Final Writing: The Last Color (Fiction)

Kinanti Fitri Febriani/ 180410150013

As though living in a prison. Her life always got ordered around, foods and clothes that’ll never changed, needles and drugs that always beside her became her ‘loyal friend’ in that prison, and not to forget there were people dress in all whites that always passing through her bedroom. Still, there were some convenient to this prison, in her room there’s a comfy bed, a clean bathroom, and also TV. That prison is what we called a hospital.

I spent all my life in in this prison-like place…I don’t know what life outside this place is. I don’t know what ‘reality’ is…even though I lived inside it.” She thought to herself while strolling through the corridor. “it seem that it’ll never change…that’s kind of like living no life at all. Hmm…that’s sucks.”

All of a sudden, she heard someone scream. Immediately she went to where the scream was. She peeped through the door and saw people arguing.

“Hey, young man! You can’t smoke inside a hospital! There are sick people here!” an old man scolded someone.

“Oh, it’s that guy from yesterday…” Sera whispered.

Without saying anything, the guy smoked his cigarette ignoring what the people around him were saying. But suddenly, a hand came flying in front of his face, smacking him on the face and his cigarette as well the full pack got stolen. Confused he only saw the figure escaped outside the room.

“OY!” The guy shouted.

“I’m taking this on revenge for destroying my vas yesterday!” Sera shouted from outside the room.

“Wha—who is she?!”


When midnight came, Sera went out of her room and strolled down the hall. The hall at night was quiet than in the day. There’s only the sound of clock ticking and her own footsteps. When Sera arrived at the room that the guy stayed, she tiptoed inside. She saw the guy was only looking at the ceiling, so she crept to the left side of the guy’s bed. And when he changed his position, he was surprised.


“Hold up, hold up! Sshh, be quite…everyone’s already asleep.” Sera silent the guy.

“What are you doing here?” asked the guy. “Children should be in bed by now. “

Sera’s ignored what the guy’s said and grabbed her pocket, pulling out the cigarette box that she stole from the guy. While swinging the box with her hand, her eyes sparkled with curiosity.

“Teach me how to smoke! “

Without any further talking, the guy pulled out a cigarette and a lighter from the drawer beside his bed. He put it in his mouth and began to light it. Sera was watching him very seriously. When the cigarette light up, he started to smoke and exhaled it exactly in front of Sera’s face that made her coughing bad.

“Honestly, I don’t know why you want this. Smoking is really bad for you and your lungs. It will turned it pitch black, you know that?“

“So, why do you? Aren’t you here because of this? You got sick because of it right?”

The guy stayed silent again for a moment. “I smoked when I want to.”

“There’ll be no change whatsoever to my life, anyway…”

“Whether it will turns black or something, my ‘condition’ will never change…” Sera added.

They stayed in silent for a while, until the guy gave the courage to ask her why did she said that. For the first time, Sera’s willing to tell someone that she’s going to die. What illness that she had and how much time she had. Sera had an illness called a Cardiac Sarcoma or a heart tumor. It’s a rare kind of tumor. As well as, she could only wait for her time to run out.

Silent covered up the whole room, neither spoke a word.

“Hey, what do you wanna do before you ‘leave’?”

Hearing that Sera remembered her to-do list. She smiled to the guy and whispered that she wanted to see the ocean. Amazed by her, the guy laughed because it sounded so cliché. Not minding his words, she laughed along with him and she continued to tell her to-do list. Such as, she wanted to ride an open car, she wanted to fall in love and had her first kiss, and others

The guy smiled and pulled Sera’s hand firmly. He looked straight into her eyes.

“How about we make some of it come true?” Asked the guy while he stand up. “Then, let’s go!”

“Huh? Go where?” She let her hand go from his grip. She’s confused.

“Where? The sea, of course! You wanna see it, right?”

“I can’t go, that’s impossible! I’m sick. My doctor and parents wouldn’t let me.” Sera clenched her hands. Her heart was beating so fast, she wanted to go so bad, but in the same time she’s scared. The guy only looked at her flat.

“So? You’re just sick and you’re still alive. When you die, can you move? Can you walk? No. But, if you’re sick, like now. You still can move, right? You can walk. Use your chances while you can. As simple as that.” Still looking at her straight in the eyes. “For your whole life, you’re here. Aren’t you tired? You don’t want to see the world?”

Like she was slapped by those words. It was her thought all along that she wanted to leave the hospital and see the world. She clenched her hands tighter as she made up her mind, she nodded. With relieved the guy smiled and pulled her again outside the place.


“What do you think heaven look like? “ Sera stared off looking to the sky. “Is it similar to the sky? With lots of blue and clouds? Or something else”

“Either would be nice…”

Sera could feel the wind breeze stroking her cheeks. Morning came and they already half way to the sea riding an open car. Sera closed her eyes and could still see the light, feeling the wind and the smell of fresh air running through her face. She raised her hand high, while tickling her hand, she felt the wind through her fingers.


Sera opened her eyes and looked at the guy beside him.



“Grey…that’s my name.”

For a moment, Sera was confused but she realized that she never did told him her name. “Ah…mine’s Sera.”

They laughed at each other. Along the way they’re exchanging stories. When noon came, they’re planning to grab some food and fuel.

“Grey, is this you car?” asked Sera wondering from the start.

Grey looked at her and grinned. “Nope, not mine.”

“What?! Then, whose car is it?”

“I dunno, I just borrowed it from the hospital.”

“That’s not ‘borrowing’…that’s stealing. What do we do? What if the police find out? What if we’re going to jail?” Sera started panicking. But, Grey only laughed.

“Gee, relax! Beside we don’t have much time, you want to see it before everything disappears, right?”

Sera didn’t gave a respond, she’s pouting. She knew from the start that Grey was that worst kind of a guy, that’ll do as he pleased. But, the last word he said was true. They started to enter the big city and decided to take a detour.

Grey stopped the car at a gas station, he started to fill the tank while he went to the restroom to take his meds. When he went back to Sera, the girl’s panicking because the employee asked for the money. So, Grey lied that he said he forgot his wallet, but the employee got suspicious and said that he would call the police. Sera started to rummage the car and she found a gun. She pointed it out to Grey and asked him what it is. He thought an idea to point it to the employee and to steal some money from the cashier. And he did.

They continued their journey. But, Sera was angry because of what Grey did.

“I don’t have a choice, it’s a necessary sacrifices if we’re going to the sea.” Grey said to break their tension.

After that, they went into a fashion store. Sera and Grey went around to see something that looks good on them. After they’ve finished shopping, Sera saw that Grey used the money that he stole to pay the clothes. Later, they walk to find a place to stay.

When they nearly at the hotel, Grey collapsed with uncontrolled breathing. Sera’s panicked and she’s stuttering not knowing what to do. But, Grey grabbed a tube from his pockets containing pills and immediately eat some. Slowly, his breathing returned normal. Afterwards, they went to the hotel. Grey returned to his usual self, but Sera’s not. The she gave the courage to ask him.

“Grey, why are you will to do all this?” She wondered that is it for her or for he himself.

He didn’t answer, only looking back at Sera.

“Hey, are you liste—“

“I’m the same as you…” Grey said cutting off Sera’s.

“I’m going to die soon…cause I have brain tumor.” He added.” Even the doctor said that the only thing I gotta do is just to wait…”

“I understand! I want us both to go there, no matter what. I want our freedom to come. And the only thing I know now is that me and you, we’re both still breathing, even tomorrow we’ll live!” Sera said after to break the silent, hugging him.

“And…I also understand that I wanted to go to the ocean with you, Grey.”

Grey smiled and hugged the girl back. “Yeah…me too."


Sera slowly opened her eyes, the ceiling of the room that she stayed at was the first thing she saw. Then, she sat up to find Grey besides her still sleeping. She grabbed a remote on the mini table on her left and turned on the TV. When the TV’s on, the first thing she saw was Grey’s picture and hers, the police were on to them. Grey woke up after heard that his named was on the news.

“We really have to get out of here, fast!”

After they’re done preparing, they immediately ran as fast as they can.

“Oh god, the police are chasing us!” Sera said when they got into their car. “I bet my parents called them.”

“And probably because of what I did yesterday.” Grey added.

They looked at each other as always and laughed their hearts out. They’ve never felt like that before in their entire life. What could be better, they stole a car, pointed a gun at someone, robbed a cashier, the police were chasing them and they got out from the place safe and sound.

Hours passed after that, they’d arrived at some leftover from a festival, with lots of trash, there’s still some tent, amusement games and a stage. They got off to take a detour again, because they’re already near the ocean. Grey held Sera’s hand and asked her to follow him to near the stage. Then, he stand in front of the stage facing Sera.

“Hey, Did I told you what I want before I ‘leave’ this world?”

Sera shakes her head.

“I…really want to be a traveler! You know, going around to different places.” He shouted. Seeing that Sera smiled, but she saw that Grey wasn’t smiling.

“But…what did I get?” He said with his head looking down.” This illness…that gnawing my life away.” He added, before his body collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Sera’s smile faded in a flash when she saw Grey collapsed. She ran to him. She’s shaking him and calling his name, but there’re no answer. She called over and over but still no answer. Sera cried, trying to find someone there but there’s no one. Then, she remembered the pills Grey took yesterday. She rummaged Grey’s pockets, only to find that the pills ran out. Without any more thought, she ran to find a drug store.

After finding one, she immediately asked the employee about the pills. Even though, the employee said that they had it, the employee couldn’t gave it to Sera. Because, the pills is a strong kind of drugs that weren’t used for easily. Sera begged, but he still wouldn’t agree. So, again without thinking, Sera pulled out the gun that she brought with her and pointed it out to the employee. But, with her panicking and all, she accidently pulled the trigger.


Sera went back to Grey, she’s out of breath. She made him drank the pills.

“Please…please, wake up.” She started to cry, hugging Grey that didn’t moved even an inch in her arms. “I’m begging you, open your eyes.”


Grey’s finger moved a bit and he regained his consciousness. His vision went back and slowly he saw that the person whose voice he heard was in front of him. Sera felt relieved to see that Grey regained conscious. But again, tears fell from the guy’s eyes.

“I’m scared. I’m really scared…I don’t want to die!” As he hugged Sera tightly, he’s starting to get terrified of dying. Sera cried with him, she couldn’t say anything other than returning the hug and lending Grey her shoulder. Because, she never experienced what he had. And for the first time, Sera thought that she wanted to live. For the both of them, there’s only ‘this moment’.


The radio in the car informed that there had been a gunfire, but there were no victim. Sera and Grey continued they journey to the sea.

“The gunfire…is it you?” Grey asked.

“I-I just wanted to help you…I don’t know what to do.”

“It’s fine…and thank you.” Grey said while petting Sera’s head. “Before reaching our destination. I won’t die.” He said firmly. Sera only answered with a weak nod.


“It smells like…the sea!” Sera shouted and looked at Grey, and he smiled.

They walked towards it and Grey stumbled a little. Sera got worried when she saw the guy behind her was on his knees.

“I really am afraid…I don’t want to die.” He said like he’s in a lot of pain. Suddenly, he felt a hug and a peck on his right cheek. When their eyes met, they laughed. He was quiet surprised.

“There’s nothing to be afraid anymore, huh…” Grey bends his body and kissed Sera, making the girl’s face red, seeing that he laughed again. Then, they continued to play in the sand. The sun was going down, feeling tired the both of them sat beside each other while holding hand.

“Amazing…the world turn to an orange color.” Sera said laughing.

When Grey drank some water, his hand couldn’t move and his vision suddenly went black. His head slowly fell to Sera’s shoulder. Seeing Grey, Sera’s tears poured down. She knew that the guy beside her already went ahead ‘leaving’ her. Still, her tears won’t stop and her grip tighten around his hand. But then, she smiled because she knew too that soon she’ll follow him.

Words count: 2500 words

Reference(s) :

1. Based on the "Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (1997 Film)" – it has the same goal. (to see the sea)

2. "Cardiac Carcoma" Retrieved from,P00240/

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