Final Writing: The Former Coach (Fiction)

Diva Nadia Idris/180410150034

The Former Coach

“Are we okay?” His eyes stared at Julia. No words, nothing but curiosity and worry. He holds her hand and act as if trying to reveal FBI’s top secret.

“I’m fine. You’re okay. We’re not.” Tears stream down from her eyes but her hand wipes it immediately before someone else does it.

“I’m so sorry, Julia. It was an accident, I was drunk. Please forgive me” Sounds like he is begging for mercy, but he is not. Dinal is such a bad boy and Julia is just too stupid for always forgives him.

Wednesday morning, Julia missed her breakfast. She is a little bit in rush today. The alarm did not ringing, nobody is home but she and the housekeeper when she woke up. Her parents are in Malang since two days ago. Havara, her younger sister has already been in school since an hour ago, this is the last day of national exam, and she cannot be late.

“Where have you been?! I have called you many times” Vivian is between shouting and whispering.

“The stupid alarm didn’t ringing, I don’t even get in to the bathroom” With his forehead full of sweat, Julia grabs her thin book and swing it against her face. “What did I miss?”

“Nothing, she’s just discussing about the schedule for the final exam”

“What the… Never mind” Julia seems so upset, but it’s her fault anyway.

Everyone leaves the class as soon as the lecturer finished his talk. Julia looks so pale without any make up; no lipstick, no blush-on, no concealer to conceal her black spot under the eyes.

“What happens?” Vivian asked.

“Nothing” With her head upon the table, Julia sounds have no interest to talk or socialize.

“Just tell me! Have you heard about people who have a bundle of problems but they won’t tell anyone? They just keep it and in the end, they get a very very deep depression and they finally suicide…”

“Shut. Up.” With her head still upon the table, and still sounds like there are no passions to socialize with human. Flat.

Last night, Julia cried so hard after she found out that Dinal flirted with Aline in the text, her partner at Basketball Campus Team. Actually, Julia was already suspicious with this, but she is a kind of person who always has a positive thought, and having positive thought is close to easy to be fooled. And Dinal, the Head Coach of Basketball Campus Team, umm… it is hard to describe him but he is not too handsome but charming and tall, of course. He does a lot of mistakes, and he apologizes, and he does it again, and again, but Julia, stupidly always forgives him. Havara, and the other friends always tell her to stop falling for him, but nothing is going to change her mind.

“I’m home” Julia lies on the couch under the air conditioner.

“Here” Adrian holds a glass of Coke and offers it.

“What is wrong with you? Such a rare moment of you” Julia laughs, take the coke from Adrian’s hand but wondering for a while if he has something (re: asking for help)

“Don’t be like that. As a good brother, I will do anything to please by beloved sister”

“Can you shut up? It’s so disgusting. Come on, just make it clear. What’s wrong?” Finally a smile appears on her face.

“Umm… I have to go to the campus now, but Mom texted me to wash the dishes since Mbak Ani came back to her hometown”

“Oh ok, leave it to me”

Adrian left the house; Havara has not come back from school, so she is all alone now. After she finished with the dishes, she lies down on the coach and turns the TV on. She almost fell asleep, but the doorbell distracts her.

“I’m coming” Julia shouts from the family room and walks slowly to the door.

“Hey!” A man named Kamal awkwardly greets and smiles at her.

“Oh, hey” Julia replies and looks so embarrassed standing against a cool and handsome man but her hair is messy and her t-shirt is wet.

“Is Adrian home?”

“Nope, he just left the house an hour ago” With her left hand fix her hair, and the right one holds the door grip.

“But, he just texted me that he is just arrived at home” Kamal checks his phone immediately.

“Oh my God, he fools me” Kamal smiles but he cannot hide that he is embarrassed, and he is blushing.

“I’m sure that he will come in a minute. Come in, I’ll make you something to drink. It’s hot outside; you want iced tea or anything else?” Julia goes to the kitchen and lets Kamal sit on the living room.

“Iced tea would be perfect, thank you” Kamal checks his phone and texts Adrian: ‘Where the hell are you? I’m at your house. Please hurry!

He does not even tap the send button, but the door opens. It is Adrian with some plastic bags in his hands.

“So sorry for disappointing you, guys. But these delicious Bakso Malang will not disappoint you” Adrian finally comes.

Kamal was the head coach of basketball campus team, right a year ago before Dinal. At that time, Dinal was the captain, so Kamal and Dinal know each other. Kamal always tells Adrian about Dinal, but Dinal does not know that Kamal is Adrian’s close friends. Adrian knows that Dinal is a kind of playboy, even Adrian ever caught Dinal was dating with Aline, his crush. He never tells Julia about this, because it will not matter since Julia loves him so much.

Today is the match of The Fox Women (basketball campus team) against FPF Team. Julia is on the line-up for today’s match, and Aline, also. It is 5.30 PM, the game is started at 7 PM, and Julia is still at home.

“Where is my jerseeeeyyyy?!” Julia shouting from her bedroom in the second floor, meanwhile, Adrian in the first floor smiling because he has the jersey. The door is knocked, it is Kamal again, and they planned to watch the game together.

“I can’t find my jersey!” With the sweat streams down from her forehead, she goes down to the first floor, but shen she sees Kamal, she looks so shy.

“It’s here” Adrian raises his hand with a pair of jersey in it.

“Arghh… You are soooo…..” She is between mad and “never mind”.

The Stadium is bloody crowded when they arrived at 6.47 PM. Julia running to the locker room while Adrian and Kamal go to the bleacher. When she arrives at the door, she hears two people talking from the next room.

“You can do it, do your best”

“I’m so nervous”

“You can make it”

The man in the room kisses the girl on her cheek. Julia is peeking from the door which is not fully closed. She is so shocked so she has to close her mouth, can’t believe what she has seen. Right after her eyes, it was Dinal and Alines. Soon after seeing that terrifying and disgusting and painful view, she is crying. She goes to the locker room and nobody is there, then she wipes the tears with a hand towel she found on the door grip. She tries to forget it for a while to focus on the game.

At the bench, Dinal and Aline sit in a distance, so no one will notice. Dinal, innocently comes over her and holds her hand.

“Hey, are you ready?”


“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” He is paying all of his attention to Julia, between worrying about his affair and her condition.

“I’m okay, I’m just nervous” A smile, a faked smile appears on her lips, he did not realize her red eyes.

The game is just begun. Julia is not playing yet, but Aline is in the court. With her eyes still red, she tries to make herself strong; the only thing in her mind is the game. Today’s match is important; this is the semi-final match so she has to play hard. She is thumping; Aline plays her role as the player very well and it gives Julia mental breakdown. After the second quarter, Julia finally plays. People asking why did Dinal as the coach not gives her chance to play since the first quarter whereas Julia is his lover.

The match finished with The Fox Women as the winner and they go through the final match next week. Until the players leave the locker room, Dinal still not recognizes that Julia has found out the truth. He acts normally and so does Julia; she acts as if she did not know anything. Adrian and Kamal come to the locker room; there are Julia and Dinal talking with very quietly.

“What happens?” Kamal is whispering to Adrian in front of the half-closed door.

“I have no idea. I was with you during the game, stupid” And they keep peeking until Julia approaches the door and decides to leave. She seems crying so hard but nothing, they hear nothing.

They chase her to the parking area but she cannot be found. Until she finally texts Adrian ‘Hurry up!’ They run to where they parked the car at and find that Julia is crying under the tree.

Julia and Adrian are so close, they always tell each other’s problem, and so in the situation like this, he just knows how to make calm her down. When Adrian approaches her, she hugs him immediately and keeps crying meanwhile Adrian holds her hand and whispers “Let’s get some ice cream”.

They arrive at a fried chicken restaurant; ordered three ice creams and a bucket of original fried chicken.

“Is this necessary? For what you order a bucket of chicken?” Julia is shocked when Adrian brings the bucket and Kamal with three ice cream sundae.

“When you’re in a deep sorrow, eat as much as you can” Adrian sits with a big smile on his lips.

“So, tell us what happened to you” Kamal asks with a fried chicken leg on his hand.

Julia starts telling the whole story; she finally ended her relationship with Dinal at the locker room. Adrian seems not shocked at all, he knows it will happen and he is glad that his beloved sister finally stays away from that jerk.

“I’ve told you, and so your friends, but you never heard. I’m glad everything has passed.”

“I’m sorry, it’s my fault.”

In the night, Adrian hears a crying, the sound comes from Julia’s room which is next to his room. He leaves his room and goes to her room. In the other room, Julia is crying hard. She remembers when Dinal kissed Aline; it reminds her to a moment where people always ask why she does never play since the first quarter in every match, but Aline always plays full match. She is depressed, blaming herself, and disappointed to herself. Adrian has no idea what to do but comes back to his room.

In the next morning, Kamal comes to Adrian’s house to see Julia and asks her to come with him to a place in Sumedang.

“I’m glad you come. I put my trust on you for Julia” Adrian is so happy when he sees Kamal comes, and then he calls over Julia.

“Go have a walk. I have to see my lecturer.” Adrian left the house soon after he talks with Julia.

“Hi! I’m going to change my clothes and I’ll be back soon”

Soon after that, they go. They go Kamal’s family house in Sumedang, West Java. Julia asks him to take her to a peaceful place, so he takes her to a pine forest; a very peaceful yet calming place. Kamal sets up a hammock between two trees for them, they sit together and enjoy the atmosphere there. Hanging from the hammock, with the fresh air, and the wind blows slowly, creates a romantic atmosphere which makes Julia talks about all of her problems. Just like pouring all the problems to a diary, she lost in the moment. She holds Kamal’s hand, her head leans on his shoulder, comfort. She feels comfort.

“You know? If you didn’t come today, I probably died.”

“What do you mean?”

“I was holding a razor when you came. I felt so depressed and I almost gave up, I was tired with everything, I was desperate” Julia talks so fast and she is crying. Kamal then hugs her and she is crying in his arms.

“It’s okay, it’s over now. Never do it again.”

Julia almost fell asleep in his arms, but then she gets shocked when the hammock is shaking.

“Oh, God!” She looks like when people fall asleep then have a flash nightmare.

“Chill!” Kamal is laughing when he sees her face. They are laughing together, fade in a joyful moment.

“You’re welcome” said Kamal suddenly.

“For what?” Julia stares at him.

“For saving your life twice”

“Hahahaha… Thank you, Kamal. Thank you so much” They stare at each other’s eyes and smile, and Kamal kisses her on the forehead.

Word count: 2.195 words

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