, with no expression. He left after I quickly nodded my head.

“Well, I know what he is lack of… expression. He acts like he is a cold prince, huh!” I said to myself, judging Kak Putra’s expression while he talked to someone. “No wonder if Kak Cici doesn’t like him back” I tried hard not to laugh while remembering a hot issue that I had got yesterday. It was about Kak Cici who declined Kak Putra’s love confession.

“Hurry up! Stop thinking about silly things” Someone tapped my shoulder, and made me leave my mind that was full of gossips.“Should we go now?” asked him.

“Now?” I chose to ask back instead of answer him.

“Sure! It’s almost 9 a.m. and we have to go back before noon.” explained him with no breathing mode.

“Why?” I still didn’t get what he said.

“I don’t want to miss school’s free lunch.” Finally, he breathed and talked.

“How a great idea it is!” I totally agreed with him. There was always free lunch for student every Tuesday and Thursday in our school, and I never wanted to miss it, not even today.

“Hurry up!” He made me follow him quickly. We walked to the student’s parking area.

“Praditya, do I have to wear helmet?” asked me suspiciously.

“Of course!” he was busy to take his motorcycle out.

“But as far as I see, you only have one.” I used my clever mind to analyze his motorcycle, and I only found one helmet.

“Oh my god, I forgot about it…” It seemed like he agreed with me. “Let’s borrow another student’s helmet” said him as his eyes are searching for that thing around.

“Here is it!” He grabbed a helmet from a motorcycle parked beside him.

“Whose is it?” asked me uncertainly. “Don’t we have to ask her first?” Judging from its appearance, I was sure it was a girl’s.

“Don’t worry, we just go for two hours.” replied him quickly as he wore his helmet.

“Really?” I was still not sure to use someone’s helmet without asking her permission.

“No problem, we will find the owner when we get back” explained him like he didn’t have one second to wait for what I would say next. “Come on!” He got on his motorcycle. I wore it as I carefully got on his motorcycle. It was hard for me to sit as usual as motorcycle passenger did because I wore long skirt, so I sat sideways behind him.

“Have finished?” asked him. I only nodded, and he maneuvered his motorcycle.

After giving a dispensation letter to guards sitting near our school gate, we could pass the gate and leave the school. I was glad that everything went well. After delivering certificates to some schools near our school and a school which was far enough, we went back to our school. On the road, my friend, Praditya, moved his motorcycle slowly so we could talk while we were on his motorcycle.

“Did you tell your mother about this?” asked him.

“About what?” asked me back.

“About us leaving school to deliver these certificates.” answered him.

“No, I didn’t tell her. She will be angry if I tell her.” I knew that my mother never allowed me to go by motorcycle with my teenage friend like this. She told that it was not safe for us.

“Hahaha..” Even though he was laughing, he seemed like he understood my mother.

We talked a lot while we were on the way back because it took about thirty minutes from SMAN 13 to our school. We chose an alternative road instead of the main road because we didn’t want to meet and greet with Mr. Police.

After a while, we passed through a small street. It was 11 a.m. but this street was quiet silent. There was neither car nor motorcycle passing through this street. We could only find a few houses and many trees beside. Noise from Praditya’s motorcycle was the only noise I heard. He rode it slowly as always. I, who had talked first before, suddenly didn’t know anything else to talk.

“Why? Are you okay?” Asked Praditya. It seemed like he realized that I became quite.

“Yes. I’m alright.” I answered as I kept seeing trees passed in front of me. I didn’t hold on to anything, neither to motorcycle nor to his jacket as I usually did when I was on motorcycle. My hands were busy to hold binder used to keep the certificates.

What the hell is this? I told to myself when we passed through Tombs of Chinese people beside the street. I, actually, knew what Tomb of Chinese people was, but this time I finally realized how big it was. I always wondered how people would make this kind of grave as their house. I had watched on television that people lived, slept, and stayed on Tombs of Chinese people.

While Praditya was maneuvering his motorcycle slowly, I kept mumbling about those graves passed. Because I sat sideways on this motorcycle, I could clearly see it in front of me.

As far as we passed this road, we saw that its condition was worse. We passed through many potholes, and Praditya had moved his motorcycle slower than before. As I kept mumbling about Tombs of Chinese people, I felt my body shaken because we passed through some potholes.

Suddenly, I felt that Praditya’s motorcycle passed through a big speed bump. It happened unexpectedly while Praditya’s motorcycle tried to pass it slowly. I fell from his motorcycle. I jumped like a frog to the street. Without my permission, without tedeng aling-aling, my body made a sudden involuntary movement because of that big speed bump.

I ended up like a baby slept by lying face down on the road. Not like a baby, my condition was not cute all. Helmet on my head slipped back but its chin strap was still on my chin. The only thing I could see was Praditya with his motorcycle going on. He didn’t realize that I was not behind him anymore.

“Hey! Boy!” Someone shouted. She got off her motorcycle and came to me. “Boy!” She kept shouting until Praditya finally realized that I was left lying on the street.

“Innalillahi!” He suddenly stopped his motorcycle and ran to me.

“Can you get up?” asked the woman. I nodded my head as she and Praditya helped me to get up. I couldn’t tell anything, I tried hard not to cry. I totally looked terrible. My uniform was torn on a part that covered my stomach. I could see my belt was broken too.

“Bring her to Puskesmas” told that woman to Praditya because he looked confused. He only nodded his head, and guided me to sit in the road side. After she seemed like she finally trusted on Praditya, she left us.

“Are you okay?” asked Praditya. He kept examining my condition.

“Am I?” asked me back with a higher tone. I was distempered for hearing his question. Did he think that I could be okay after I had fallen like this?

“How can you lie on the street like that? You jumped?” this time, I could hear that he was trying hard not to laugh at my condition. I didn’t answer him, I only kept covering my left wrist which was bleeding.

“We should go to Puskesmas now.” He helped me to get up. We walked to his motorcycle, and got on it. He started maneuvering his motorcycle while I was trying hard to sit. My legs felt hurt.

“No! I don’t want to!” I denied as fast as I could.

“You must be treated.” He tried to convince me. “What about my house? I have first aid kid.”

“No.” Did he think that his house was near to be reached? I also didn’t want to go to a boy’s house. We only had known each other since last three months.

“Did you hold on to my motorcycle?” asked him while his motorcycle still moved slowly.

“No. I needed to hold my binder.” answered me. Now, I realized that my binder was left on the road where I fell.

“That’s why you fell.” I knew that he glanced at me.

“No! It was because of that big speed bump.” Yes, that big, awful, unimportant speed bumps.

“I passed it carefully and slowly…” He tried to defend his self.

“And that Tombs of Chinese people…” I actually remembered those Tombs of Chinese people which had distracted my focus.

“Tombs of Chinese people?” his voice sounded confused.

“Yes. Tombs of Chinese people which we passed before. I mumbled about its appearance. It is so big that people can live, stay, and sleep on it. It successfully distracted my focus so I didn’t anticipate that there was a speed bump.”

“Hahahahaha you have got Karma!” Finally, Praditya had a chance to laugh at me.

“Because I mumbled?” asked me confusedly.

“Yes, you had cursed on a grave… The owner of that grave must be angry. You should see how funny your position on the street was” He kept laughing.

“You should see how funny the process when I fell was…” I didn’t know why but I, somehow, agreed with him. I even laughed. I forgot about my terrible condition.

“And I didn’t realize that you jumped from my motorcycle” Yeah, I thought if that woman didn’t shout at him, he would not know that I fell.

“Hahahahaha. You are a bad friend!” I kept laughing at myself. It couldn’t be fully called as an accident because nothing had happened to Praditya and his motorcycle. It only happened on me who had been distracted by Tombs of Chinese people. It was me who had been careless not to hold on to his motorcycle.

“Hold on to something, Nan!” Neither I nor he wanted to see me jump from his motorcycle twice. We kept laughing on the way back to school because of this absurd accident. We ended up choosing our school’s PMR to treat this poor girl, me.

Word count: 1.917

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