Final Writing: The First Child in the Family (Fiction)

Mutia Rizky Amalia/180410150015

“Syahira!” shouted her mom. “Can you wash the dishes? Your sister has to sleep, and I need to accompany her.”

“Syahira, your brother is not home yet. Please find him at his friend’s house, okay?”




Oh, really. I cannot resist anymore. This day was weekend but it felt like weekday for me.

From morning till afternoon my mom always yelled my name then told me to do everything. I know if my mom still has a toddler – my younger sister, but if it continuously happened, how can I free to do anything I want, such as watching film or Korean Dramas, chatting with my friend, even just hang out with them?

So right now, I just got home again after looking for my brother who played at a friend’s house. Oh, he didn’t. It turns out he was playing at the field full of mud! And now from head to toe, he is like a child with chocolate cream covering his body. Suddenly, I have a bad feeling. If my mom knows my brother’s condition, this house will feels like a stadium, the large one. My house type is only 54 – not a big one, with three bed room though.

“What’s going o- oh no,” I bet it was mom’s voice. Who else?

“RAYHAN!” my brother and I spontaneously cover our ears, hearing my mom’s shout which is like I can’t determine what the octave level that my mom raise was.

Immediately, after my mom stop her shout, my brother run while screaming like a mad, heading to back yard door, and it made my mom’s anger come because he left foot print mud in the entire floor that he through. Spontaneously, my mom chase my brother, so do I until finally he was caught by my mom and then end up he get a ton of my mom’s scolding while his clothes removed.

Seeing it, I want to brush into laugh because I feel tempting while my brother get scolding, but it seems not in appropriate time right now. Yeah, it turns out I have additional duty from my mom. What a day!

“Just soak it in the water with some detergent, and then you may brush it gently, okay?”

Oh, God.

“…because if you do that, the clothes will be bla bla bla

Stop it!

“Sure, mom. I got it, okay?” I snapped, unconsciously, and then do what I should do with this dirty clothes with annoyance, ignoring my mom’s babble. The next thing that I heard is my sister’s cries, and I still don’t give any attention of that, just keep brushing the stains on the clothes.

Why should I do this?
Why always me?

Then, I put the clothes to another container, rinse it, and dried it in the sun, so I finally have done this unexpected duty.

“Hope this is the last one of the day,” I said after I sigh before, and decided to head to my room.

I saw my brother was playing video game casually, like nothing wrong about what he just did.

Oh, that kid though.

“Dear, why are you crying, huh? Hungry?” said a woman, who was exactly my mom’s tender voice, talking to my sister who is nagging after hearing my mom’s question.

I sigh again.

When I experience such affection again? I am still my mom’s daughter, right? Why I feel like I am the one who don’t have some, though? Am I wrong to say if this is not even fair at all?

“Syahira, have you done it?” Suddenly my mom got me scared. Oh, was I daydreaming recently?

“Yeah, mom. It’s all handled.” I said to my mom who was carrying my sister. As much as possible I hide my annoyance in front of her.

“So you can help me to mopping the floor, right? Look, full of mud everywhere.”

Hearing that I just can take a deep breath then exhaled it harshly. Should I?

“I know you are good at mopping, my daughter,” said mom, praising and persuading me. “Yeah, sist. The eldest have to do everything.”

Wait, what?

“Hey, what just did you say?” asked me to my brash brother who was still on the game.

I mean, hey! I was not the one who played in the mud untill my clothes dirty, and not the one who messed the floor with that mud, so this mess was genuinely caused by him and now he said because I am the eldest I had to do everything which means I had to cleaned up all things that I was not supposed to because I didn’t!

“I said, you just have to do everything,” he said in the middle of his fight in the game, and end up he lost it then he continued his sentence,“you are the eldest, aren’t you?”

From the beginning I already let everything to flow and be patient because I know I actually was the eldest here, but hearing those sentences from my brother made me hurt. Every person has the patience limitation, so do I obviously. Because I was getting angry, I said while shouted to him, “how dare you talk to me like that, you little ki-“

“Just stop it, kids!” mom cut my words and it made my anger getting worst. “I am the one who supposed to say stop, mom! Stop to tell me to do every single home duty from now on!”

I ran to my room, slamed the door, plopped down onto the bed, drowned my face into the pillow, then sobbed there. I also have not forgotten to lock the door so no one can harass me, at least for a while. I can believe this day became that awful just because of my brother recent words. How can he easily said as if I were in responsible of taking care of the entire house matters because I was the eldest, then he just can keep playing and playing because he was not?

And look at my mom. Yeah, I understood she still has my two-year-sister, but please let me free for a while. Actually, Mom’s attitude towards me already changed when my brother born, but I think I could accept it because at that time I was excited to have a little brother. Then when my sister was present in the world and became part of our family, mom totally changed. There was a difference of affection and attention he gave to the three of us. I was just jealous of my brother who could be given a chance to play with his friends freely and my sister who always gets the attention of my mom. What if from the very first I was just the only child of the family? Without my brother and sister, perhaps my mom’s affection and attention are just for me, right?

Suddenly my phone rang, and it was startled me. I immediately woke up to pick up the phone on my desk the after I erased my tears, but unexpectedly I tripped over the wires then bumped into the bookshelf so my books were a mess, scattered all around the floor. Seeing it, I grumbled to myself. This would be another unexpected duty for me today.

With all the laziness in myself, I tidy up the mess which was made by me at this time, forgetting who the one who phoned me recently was. When I put my dusty books one by one, there was a blue massive book which titled “The Beautiful Moment in Life”, made me puzzled, wondering what exactly it was. Ah, apparently this stuff is here!

I opened that photo book that I looking for all this time. The first page of it written my name there, and also there were some of my handwriting biography. It was ridiculous when I read my childhood’s dream there. To be a princess who can eat noodle every time?

Next I opened the second page where a photo which captured my dad, mom and I there and I laughed at how pure my face was. Oh, my dad and mom also look younger and fresh, and… look! My mom’s face looks like me here. Turned out my siblings and relatives were true about saying I resembled my mother when she was a girl. Oh, wait… I can remember where the photo was taken. Ciater! I shouted to myself. It’s been a long time since mom, dad, and I went there, my family’s villa. As people knew, because located in highland, Ciater was well known as a high temperature region. For people who have an allergy to cold, it seem they were not too enjoyed their vacation, because that was what I felt every time my family and I went there for holiday or weekend. I love our villa and the weather, but not with my allergy which often called as “kaligata”. Because a lot of bumps appeared on my skin, I felt uncomfortable all of the time, and the one who would be hassles was mom. She should give me allergic medicines and hearing my complaints about itchiness of my skin. Thank god, the allergy not even bothered me as I grow up.

Satisfied enough to see that page, I turned the page, and that time the picture was telling about my family’s visit to the zoo. There areseveral photo in that page; my family and I with monkeys, parrots, dolphins, even with snacks, but in those I was like not enjoyed the visit. Have to know, besides I have an allergy I also a carsick person. So, before we were captured, my mom and dad busy to recovering my nausea. I remember that I have vomited trice there until I was limp and felt like I want to go home instead of continued the trip at that time, but the fact was we kept continue it. At least I thought the trip was not that bad, though.

Then, I turned again the page and all stories in the past flashed back and made my heart touched and warmth came to my body because I even did not imagine how wondrous my childhood. And finally, at the end of the page, I found the most priceless photo! “Wow, my kindergarten graduation photo!” I said with bright smile. Suddenly I remember the next event that I never forget in my life. Yeah, besides having allergy and been a carsick person, I also a little girl who often got scar in the leg as a result of accidently touching the hot motorcycle exhaust, and end up my mom and dad busy to recover my scar which was included as burns.

I sighed.

I admitted I was a kid who had a lot of bad habits which seem burdened my parents. Yeah, especially my mom because she always besides me while my dad was working. She always looked after me and be the one who I always wanted to go with, and recently I just yelled at her. “Is my attitude towards her had been exaggerated?”

Suddenly there was someone whose voice I recognized knocked my door while called my name. “It’s dad, sweety. Open the door, okay?” Oh, he was just back from Surabaya?

Because my emotions did not explode like before, I stood up and opened the door for my dad although I know my dad would scolded me for what I had done a few minutes ago.

‘Why are you not picking up my phone?” he said interrogating me. The last call turned out from my dad. “I just want to ask you if you want a glass of Es Doger.

Really? He came here just want to say that instead of scolding me?

“Oh, is that your childhood photo album?” he asked. I nodded, and then dad immediately came into my room. “are you that made till this room looks like shipwerk?”

I was silent, wordless.

“Come here, dear. I will tell you something.” He said then patted my bed, told me to sit next to him.

“Dad and mom understand you are tired to do all of the house duties.” I let my dad spoke while I was still in silent. “but, your mom is not wrong if she just need a help from her daughter, right?”

“Back then two of us always besides you, start from teaching you how to speak, eat, and even walk. Just have to know, we never get bored to teach you because we understand you, dear. And now, is it wrong if your mom just needs you to understand her because now she have you little sister? She cannot do all of the house duties with her two hands, right?”

“I know it, dad. So, this is not because I am the first child of you two, is it?” hearing my question, dad slightly laughed. “So, are you jealous with your brother and sister?” I looked down.

“It is not because you are the first child. It is because you are not a kid anymore, dear.” I puzzled. What did he mean?

“Your brother and sister still not understand about everything, so they are still cannot do the house duties because mom and dad understand them. There is the time to them understand us back, just like you are now. You are already 17 so you are enough to understand us that we need a help even it is just doing house duties.”

I was pensive. Yeah, I think my dad was right. Back then I was made them busy because they had looked after me, especially mom. She even already looked after me before I born to the world for nine months. I admitted that I was wrong yelled at her for refusing to mop the floor.

“Oh, Syahira.” Dad said, made me startled. “Do you remember you write something on the back of your kindergarten graduation?” asked him while looked to that photo on the floor. I took it then, and looked the back page of it, and read a line of sentence there.

My dream is become a stronger sister for my brother or my sister if I have them in the future.

My tears felt down after read those words and immediately hugged my dad because I ashamed of myself who cannot be a sister as my dream back then. Because I have to apologize, then I ran to my mom and hugged her tightly.

“I am really sorry, mom. I yelled at you recently.”

My mom hugged me back and kissed my forehead slightly, and then said that she was wrong too.

“Is cheesecake enough as an apology from me?” I nodded excitedly.

“But don’t forget to wash the dishes after that, okay?”

And finally, that was my first dishwashing duty which I did with pleasure and sincerity.

Word Count: 2.481 words.

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