Final Writing: There’s Always be Tomorrow (Non-Fiction)

Fahrin Wilasa Fiandhika / 180410150064

The way I figure it, everyone gets a miracle. Like I will probably never be struck by lightning, or win a Nobel Prize, or become the dictator of a small nation in the Pacific Islands, or contract terminal ear cancer, or spontaneously combust. But if you consider all the unlikely things together, at least one of them will probably happen to each of us. I could have stepped foot on Mars. I could have been eaten by a whale. I could have married the queen of England or survived months at sea. But my miracle was different. My miracle was this: out of all the series of unfortunate problems I have been through, I ended up surviving high school. Trust me, the second I stepped out of that wretched school, I feel like a free bird flying in the sky.

It was in 2011 when I entered boarding school. Honestly, it feels like I have accepted as an eternal member of hell. At the time, I fancied myself a soldier or a police, and after I entered and lived there, I told to myself a thought I have to survive if I wanted to graduate. Before this Krida Nusantara boarding school was a ‘Pleasantville,’ I thought it would be a decent school with just some additional training for those who wanted to enter the military. I was wrong, it was more like of a prison. This was the place for upper class elites, the aristocracy with double barrelled surnames and five summer homes to pick from.

Life, had taught me to always come prepared, to anything. And that had worked for me so far though usually it applied to working. I’d looked up all there was to know about this Krida Nusantara boarding school, nothing. The pictures on the website really showed up basically a horror for me. All around the school spread hundreds of acres of trees as far as the eye could see.

“For the love of God,” Laode had the look of awe that I imagined he could see on my face too, “tell me why you’re here again?”

“Your job is to drive me to the school not ask questions,” I rolled my eyes but my heart wasn’t in the insult.

As we got closer to the school that was down a drive that never ended, I could see a crowd of people gathering and I almost rolled my eyes it was so obvious. All the boys here had probably had a nanny who raised them and had never had never heard no in their life, at least that’s what I thought. A pit of dread grew in my stomach. Come on, Lasa, this wasn’t even on the list of the most scary things you’ve done. I wasn’t even scared of all horror or thriller movies or some Friday the 13th though, I was scared of not having graduated and survived.

God I needed to pull myself together. I tilted my chin up, plastered on my best mess-with me-and-worry-for-your-life smile just like I’d seen Tony Stark in Avenger movies. I widened my grin as I kicked open the car door and extended my leg out the door. I kicked my door shut behind me with satisfaction and full of confidence I possessed to the trunk of the car where Laode was already unpacking my bags.

“Thanks,” I was genuinely thankful to Laode, he’d distracted me and kept me sane throughout what could have been the worst car journey in my life. Instead I’d actually had a good time with him, “I mean it, seriously.”

“No problem, brother, have fun at your new palace.” said Laode. “Shut up, or I would snap your legs into million pieces.” I replied. Laode laughed like an autistic idiot, so do I after I seen Laode’s face when he laughed. “Have a nice life, it was good meeting you. Hakuna Matata.” I said while I fisting his hand, “Hakuna Matata forever, friend.” he replied.

I stormed up the five steps into the building that was to be my new home, at least until I turned 18. I let out a long sigh.

As I entered the building, I realized and I had absolutely no idea where I was going, “Why did I have to screw everything up?” I thought. I was mentally kicking myself while still trying to look confident in walking down the halls. I was only getting myself more lost. God I was an idiot. I was so distracted by my own stupidity and impulsiveness that I was completely oblivious to where I was going that when I spun around a corner aimlessly I went crashing into something rock hard and painfully solid.

“I am so sorry.” A deep voice that reminded me of an echo in a dark alley cut across my thoughts. “Thanks,” I replied dumbly as I retracted my hand from his. “Are you okay? I feel so bad.” he said.

“You should Fajar, you sent his body flying like a jumping frog,” a voice chimed in in and I realized the other guys were loitering either side of the wall watching the scene unfold. The one who’d spoken had cheeky smirk and a glint of mischief in his eye.

“It’s fine, honestly.” I’ve endured much worst, I almost added but stopped myself just in time. “Can you show me to the freshmen’s room? I just got here and have no idea where I’m going.” I admitted hating how helpless I sounded. “Sure, just take this stairs and your room will be in the 3rd floor in the left wing.” He replied relievedly. I quickly rushed my way to my room without thinking and buried my body to bed. It was no more than 5 minutes until I dozed off to sleep, to my sweet kingdom of drowsiness.

The next day, I woke up with the sound of my friend’s alarm. God I haven’t introduced myself to my going-to-be friends. Oh well, it could wait and I am hungry as hell. I reached my bag, took some bread, and ate it. After I cleaned myself, made the bed, and prepared my stuffs, I walked to the school’s cafeteria to get some food. As soon as the meal time’s over, the first period bell rang and I took my time to get to the first class.

“Interesting…” I thought after I saw the school’s bulletin board about Air Force Seminar. “You coming to the seminar, Lasa?” A familiar voice catched my ear, I turned around to see who asked the question. It was Fajar, or I think it was. “Yeah, you?” I replied. “Of course, make sure you filled the form to attend the seminar. Catch you later.” He said and then disappeared from my sight. “What was that all about?” I thought, he seemed suspicious and how and where did he even he knew my name? As soon as I filled out the form, I went back to my class.

I noticed the class had already ran for nearly 3 hours and the seminar would begin in 10 minutes! Having permitted by the teacher to attend the seminar, I quickly rushed my way to the school’s auditorium. I was shocked when I saw the attending list to have my name has been erased with liquid eraser and was overwritten to Fajar! I was furiously mad because HE took out my name just to attend this seminar, but I was pretty sure that he already registered his name in the form. I silently walked away from the auditorium back to my class and the whole class just stared at me like I was a ghost or something.

Things get worse when I went back to the dormitory, I was called by someone in the sophomore’s floor and I followed him to his room. As soon as I entered the room, I felt like I’ve been hit by some kind of a rock in the stomach. I let out a slightly scream and endure the pain. I knelt down on the floor and saw it was Fajar who punched me. “Not so tough now aren’t you?” he said while wearing a boxing glove, no wonder it hurts like hell. “You should be more respect your senior here.” he added. “What have I done to you, huh? I can report you to the teachers or your parents!” I said while my breath suddenly went quicker than it should. “You don’t want to do that…” he said and continued to punch me in the stomach. “Don’t mess around or I’ll have to bring my boys here.” He added. I couldn’t let my voice out afterwards as I tried to stand up. God why it has to be this way? Am I really have to be punished for all of my sins?

My freshman year really ended up pretty much screwed by Fajar, he started to spread bad and nasty rumours about me, called me just to beat me up, and he treated me like one of his maid. To be honest, I totally had everything on my plate at that time, it was enough. I figured that I should start some fresh page when I started sophomore year.

Sophomore year was the same as the freshman year, for the second time I had been abused by my friends. Knowing that I was an object of a bully in freshman year, my friends really let their guard down on me, because I was so weak, helpless, just a mere of nothing to them. I keep my mouth shut most of the time and barely speak with anyone, except to my guardian teacher. I told her all I knew when I was in freshman year and sophomore year. I knew that reality was going to catch up with me soon enough.

I spent my senior year to get mental healing as much as I can. I knew I wouldn’t be 100% healed, but at least that’s what I deserved and it’s a big help for me. I still went go-stealth-or-you-will-not-survive mode, because I figured that’s the best way I can do for this year. Not to draw any attention, spent my time alone, and even barely talked to anyone. It did work for me to get me graduated, I guess that life has taught me to always come prepared motto really came in handy this time. The first step of me stepped out from this school had let out all of my heavy burden along my 3 years of torturous life. It was the first time in my life that actually has been the most enjoyful event of all time. I called Laode as soon as I got outside the school’s main gate to pick me up and drove me home. I really don’t care the nasty driving he had, at least I got away from that wretched school.

The next step was the easy, not the easiest though. I plunged myself into my bed in my home, waited for the announcement day, to get accepted to college. Now that I have already conquered and survived high school, I thought that I have to do something if I didn’t want to repeat the torturous life again. So I took out my notebook and started to write about what am I going to do in college. It was until midnight I wrote that have-to-do list and I forgot that it was the announcement time. Surprisingly, I have accepted in Universitas Padjadjaran and I feel like it was the second miracle that God gave to me. I couldn’t really express what I felt but I knew it was really amazing, to have accepted in one of the most prestigious university in Bandung.

Freshman year again, I feared that the trauma I’ve got, continued in my college life, to get the same treatment all over again. But no, I wasn’t the same guy anymore. I did my have-to-do list in the first place and it really ended well than I thought. I lived my life to the fullest now, deserved what I got to do, to have something that I wanted, to have some friends that I really depend on, to enjoy the time of my life, and I believe that miracle really happened for me. And I believe, for all the times I’ve got into, there’s always be tomorrow.

Word Count: 2086

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