FINAL WRITING: Takjil Pride and Prejudice (Non-fiction)

Nurul Fauziah Febriyanti/180410150005

I’m still in Nangor because my exam hasn’t over yet.

“San, let’s caw looking for food in that mosque as usually.” Said me while woking up my apartment-room-mate, Ikhsan.

“Oh! Is it already Maghrib? Let’s get ready for it.”

“Fiuh. I’m crazy hungry for fasting all day long.” Said me.

“Fasting? I bet you did ‘ayakan’ fasting, didn’t you?” Ikhsan hit my head.


‘Ayakan Fasting’ is Sundanese term to call fasting but no fasting. Puasa nu aya dihakan seems can replace the All You Can Eat slogan in restaurant.

I am Guntur Bumi, born in a family of Muslims but my behavior still cannot be fully Islamic. Today was the 20th day I have been faced Ramadan month since I was born. However, this is the first time I faced this month alone as the college student far from my hometown. Ramadan is the month when Muslims are obliged to fast. The atmosphere is so typical, same like Christmas celebration for Christians on every 25th December. Or even this is merrier than Christmas. Ramadan is held within one month of the Hijri calendar and involves all Muslims in the world. Not only fasting, worship that became its identity is Tarawih prayer. Pray together within lots of rakaats and its long duration. Talking about duration, it is depend on its priest whether he reads lots of verse or not and whether he reads fast or not. The humility of prayer is at stake when the mosque is in the middle of densely populations. Squeezed by crowded. Traditional night markets, firecrackers, and children crying for snacks.

“Yea, that’s all my thought if my faith is strong” I muttered to myself.

While waiting for Ikhsan, I prepared myself by wearing a Koko shirt and a cap. I can’t wait any longer for looking some free foods to break fast. This is one of my daily activities as the college student who called the ‘poor takjil fighter’ but still be fluctuated in fasting. As I said before, I still cannot be the true Muslim. However, on this 21th fasting day, I haven’t been eating anything alias I’m fasting and I didn’t have sahoor. Therefore, whenever the time is around 6 PM, Ikhsan and I always go to the mosque which is located in senior high school around my apartment. There is always free distribution of takjil and other foods.

Different with Ikhsan, the almost faithful guy, I pray Tarawih if I am in a good mood. Once I pray, I would like to do this in the mosque where there are free foods. This is gonna benefits my dunia and akheerah. Fortunately, Al-Barokah mosque in SMA 1 Nangor distributes takjil everyday provided must do the tarawih prayer there.

“Here, I am ready, Gun. Go go go!” Ikhsan shouted excitedly and came out from bedroom.

“Wow, how handsome you are dude. Where will you go?”

“I’m gonna marry neng Wulan.”

“By the free takjil” Ikhsan added.

“What? OMG, how can you marry me with that free takjil. Fuck you.” Said me imitated angry girl’s voice.

“Make sure you won’t be regret, girl. Uda will always be waiting for you”

Wulan is a daughter of the owner of my apartment. She has beautiful hair, a nice shape body, and an awesome pointed nose. Ikhsan ever shoot her. Unfortunately, the result was “you are my nice friend no more than that”. I guessed it was because of his handsomeness is under the average. It was also caused by the quantitative survey of lots of girls reject him. However, I salute Ikhsan of his courage and his failures. LOL.

Along the streets, we met a lot of college friends who are also on the way hunting for free foods at the same mosque. Looked very homely. I am suddenly missing my hometown with its activities. Suddenly, we met Wulan.

“Hi, Gun! Where are you gonna go?” Wulan greeted me.

“Baby! Why you didn’t greet me too?” Ikhsan was cranky.

“Well, I already greeted you through Guntur, didn’t I? He he.”

“We are gonna go to Masjid Albarokah, Lan” I said.

“Can I join you?”

“Yes, of course neng Wulan, let’s join with Aa Ikhsan”

“Hey, Gun. I want to talk something with you.” Whispered her to me

“What is it about?”

Wulan didn’t answer; she smiled and walked faster.

“What do you think?” she shouted.

There is something strange with Wulan. Whenever she meets me, she is always enthusiast. Sometimes she sends her regards through her friends for me. She also never rejects me whenever I ask her help for me even though it was in the middle of the night. She often comes to my bedroom and gives me foods although Ikhsan will tempt her. And now she joins me to come to the mosque.

As I arrived at the school, i didn’t directly come to the mosque. I felt so dizzy and lousy.

“Gun, I go to the mosque first, okay? I got the natural call. Hehehe. Can’t handle this anymore.” Ikhsan ran in a rush go to the toilet.

“Okay, go hurry! No wonder if i smelled the stench since the first we walked.”

“Shit You, Gun”

“Hihihi, Don’t be like that, Gun” Wulan replied me.

“I thought the devils were shackled in the jail. But why, there is still one hanging around”

“Yea, so did me. But wait; is that right the devil was still hanging around?”

“Here is beside me. The takjil devil.”

“Ha ha, you mean, it’s me? No problem, the devil is not alone. He is with his friend.”

“Ha ha ha, Yup! I am a friend of takjil devil.”

“Anyway, i am not feeling well. I feel so dizzy.”

After that, the world was dark before the Adzan is sounding. I was blackout.

The fact is, i lost my consciousness. I realized that I was in School Medical Room of SMA 1 Nangor or in Bahasa we shorten it by UKS. I saw the two girls were in a serious conversation. The one was sitting and being shouted by the other one and left the room. Yea, those were Wulan and Hana. Hana was my mentor in my orientation week in my faculty. She was very strict and vicious but secretly loves to give me foods.

“Don’t you realize it?” said Hana slowly.

“What must I realize? I asked.

Hana didn’t answer me; she just turned her face and then stood up from where she sat.

“I must go, I am afraid if people saw us in this room. The fact is I am disappointed. You are so nasty, Gun.” Said her while walked out of the room.

Hearing the decision, I just could not say anything. Today I was puzzled by two women who were silent and did not make the point. It may be true to say that men are the most insensitive. Or maybe, they actually know, but try not to be such a know-it-all.

I went back alone in UKS. Accompanied by some warm water in a glass, and 2 bowls of empty porridge, I’m now lying down in a moment.

It seems that the body already feels a bit well. Dizziness is no longer coming. Because I quite bored, I finally decided to return to the mosque for Maghreb prayer. Anyway I want to look at Wulan’s condition who just yelled by the witch recently.

I also just got off the UKS mattress and was about to wear shoes, suddenly the door opened. Suddenly I was a little surprised and looked toward the door. That’s Ikhsan. My friend suddenly appeared in the UKS with a serious face.

He opened the door, closed it hard, and locked the door straight from the inside. I’m gonna be raped.

He moved the chair from the table to the side of my bed. He just sat there without saying anything. His feet were perched on the chair where Wulan and Hana sat.

"What are you doing here?" I wondered.

“I know you are here, so I come here.” He replied as he closed his eyes.

“Don’t you have to queue for foods?”

“Don’t know what to do."

Gee, why is he so annoying like this. I think this morning he was not as cold as this. OMG, this guy is really cool when he is silent; unfortunately his face looked like a thermometer.

Seeing this, I finally also chose to go back to rest on UKS mattress. Felt awkward, sitting up close to someone I know so well. But his face was fierce. He seemed strange.

"What did you do to Wulan?” Suddenly Ikhsan talked to me.

Hearing the question, I immediately woke up from sleep and sat facing Ikhsan.

“Huh? Wulan? What happened to Wulan?”

“I asked you, it means I don’t know. You know that.”

“I swear, I didn’t know anything, what happened to Wulan?”

"Did not she come here for you?"

"Yeah, Wulan was here, but suddenly Hana came, finally Wulan was told to go back to the mosque" Answer me.

“Oooooooohhhh shit. You must be said that at the first time…” Suddenly Ikhsan opened his eyes and sat facing me. He’s back to being a bad guy again.

"What’s going on here? What’s wrong? “I was more curious.

"I think you hurt Wulan. She came to class while crying, I don’t know because of what. I think you hurt Wulan, that’s what people think. You’re famous for your lewd thought, suddenly people think you raped her "Ikhsan said seriously.

“Shit!! I didn’t do anything to Wulan. Never and ever. My pants zipper is still a virgin, never been taken down at all." I tried to maintain my pride.

“That’s the reason I came here to make sure this.”

“So, that fierce face you used is the reason you were still suspicious to me, right?

“Yea, I also had time to find evidence, but I do not seem to find some tissue that lies just like that."

"Jerk, Fuck You!!” I threw the pillow to his face.

After that incident, I immediately rushed to the class. Trying to correct this misunderstanding, once I was in the court of the mosque, I was instantly seen as the rapper of the child. Did not want this ill-fated situation last long, I went straight to Wulan to know the condition.

Wulan was still crying, her eyes red. When I saw her, the tears that had stopped now came back down on her eyelids. Seeing this, people were increasingly cynical looking at me.

After I calmed down enough, I asked why Wulan can cry like this. Wulan initially refused to answer, until at last he looked at me sitting next to him.

“Gun, are you okay?” She asked softly.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“You have no history of heart disease, haven’t you?”

“What?” I was getting wonder.

“I am afraid, Gun.”

“What are you afraid of?” I asked her curiously.

“I left you and Kak Hana alone, I was afraid you were scolded by Kak Hana, and then Hana told you to Push-Up. I know you’re not feeling well, I’m afraid you cannot breathe anymore, and then you die.” She cried.



I laughed in my heart. Apparently Wulan cried just because of it anyway? Anjir, Wulan was innocent enough, her imagination resembles the imagination of elementary school children.

Hearing this, the girls who had embraced Wulan now even joined laughing loudly. Everyone in the mosque were saying “aya-aya wae” I just realized, Wulan had not been told the reason why she cried to her friends, therefore her friends think I was doing indecent things to Wulan. Shit, what a night.

words count: 1943

reference : Pride and Prejudice novel is the reference of the title of my story.

the picture source :

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