Final Writing: The Werewolf (Fiction)

Ari Bayu Suryadinata/180410150072

All of them gathered in the hall room. But there were four of them that still having poker-face expression. Their faces were so serious and the room full of the tension. This is the last round of the game.

“I think that’s it for the arguments. Let’s vote. Lim, who is you want to lynch?”

“Gavin, you play this game too well but sorry this is your end.” And the vote was continued to others three. Three votes for Gavin and one for Casey.

“Gavin it is… so congratulations! You lynch the last werewolf!”

That was a long game. One game that they were always played every time they gathered like this. The Werewolf. A role game that required ability to lie and detect lies. A game of trust and blame. Help your ally and kill the bad guy.

Peem stretched her body. She was being the moderator for two rounds and she was tired. “I’ll go to bed now. You boys dont awake whole night, we have a long journey tommorow” Then she walked and followed by the other girls to their room. Some of the boys went to their room. Gio already knocked out in his deepest sleep, leave Lim and Kevin, Lim’s old friend that just transferred here.

“All your friends are fun” Kevin said while dropping his head to the pillow. “I always doubt without me you will have any friend. You was short, sad, and nerdy too. Few years apart, you change a lot… except for your height .”

“I dont even know how I joined the group. But i’m happy about it.” That was it for tonight. Lim was asleep, so did the others.

06.00 AM

The dawn was breaking. In this big villla, their body were moved seperately from each other. None of them awaken. Until big bang sound in the whole villa woke them all.

The room was dimly lit. The room was damp and dusty. Kevin was here alone “why am I in the werehouse?” He started to hit the door “Lim! This is not funny!” Before he could hit harder, he heard faintly someone screaming. He knew, it was Stella’s voice.

Kevin took a bat on the table and hit the door with it. “Something is going wrong, this is not a joke” that was the only thing in kevin’s head. Few times he hit the door, but nothing happened. His hand were weak, must be drug reaction that caused him to sleep. He walked back and there was a voice coming from the roof.

“Good Morning. Thank you for coming to my facility. As my gratitude let’s play a game.”

“What the hell! Let me out now!” Sierra said as she also heard the same voice as Kevin and the other. “Don’t hide your face! I will beat you up!” She was braver than the other, always like that.

“Before explain about the game, let’s set some major rule. First, this building is locked. There is no escape from this house. If you tried to do so, all of you must face the death. Second, the game must be played and finished. If you don’t finish the game correctly, all of you must face the death. Third, all the rule is a must and breaking it means death. Fourth, if the game is finished the winner may live.” All of them were silenced. Not sure if this was a joke or not.

“This is the game of lie, trust and blame, life and death, this is The Werewolf.” The voice continued

Geno, who was locked in the rooftop, was laughing. “Guys, this is completely a poor joke. We played that last night. Why need things like this?” But, Geno was worried because none of his friend ever did this kind of joke.

“Rules for the game are simple. Play as the role I give to you. You must not reveal your role to anyone. We will know if you do and I will kill all of you if you do that. The roles for this game are two werewolves in the Werewolf team. Two villagers along with the little girl, the harlot, the hunter, the guardian angel, the lycans, and the doppelganger are in the Villager team. And we have serial killer as addition that play in his own side. Three, werewolves must killed the Villager team to win the game and the way around for the Villager team. Serial killer will only win if kill all other player. Fourth, lynching means killing for real. Choose one each day and put them in the lynching room, I will do the dirty work. Fifth, morning you may play the argument session and you may vote for lynching, night went to your room and let the werewolves do their job.”

“I can’t play this! I don’t want die! Let me out!” Casey cried in fear. The fun game that they usually played turns deadly. They don’t have any option. There was no way out from this game.

“Look the role on the paper tagged on a key. Remember it and get rid of it. Use the key to get out from this room. The hall will be the playground, gather there. Last, happy surviving.”

They were looking for the key in their room. “You are the Little Girl. Each night you may peek out but be discrete so the wolves don’t notice. You may not tell the truth about what happened at night, only clues allowed. If you broke the rule all of you will died” Mary’s legs were paralyze, she never want to play this game. This quite girl was never expecting this kind of game. She was unable to move, while the other start going out from their locked room.

One by one they were gathering at the hall. Mary was the last that seated on the twelve seats. The hall was different from last night. There only twelve seats, a table and a screen. “Now all here we must talk about this.” Gavin opened the talk. He knew everyone still confused and scared, but there was nothing to do other than play the game.

“I don’t want play it. I don’t want put my life in the line like this.” Noza’s face still pale “I want go out now.” He rose from the chair and went to the door but he was hold by Gio. “Are you trying to kill all of us? Don’t you have brain mommy boy? They knocked out us without us knowing and all the doors are locked. Do you still doubt that?” he said while blowing smoke to Noza’s face.

“I must agree. I don’t think this is a joke. They used sleeping gas.” Kevin’s statement was right. All of them knew that this was not a joke at all. That fact made Noza went back to his seat. The room was quite until the television turned on by its own self. “Day one, you may start the game. Note: the seer was used her power last night to see someone’s role.” That was written on the screen.

“This is just like our game. If the seer already on the move, we need to protect the seer. Anyway we have two werewolves that already know each other and started to team up. Add up one serial killer to watch.” Sierra opened the game.

“I don’t know you guys. But I am not the one who should be killed.” Gio tried to protect himself, while the other seems not believe anyone. “Gavin, please protect me, whoever you are, please don’t kill me” Sierra begged. Gavin nodded.

“What!? You are you hiding on your boyfriend’s back? Such a bitch. What if you are the werewolf?” Casey always hated Sierra. She always lost from her. One of her lost was Gavin.

“Oh please. No matter what am I you will kill me right? You just envy me. People know you are two faced bitch. So, you are more doubtful than me.” Casey looked at all eyes on her. “What?? No you guys should trust me. It’s better if you trust me.” She started panic.

“Then just kill one, Gavin or Sierra. We don’t want someone team up and tried to kill all of us right?” Noza added. “Why? Are you are seer? Because if you not you have no reason to kill them.” Lim directly counter Geno.

“I’m must agree with killing Gavin or Sierra, it’s reasonable. But, you are not the seer right? If you do, you won’t be that reckless. Or, are you the bad guy?” Gio with his sharp eyes stared at Noza. “You seem like to kill someone. Didn’t you want to quit this game, Noza?” all eyes focus to Noza. His fat body was trembling. Everybody suspected him.

“No! There is nothing change if you kill me! Trust me, please save me. I’ll buy you guys stuff for saving me.” Noza tried to defend himself, his live was in danger. “Oh please. We don’t need your money. It’s not a big loss anyway if he is a useless villager. But, He may a werewolf or serial killer.” What Peem said was made the other agreed to have vote. Full vote on Noza.

“NO! YOU CAN’T KILL ME!” He fought back when the other pulled his fat body to the lynching room and locked him there.

There was a new command on the screen “The first night is approaching. All of you may come back to each room with your name on the door.” And they went to their own room. When they entered the room, the door immediately locked by its own. Then a big scream was coming from the lynching room. Full of pain but quick.

In each room there was a screen just like in the hall. A text was popping out in the screen “Will you use one of your bullets, Mr. Hunter?” Lim remain silent. He only had two bullets. “No, not tonight.”

After few hours all of their doors were unlocked, and they must gather in the hall. There were nine of them now. “Where are Casey and Gio?” Lim asked right before the screen showed the answer. “You lynch the wrong guy! Noza was a villager. Last night Casey the lycan was killed by the serial killer. The werewolves killed Gio the seer. And last, congratulation doppelganger you become the seer.”

“Damn! Peem! You were the one who accused Noza! You must be the bad guy.” Directly Sierra attacked.

“What a shallow argument! It was a full vote right? You guys agree!”

Another text was appeared on the screen. “Day two, you may begin the game.”

“Peem is right. You don’t have any proof Sierra. What we know is all the bad guys still alive. And the harlot is still alive. It’s mean he was not went to the bad guy room.” Kevin backed Peem.

“Yesterday, Stella was accused by Casey. It could be her or his boyfriend.” Mary talked. This is the first time she opened her mouth. She was wandering last night and she saw it. All were stopped, as their eyes were opened for the truth.

“You right. They have the motive.” The room was full of silence when Sierra said that. “Gio was the seer right. Yesterday, he also agreed to kill either Sierra or Gavin. I think it’s because he knew the role. But he couldn’t say it boldly because he can’t reveal his identity.” Peem said.

The other nodded. “Voting time” was on the screen. Three votes for Gavin, two votes for Sierra, and four for Stella. “See, both of them team up to lynch me.” Sierra said while rose up from her chair and went to Stella. The boys must hold Gavin from moving, and the girls put Stella on the Lynching room. She was screaming the whole time so did her boyfriend.

“The night is approaching. You may go back to your room” another text on the screen appeared.

“Will you used your power tonight?” was appeared on both Lim’s and Lucky’s screen. “No.” Again, Lim decided to remain silent. But Lucky did a move.

Peem’s door was opened. “Owh, it’s you Gavin. So you are the harlot?” She smiled and continued “You pick the wrong person to have sex with.”

With a bigger smile Gavin showed his knife “It’s okay. You can’t kill me because I will do it first.”

In other room, Lim’s door opened. Kevin came in. “No, you are a…” before Lim’s finish his sentence Kevin explained who he was. He was the harlot. “I’m gambling here. If you are the werewolf or the serial killer then I will died.”. “No, I am the hunter.” Both of them were glad. They know they can trust each other.

“So, Mr. Harlot. Will you do your job?” Lim was teasing his friend. “I would, But not in this deadly game.” Lim was smiled bigger. They will protect each other.

The time was come. They gathered in the hall. While “Sorry, yesterday you lynch a villager. Last night the Sierra, the guardian angel was killed by the werewolves. She protected the little girl. But such a waste but good, Peem the werewolf, was the one who targeted by the serial killer.” was written on the screen.

“It is clear now. Gavin you’ll die today.” Kevin opened the day. “You targeted Peem because she accused you and stella.”

Without any word, Gavin smirk and run toward Mary. Geno and Kevin hold him. “I WILL KILL YOU TOO!!. Without any vote Gavin was lynched.

“It’s easier now. I don’t know about Lim and Kevin. But, Mary must not be a werewolf.” Last night he used his power as seer replacement. He decided to put himself in danger. But he knew. He was Lucky

“The night is approaching. You may come back to your room.”

Lim won’t waste the chance. With gun and a bullet on his hand, he stood in front of Geno. “No! please I won’t kill, I’m your childhood friend, no one care about you better than me. I’ll save you if you…”


The blood was scattered. The bullet went through Geno’s chest. The entire doors were opened.

The entire screen was displayed “Congratulations! Villager Win the Game. Note: Meet me in the hall room.”

A man was standing in the middle of the hall. “Four of you have finished the game. Each of you will have Five billion dollars. Thanks for your friend, Geno that agree to help our TV show. This is the best reality show in the underworld.”

“It was fun being your Moderator. For my gratitude all of your friends are alive. You guys had a accident in the way home. That is what the news will be and you and your friend remembered.” The man walked through the door.

They never talked about it. What they knew they had an accident. And they knew, The Werewolf was not a game.

Word Count: 2500

Reference(s): The Werewolf game and the illustration taken from

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