Final Writing: “The Angkringan Club: Respecting Buttock” (Fiction)

Yogi Supriyadi/180410150052

Angkringan Club: Respecting Buttock

Nothing else can replace memory about the bell’s rang in Junior High School. Well, it was time to get gorengan in Abah’s warung. Nowadays, rarely can I see gorengan 500 rupiahs for one. Some school’s rebels were sharing costs for a box of Cigarette, while the waiter guarding their chit-chat smoke from the teachers who were willing to come to warung Abah, until the end of the year no one ever got caught… what a cooperation. The topic usually was about The Math Teacher which was beautiful, but her beauty was often buried by anger. A boy told that once he had been forced to stand next to the whiteboard until the end of the class. Only one of them used to admired her beauty because He was never being get scolded. I was really sure that this was one must be the most brilliant students alive in the warung hideout.

Now, at my age of 25 years, I work in guitar factory around Bandung City. Even I got married, still, I want to remember my youth time. This is reason why I sometimes go to Angkringan, even some of them are not serving gorengan, but the environment I think it’s almost same, the difference is always stranger.

An angkringan alongside crossroads has ‘Mie Instant’ signature. Inside probably some drivers or some people from long trips can be found, they may say this is their “paradise”, and sometimes there are few people who are remembering youth time like me. That are normally serves such as: heated Nutrisari, instant-noodle, Bubur kacang, instant-coffee, gorengan, traditional serve, and they serve different songs which I think it is only enjoyed by angkringan club. This place can be found not only in Sunda environment but scattered throughout the country. Once I found this kind of place in Jogja. The most interesting is, all the waiter of this kind of place is can speak Sunda. Let’s say if I on traveling and homesick, just find this angkringan which has mie instant signature. —

This is one of many stories I have spent in angkringan. It was a long deadly crossroads, at 00.01 a.m. after the working time was up. There’s only truck which carried heavy load and ran like a snail while another cars ran like an ant. That’s why this road was broken, those heavy loaded trucks damaged the road. I’d like to call that car is a wrecking snail. The condition was compounded by some general public lighting (Penerangan Jalanan Umum) which were broken. Sometime they were on, then going to off on and on. If there hasn’t settlements and shop houses it might be such as quite streets with only one or two for an hour cars passing by. There was an ambulance passed, driven like Dom Toretto’s save his Lalleti’s live which taken hostage by the punk.

The waiter was listening to a radio, no wonder why, it was lonely not as usual. Maybe they were on their way. It was Friday night that I often order a half-cooked spring egg, it is good for muscle mass. Well, some people call it jamu even it’s not included traditional herbs and spices like the ordinary one. But, it is called so because it has benefits. Not waited so much because it was only one order the waiter served it perseveringly, but one ingredient was missing. The pepper was missing in my sight so I asked him. As the pepper’s came, I poured it like falling leaves littering puddle after the rain stopped.

He, the waiter initiated a politic topic, as the main topic in Angkringan. Actually, politic was not my topic. So, half-heart I talked about politic with the waiter. Then, it started to rain until the sound of rain was beat my thought about the condition in this country. The chat was over, at the same time a RX-KING motor bike’s exhaust was beat my mind more than rain did. Angrily, I looked the crossroad through the window and I saw a familiar face. It’s Marouanne, I have known him from my brother which now study in High School, actually he usually comes to our place. Well, he looked so bad, it seemed in his face, like a stressed teenager which recently broken heart. So the youth time was remain. I seemed to be his schoolmate and calmed him down.

“Going somewhere, eh?” I said

“Yeah, the rain disbanded the kopdar” Iwan/Marouanne said the volume was bothered by rain. Kopdar is club gathering, usually motor bike gathering.

“Well, what’s make you hulk-faced, then ?” I roasted him

“Well, I hate to say this but, the accuse was irrational, she arbitrarily accused me as, you-know-what, I’m hated dude” He began the story hopelessly

“Once we went to photo studio to perpetuate the group. Right before the photograph session, the photographer told me that we need to mirror to tidy up our look. Well, another boys were ready except me, so even there’s some girls on the booth I didn’t wait for the girls to be done, I joint them because the photographer asked us to tidy up faster. So on, with a comb in hand, I approached the mirror right behind 3 girls there. But, unfortunately when I combing my hair up, I accidentally touched Michelle’s butt, friend of mine. It was getting awkward, but you know what’s funny? Michelle was smile to me through the mirror. I thought veiled woman is preventing their body to be touched. I respected her so I left the mirror awkwardly.” Explained him

“Well, it’s good for you to touching her butt, but by the face you shows me, it’s reversed you know. You have to be a happy if I were you, I have done touched it after your age, how dare you broke my record you are younger!” I said with a joking tone

“Yeah, the problem is I accused as an abnormal guy, who don’t like buttocks of a girl, and the worst one is, she told this cause to every girl in her gang, what an embarassing moment you know, as you need to know I’m bad at expressing at wrong accuse, I mean, that was awkward but, what can I do now, I think that’s the hulky face you mentioned before about” He said sadly, actually effortlessly

This is youth time remain, I consider him as my angkringan friend when I used to in warung abah

“By touching a butt, made her happy? It’s really opposing character by the way, she was veiled, right? I do agree with you man hahaha. But, you know what, you need to clarify this problem with her.” I said still in joking tone but, it was giving advice actually.

The tension was decreased and we began to talk about the order

“I’m not gonna say you wrong and you right, but in this case you have to try to clarify this problem. By the way, this is Jamu, it has many benefits. Good for your muscle and gain energy faster after you getting tired with activities like sport, hard exercise and has many other benefits” I proudly presented my serve

“Well, it’s a half-cooked egg, it’s disgusting you know, I prefer BKI (Bubur Kacang Ijo) instead. By the way, what’s your exercise? Or, is your job heavy?” He asked

“Well, soon you’ll know, in marriage you do not only provide a material happiness to your couple but, affection is more needed to keep the loving relationship” I replied

“Naaah, you’re sounds like a lecturer. Well, I believe your theory, because it is practical, you are suitable to become a lecturer, you know” He felt lectured

I talked to him too much I guess, so I requested the music’s volume to be increased. It’s 1 a.m. and raining. Why it’s not become a dig-dig-dug night for a moment, it’s raining though. Will not bothering the next shop I guess, and as my jamu all being swallowed in, I ordered BKI too while requesting the waiter an angkringan music. By the way, this was a different one from warung abah.

Fade in

*EDM (elctronic dance music) intro*

Samakah aku

bagai burung disana

yang dijual orang

hingga sesukamu

kau lakukan itu

kau sakiti aku

*aseeeek yooooo*

Pulangkan saja

aku pada ibuku atau ayahku…

Dulu, segenggam emas

kau pinang aku…

Dulu, bersumpah janji

di depan saksi wow wow…

Namun semua hilanglah sudah

ditelan dusta wow wow…

Namun semua tinggal cerita

hati yang luka…

It was a beating night with a great taste of the waiter which was representing culture of Angkringan in this Town. A remixed Hati Yang Luka by Betharia Sonatha, such heavy melancholy EDM music though. I guessed if this is a hollywood movie. It must be in a bar, a sad songs on the radio and the drink is 1Augustiner Weißbier, a naturally cloudy Bavarian wheat beer. Unfortunately, it’s only at one of many town in Indonesia which has same desire in angkringan.

As, the song almost stopped. Then, heard another melancholy song outside. Tenda Biru, Desy Ratnasari was heard mixed with rain and car engine of truck (wrecking snail) sound mixed accidentally made that night still remain every single day until now. *fading in*

Tanpa undangan , Diriku kau lupakan

Tanpa utusan . . . Diriku kau tinggalkan


Extra Joss with extra ice and big glass, please” the driver sounded tired

Yeah, I thought he needed energy and caffeine, no wonder.

“Tenda Biru, what a music taste I think” I started to chat

“Yeah, it’s made my co-driver sleep well even in a shaking wrecked road” answered him hoarsely, “Tomorow it must be driven to *srpppppt* Banyumas” while drink Extra Joss, then inhale and exhale with a burning cigarette.

Ku tak percaya . . . Dirimu tega

Nodai cinta . . . Khianati cinta

“Bundle me another one, please” asked him and pulled out wallet to pay

“well, 10.000 rupiahs, thank you” as he walked out, still smoking

Shortly after, he horned the Angkringan with telolet sound and the track on his truck was changed to Manusia Setengah Dewa – Iwan Fals – *Fading*

“Well, I think I need to drink. Erghmmm” I gave him a code to buy me one

“I’ll buy your order, Extra Joss ?” responded him

“No, Susu Jahe, Please. Extra milk.” Ordered me

“Thank you. Well I’ll continue. In this case you’ll have to face those girls whom had accused you as abnormal or something like that. I’m sure you’re not enjoy to stay near them, right ?” Me, calming him down

“Well, don’t mess with them again, I guess. If they said so and you doesn’t feel so. So, You have to try to not listen to them, and take it easy, man. Respecting and Doesn’t like buttock is different things. You hasn’t abnormal if you said so, man.” Me added

“But, please make sure that soon, you’ll touch the right buttock. I mean after you marriage with the right woman. But, now student must be focus on study, right? I think you should focus on study than thinking of respecting buttock, man.” me responded while drinking susu jahe and wore my jacket on

“Ok, I’ll try. Actually, I’ve met one, I’ll try hard for this one” he proudly presented

“My tips is, look her in the eye. If you sure, you have to try ask her number, that’s all, man. My wife is waiting me. I’m going now.” while standing going off from angkringan and matched a cigarette

“Ok, then. Let’s ride together. You are to Tanjungsari, right? I’m right before you. I’m in Cijanggel” said him while paying the bill

“Let’s go then. It’ll be short range touring, don’t it ?” added me while paying the bill too.

As we were stepped out from angkringan I saw my motobike’s exhaust was getting cold and so my motobike’s engine too. I needed to heat my bike on first. As it getting warm, we rode from Jalan Jatinangor to Tanjungsari calmly just like the real motor touring. The road was already no more covered by rain’s water, yeah the road condition was good enough for homing trip. As I started the engine and rode about 30 kilometer per hour, slowly but surely. I didn’t want to have problem against after rain. So on, on the way home there were still a lot of community gathered around the road and we were horned them as a greet in road.

That night I was able to visit angkringan again after long time, it reminded me how junior high school environment is. There will be various story from differences background. Like the driver, this Marouanne, and it will be lucky for you if you meet your love in angkringan, like I am, I mean yeah not only boys are obsessing with angkringan.

Words Count: 2142

Reference(s): Breakfast Club, The Background in Sundanese Environment

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