Final Writing: Nightmare (Fiction)

Intan Andriyani/180410150058

Mia is a high school student, at first she is a normal teenager, same like the others, she is a cheerful and smart girl. Until someday, she admit there is something weird on herself, something strange, and she can’t deny it. She realized that she always see strange things wherever she is, actually she has realized this has been a long time but she never paid attention. She thought maybe it was just a hallucination or it just her fear because she often watches horror movies, but different on that day, after school Mia get into her room as usual, because there is no one on her home except Bibi, she is Mia’s housemaid. Her parents are very busy to work and they only can meet Mia at dinner time, and breakfast time before everyone do their own activities. Mia lay on her bed, she is tired after doing the test in school, and immediately fell asleep. She suddenly wake up, with the same position before Mia sleep, but Mia can’t move her body, stiff, such as cramps, but from head to toe. She only can roll her eyes from left to right to see the surrounding, when Mia straightened her gaze to the door there is something that coming closer, closer, a lady, she thought that is Bibi, but she think, why Bibi let her hair loose and so long? Even she realized that Bibi has short hair, of course that is not her mom. If her mom will come home faster than usual, she will text Mia first. Then, who is that? Mia asked silently. Her heart beat faster, and her sweat begin to wet her forehead. Without think twice, she immediately shout to call Bibi, to tell that there is a stranger in her room, but there is no voice from her mouth, she can’t even open her mouth widely. That stranger has reached Mia’s bed, Mia look at her face clearly and she just can cry. Suddenly the stranger with ugly face has disappeared and Mia awake from her sleep. She feels so weird why she can awake from her sleep twice. She thought that was just a dream, but it feels like real even Mia still can feel that her heart beat faster and her sweat wet his bed. She start to remember what happened on her, and she ever got the same thing when she was child, but this time frightened her terribly, because “that figure” reveal itself very clearly. Usually Mia always ignore this things, but now she is curious, she immediately take her laptop and find out about what happened on her earlier. After many sites that she read, finally she got the answer, she got sleep paralysis. There is scientifically explanation about sleep paralysis, sleep paralysis is a feeling of being conscious but unable to move. It occur when a person basses between stages of wakefulness and sleep, it occur when the brain and body aren’t quite on the same page when it comes to sleep. But she is sure that is not about science, that is not about her brain and body, but that is about something strange on herself. After a week, she is still thinking about it, actually she always ignore it as usual, but after Mia pay attention about it, she feels like more and more often the disturbance that comes to her, even in the school she often see things that she don’t want to see. Since that day she believe that she can see something that other people can’t, she can see ghosts. She start to learn the strange on herself, begin to recognized their world, until finally she try to respond them who always disturbs her, comes to her, and suddenly reveals themselves. She is really frightened, but her curiosity is bigger than her fear.

She often tells to her friends anything she experienced, that she always got a bad dream while she sleep, then she disturbed by her stuffs that suddenly fall down on her room, until she tells her friend that she can communicate with them and Mia say not all of them are having bad intentions, sometimes they are good. Mia only want to share her experiences and she expect that her friends will be excited to hear Mia’s story, but she is wrong, all of her friends laugh at her, and assume that Mia only imagine, too much watches horror movie, and making stories to get people interesting. Mia feels sad because nobody trust her, but she still try to convince people with her stories. Every day, Mia always gets disturbance which make her can’t sleep, on a day Mia only can sleep under five hours, that is what causes Mia get tired easily and always sleep in the class when the lessons be held. She is often scolded for falling asleep in the middle of the class, not doing homework because she is exhausted, because the only thing that she think is her new world. Moreover, her friends thought that Mia getting crazy, because she often talk to herself and there is nobody wants accompany Mia because she is a slacker now. She is stressed out, frustrated, she doesn’t want to be different, she just want to be a normal like the others. Her friends always laugh at her, mocking her, and call her freak. Since she is bullied by her friends, she always alone, has no friends, and become introvert.

Daisy, she is a popular girl, she is the most rich student in school. She is count as Mia’s friend but really different with Mia, she is beautiful, she has a lot of friends, and everybody knows her. Daisy is not different from another Mia’s friend, she also often mocking Mia like the others did. Moreover, Daisy doesn’t want to admit Mia as her friend, she always tell to her friend that she will never has abnormal friend. One day, Mia will do make-up exam in Mr. Ray’s class, because she was absence last week. Mr. Ray tell her that she should do the test on the library, and Mia immediately go to library in a rush. Mia hasn’t finish her test yet, she stopped because there is something that disturb her, right while the librarian go to the toilet and leave the library, and there is no one except Mia, moreover the library in Mia’s school is spooky. Suddenly the desk in front of Mia is move away, Mia begin to scare and doesn’t brave enough to turn her eyes. She run to the class in a rush and come to Mr. Ray then tell him what happened, suddenly Daisy say to Mr. Ray that Mia always lies and it is just her hallucination, so Mia can free from Mr. Ray’s test, of course Mr. Ray believe in Daisy and get angry with Mia.

Still in the same day, when Daisy does her homework in her room, she is tired then going to bed. She fell asleep, then she dream that she is in the same position before she fell asleep, she is walking through place to place that she is ever been before. From so many place that she ever came, finally she come to one place that is in the backyard of the Daisy’s grandma house. She meet a man, he is an adult. Daisy communicated with that man, but not with talking. Suddenly everything that Daisy will ask silently, that man answer it but also without talk to Daisy, and the answer can hear on Daisy’s ears. Then before Daisy leaving that place, the man tells something to Daisy, “Don’t talk with stranger”, but Daisy doesn’t hear that. She move to another place, then meet an old lady on the corner of the street, Daisy ask that old lady, then that old lady turn around her body and reveal her face, ugly and creepy. Daisy shock and she is awake from her sleep, still in a state of fear, when she open up her eyes, an old lady in Daisy’s dream is there, she is real, right 10cm in front of Daisy’s face, Daisy scream out loudly then that old lady disappear. Mr. Andy and Mrs. Lily are Daisy’s parents, both of them are shocked because of Daisy, they come into Daisy’s room in a rush and ask her what happened when they are arrived. When Daisy tell about what happened on her, her parents just tell Daisy that is just a bad dream because Daisy is tired. She is still frightened, even to take her cell phone she still not afford because her hand still shaking. She can’t sleep all night long, still thinking about what happened on her and she should go to school in the morning, but she can’t forget that, she is upset because her parents are not believe in her.

After what happened on Daisy yesterday, she tell her friends in school, and no one trust her, her friends making fun of her that Daisy freak same as Mia, because Daisy start to tell things that doesn’t even make sense. Daisy doesn’t expect her friends will do that on her. Daisy sit in front of canteen alone, and still think about that dream which is not dream. Mia has heard Daisy’s story from her friends, and she come to accompany Daisy. When she come, she said to Daisy “No one will trust you, like you did to me, but here I am who will listen all of your story and believe in you”. Daisy confuse between sad and happy because there is still people who will listen her and will not laugh at her. After that day, Mia and Daisy being a best friend, they don’t even care of what people think about them, even though people still making fun of them.

Daisy finally realized, she feels what Mia’s feel before, but she is happy there is still Mia who wants to be her friend. Daisy just said to all of her friends, be careful because nobody know what will happen and it could be your turn that will get the nightmare J.

Word count: 1693

References: › Sleep Disorders › Guide › Health

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