Final Writing: Phantom Thieves (Fiction)

Aditya Adinugraha/180410150022

I have always been a fan of anime and Japan, so whenever there’s an event like anime convention or any Japan-related event, you can always find me there. The most recent event is JASUN (Japan-Sunda) Festival that was held in the last May and something I rarely experienced happened there. It started when one of my friends wanted to check the booth that sold anime drawing. I waited in the outside because the booth was packed. There, I saw a 170-centimeter-tall man with blue hat held his jacket on his left hand as if he was trying to cover it. At first, I wasn’t suspicious of him. But after a while, I saw him looking at a man’s ass. I thought he was gay or something until I saw the guy he was looking at had wallet on his pocket. He was trying to get closer to that man with wallet. He suddenly moved away. Now that he seemed suspicious, I decided to follow him secretly. He moved very fast and he seemed like he was looking for something. I had a bad feeling about it. And my hunch was right, I saw him trying to get closer to a girl with handphone on her pouch. The handphone was visible and could be easily taken. He covered my vision with jacket on his left hand and his right hand was aimed at the girl pouch. Without thinking twice, I pushed him and pretended that I was going to buy the merchandise. After I pushed him, he saw me in the eyes and so did I. Then, he moved away from me. I told one of my friend about it and he also had the same thought. He then decided to record the suspect. The suspect moved to the food booth and there he started to move. He clearly put money on his right hand to his wallet that covered by jacket. “Why don’t you just accuse him immediately?” I bet some of you thought that. Well, I couldn’t just accuse him without any promising prove. And if I was mistaken, I could be the one to get into the trouble. After getting enough proves, we lost track of him because of parade so we went to the lost and find center. There, I met a girl saying that she also lost her handphone and I showed her the video. She said that the guy on the video was the thief that stole it. We and the girl then decided to to the security center. The securities were buffed and seemed strong but they looked like they didn’t pay attention to and care about their surroundings. The securities then told us to wait and after 15 minutes, they started to move. We and the girl also decided to go around looking for the thief. I thought that the thief could be in the food booth since there were many people bought it. However, we weren’t able to find him there, but instead we found the second suspect. He was 160-centimeter-tall and his appearance just looked like the thief. Then, I suddenly saw the real thief and decided to follow him. I told my friend and the girl to keep an eye on the second suspect and tell the security while I was chasing the thief. The thief knew that I was after him, so he went to the remote place. I didn’t realize that I was being brought but I gathered my courage and told to the thief to come with me to the security because there were something I need to ask. The thief didn’t want to come and said that I could’ve mistaken. I still insisted him to come with me. He then pulled the knife out from his pocket and that time I realized I shouldn’t be hesitate and had to fight back. He rushed toward me with incredible speed. He threw his jacket and swayed the knife directly to me. But the thief was no match for me because I had been training pencat silat since I was child to defend myself. After able to take him down, I brought him to the security office and told my friend to meet me there. In the security office, the girl that had been tagging along with us punched the thief. Her punches was weak though. The thief said he didn’t have the handphone and only had few money. He admitted but he said that he didn’t know that there were handphone on the pouch. Then, the thief was taken to the police station for further investigation. Seemed like there were more than one thief and the first thief might’ve already given the handphone and money to his boss while we were in the lost and find center. Because of this incident, I couldn’t enjoy the event. And since I was already this far, I thought that I should take down the boss as well. Luckily, I found the hint when I was fighting back there. On the first thief’s hat, there were words written that could be read “Water Bamboo Rock”. I didn’t what those words mean at first but after thinking about it, it made sense now. “Water Bamboo” could be translated into bahasa Indonesia as “Bambu Air”. If “Bambu Air” were translated into Sundanese, it could mean “Ciawi”. Ciawi was the name of place located not far away from the event. Meanwhile, if the word “rock” were said in Japanese, it could be “rokku”. In Japanese, “Ro” means “6” while “Ku” means “9”. So if it put together, the word hinted the place at Ciawi number 69. Even though I knew the place, I couldn’t just go there alone. So I had my friends from Pencak Silat Tasikmalaya to help me. We were five on mission to ambush the thieves’ hideout. The mission was dangerous but I just could’t let it get away. We went to the hideout as soon as possible. And as I expected, the hideout was guarded with some thieves. But then again, we were trained pencak silat so it wasn’t a big deal. We were able to take down the guard easily. We shouldn’t be happy yet for it was just the beginning. Then we moved in to the hideout. We then engaged in fight with four thieves with guns. As expected, they might have the guns. So we deciced to split up to confuse them and take them one by one. Luckily, I was able to take them down with only a little scratch. However, one of my friend badly injured and couldn’t move. Therefore, I asked my other friend to help him and bring him to the hospital as soon as possible. I also told my friend to call for back-up from the police and leave me. Now I was alone. I opened the door to the main chamber. I was welcomed by a man, the man with beards and punk hair. He said that I was brave enough to come to their hideout. I asked who were you all and what did you want. He then explained to me that they were Phantom Thieves. He said that they didn’t have other choices but to steal. It was hard for them to find a decent job in a developing country. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer was what their thought. But a crime was still a crime, I would take him down and bring the justice to him. Soon, we engaged in hand to hand combat. He was different from enemies I’ve encountered so far. He was well-trained. His combat style was simple but effective. He sure was a tough opponent. I had no choice but to go all out and unleash my true power. We kept fighting and no one wanted to give up even though we were both already tired. Then, he ran to the high ground. Now that he was on the high ground, he said “Just surrender! I win this battle. I am on the high ground”. But I refused as I said “You underestimate my power.” Then I jumped and used my ultimate skills. With that, I won the battle and the police arrived soon after that. Though, I couldn’t survived the fight without getting injured. I was taken to the hospital and the doctor said I should rest for the time being. The Police Chief visited me one day to thank me for the courage I’ve showed and asked what he could do for me as a reward. I didn’t need to think twice to know what I want. I said to the Police Chief that I just wanted the government to do their job and tried their hardest to make job vacancies as many as possible so that there were no people who steal because they didn’t have any other choices. The Police Chief then promised to make this country a better place for everyone and so did the government.

Word count: 1500

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